February Specials!

Winter Blues Special:

Feeling the drag of the season?  50% off one session for seasonal affective disorder or depression.  We ALL need a boost from time to time!!

Healer’s Special:

For all graduates of Pranic Healing Level I, enjoy $20 off a 60-min session!

Have you taken a Free Pranic Healing Introduction from me?  Enjoy $15 off a 60-min session


Offers are available for all of February; one per person

See my schedule and pricing here

Contact me at meghan@bodyspirithealth.com to make your appointment!

2 thoughts on “February Specials!

  1. Hello meghan how we do own healing mind get upset


    1. Hi Taruna, you can absolutely use Pranic Healing on yourself for physical conditions as well as mental/emotional conditions like stress. To teach you the techniques in this comments section would take more time and space than we have; I would recommend you reach out to local Pranic Healers and Pranic Healing events in your area. You can learn some basics at a Free Pranic Healing Intro, or experience healing for free at a Free Pranic Healing Clinic. I can help you find resources if you let me know where you live…. In the U.S. You can check out http://www.pranichealing.com or http://www.pranichealingusa.com. If you are in Seattle, look at the first of those two websites and also http://www.meetup.com/pranichealingseattle.
      The first two websites will also have class listings. A class will teach you the techniques to heal yourself. If you cannot attend a class, check out these two books which teach you Pranic Healing and are great for beginners: Your Hands Can Heal You by Dr. Eric Robins and Master Stephen Co; and Miracles Through Pranic Healing by Master Choa Kok Sui.
      Hope this helps! :). –Meghan


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