The Real Reason You’re Not Happy

Originally Published 10/1/11

There must be a thousand books written on the subject of happiness alone.  We seem to need expert instruction to experience something that should be natural and constant.  There’s always a scientific study just published showing that people aren’t as happy as they were x number of years ago (as if we didn’t already know!).

As we all know, money and material things do not give us happiness, only a temporary elation or maybe satisfaction which quickly evaporates.  We then conclude that the next fulfilled goal will be the one to make us feel good, so we run after it.

There is a lot of good advice about how to be happier such as focusing on the positive, being grateful, smiling at strangers, .  These are good things to do, but they won’t solve a problem coming from an erroneous conclusion and misplaced effort.

None of the reasons you think you aren’t happy are it.

The answer and explanation are simple:

You are a soul, not a body.  Yet we try to “feed” ourselves with trinkets that can be enjoyed by the body, the physical existence.  This can be material possessions, status, or the perfect body.

Yet because you are not a body, none of this helps.  It doesn’t impact “you.”  The soul, our true essence, is starving.  We know something is missing that nothing seems fill, yet we are clueless as to what.

Many people say it is certain experiences that they remember and cherish much more than various things they had.  Why is this?  This is because experiences allow you, the soul, to experience and BE.  These are memories that don’t ever lose their specialness, like the new pair of shoes does.

To “be happy,” start focusing on your soul.  You soul couldn’t care less what your address is or who does your hair.  Your soul enjoys things like freedom, relationships, connecting with nature, expressing creativity, helping someone who needs it, laughing, and forgetting your worries.  Flip your priorities around, and you will change the way you feel–every day.

We have bodies, and they should be cared for; however, not at the expense of who we really are.  If,  by focusing on the material, you forget about your essence, then it’s time to put things in the proper perspective.

Meditate every day or almost every day.  This puts the real You in contact with your Source.  You will take in tons of Divine energy, the stuff you’re made of.  This is how you can feed your soul directly–and you will feel very fulfilled as a result.  When you establish this link and strengthen it daily, you will laugh at life’s trinkets and never need them again.

1 thought on “The Real Reason You’re Not Happy

  1. Reblogged this on Wiccanspirituality and commented:
    Very fitting for what we are talking about. Our goals create happiness within the mundane life, but how can those goals create happiness within our soul. A good read 🙂


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