When the World Pulls Me Down, Pranic Healing Breaks My Fall


In the past few months, I have read about 3 answer columns with a reader writing in with the same question:  “Reading the news makes me so depressed and upset; what do I do?”

All three answers said the same thing:  a laundry list of ways to reduce exposure to news such as turning off news alerts on your phone and only checking the news once or twice a day.  To which I mentally responded, “duh.”

I believe the answerer missed the actual question being asked.  I believe the question was, this WORLD makes me so depressed and upset.  How can I get through living in it?

This couldn’t be answered in an advice column, so perhaps that is why the simpler route was taken.  I don’t know if I can even answer it in this post, but what I can do is tell you how I cope, and how Pranic Healing has been my saving grace.  And I do mean “cope,” not “feel fantastic every day even as I read the news”!

As a person who cannot even watch a fictional movie involving much suffering, it has always been beyond-difficult for me to learn history and be exposed to current events.

From my first Environmental Studies class in college, I have found it incredibly challenging to learn what we are doing to the environment and animals, not to mention our fellow humans.

Back in my 20s, especially in college, I kept trying to figure out what “the problem” was–the underlying reasons for how humans could do such harm to each other and the environment–and how to solve it.   I was going to figure out the problem and then go solve it!  (Simple!)

However, Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch summarized it well.  “You cannot legislate morality.”  You cannot make a law saying Be Kind to Each Other.  And this was the real solution humanity needed.  It said that what is required is a “spiritual solution”.  Aka, humans changing from the inside out.  It went on to say that an evolved society is not one with the most laws, but the one which needed the fewest.

To me, this sounded like The Answer all right.  But what steps could I ever take to instigate a “spiritual solution” on earth?

Someone loaned me Your Hands Can Heal You by Master Stephen Co and Dr. Eric Robins which teaches Pranic Healing.  I was about 20 and still in college.  I loved it.  It was like the other college textbooks I was reading.  Specific, instructive, and obviously just the tip of a big iceberg.  I read it, shelved it, and forgot about it.

I became interested in natural health, mainly including nutrition and exercise, which I believed could help many who were suffering from poor health.

One book I read kept citing Carolyn Myss, an energy healer and clairvoyant.  Some of the healing stories were miraculous.  I finally read a couple of her books and became re-intrigued with the concept of energy.

Over time, personal health started to feel like it wasn’t enough for me.  I wanted to be part of something that involved a more permanent, far-reaching solution to humanity’s woes; something that could change people from the inside out.  And I had already read an outstanding book about energy….

Your Hands Can Heal you again.  It had moved with me apartment to apartment over 6 years.  I read it again, tried the exercises.  I couldn’t feel energy, least of all on a plant or my cat.  Not myself either.  But I wanted to–badly!

Finally it was time to stop reading and start doing.  I took the Level I class!

With Pranic Healing, you learn to heal people emotionally and physically, helping to alleviate personal suffering.  You bring them to spirituality and teach them Meditation on Twin Hearts which heals their bodies and emotions PLUS changes the planet by blessing it with energies and qualities that humanity needs.  Twin Hearts Meditation increases spiritual connection, giving you inner guidance and inner peace…

I hadn’t thought I was necessarily going to become a healer in my life, but after taking Level I it was clear to me that THIS–Pranic Healing–was the “spiritual solution” that I and the planet needed.


Master Choa (founder of Pranic Healing), said “Pranic Healing is a bridge to spirituality.”

In fact, Master Choa Kok Sui, outlined 5 virtues (“spiritual solution #2!) we are to cultivate in ourselves–and he taught us exactly HOW to do so.  We learn to use Pranic Healing to remove negative tendencies or weaknesses in ourselves and even to add in the energies and qualities we WANT.  In the Arhatic Yoga class, we learn advanced meditations and additional techniques to accelerate our spiritual development.

Master Choa also developed a materialization technique to help humans be successful and prosperous, taught in the Kriyashakti class.  Master Choa teaches that career success and healthy finances are a NECESSARY part of our spiritual development.  Whoa.  I had read a LOT of New Age books but never heard that before.  And how sensible this was.  Instead of telling people money was bad and being poor was virtuous, he pointed out how much we could help others if we made millions instead of pennies.

In fact, Master Choa developed the entire system of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga by answering the question: What does humanity need?  It needs:



to be more virtuous

prosperity & success

If you want any of the above things in your life, there is no faster way to get them than Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga.

I achieved a certain level of peace by getting deeply involved in Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga.  I had found somewhere to start helping people, if only by volunteering to heal at our free clinics.  By meditating, I was changing the energy of the planet, bit by bit, one meditation at a time (along with hundreds of thousands of others who practice Twin Hearts around the globe).

However, even after years of these practices, I still felt constant underlying anxiety about the state of the world anyway.  I wanted it to all be better.  Right now!  I couldn’t be at peace until everyone was ok!

I finally hit this emotional wall.  It was time to turn around and do Pranic Healing on myself for:

Anxiety about humans being ok

Burden placed on self to fix it

Stress and Fear things were out of control

Guilt I wasn’t working 16 hours a day on fixing all of humanity

I also had to DECIDE that these emotions were not pushing me to do my best.  Isn’t that the fear we have about releasing them?!

“If I’m not afraid, then I’ll be in danger; the fear keeps me safe.”  Uh, no.  The fear keeps you in pain!  The simple knowledge of what is dangerous, and avoiding it, is what keeps you safe.

Anxiety is not needed for motivation–at ALL.  You will actually get 10x more done without the stress and fear.  Painful emotions have NO USEFUL PURPOSE.

I had to gradually tell myself I was adding to the emotional pollution of the planet–which was NOT helping it–and keeping myself twisted in knots inside day and night for no good reason.

I reminded myself:

  1. It is not my job to fix Planet Earth.  There are thousands or millions of us doing our small part.  Healing myself HELPS planet earth.

2. This is all God’s “burden,” not mine.

3. Be humble–do we really know what is going on beneath the panicky media?  Of        course not.  Keep an open mind instead of freaking out that everything’s a big mess!

4. Lastly, what is my part?  What is my part this afternoon, this week, this year?  Not: What giant thing am I supposed to fix ASAP (–panic panic panic)?

God did not assign one person to save the world–least of all me!

It helped a LOT.  Honestly, if you have healed from negative emotions you know that once they clear out, there is clarity.  I sleep at night.  I focus on doing what I CAN do.  And for me, that is spreading Pranic Healing through sessions, clinic, Intro classes, and this website.

Master Choa’s vision is to have one Pranic Healer in every household.  I can think of NOTHING more powerful than that to help heal and spiritualize the world.  That is what I plan to work toward, and it gives me peace.

When it feels like the world is spinning out of control again, I go back to: What’s My part?

1.Meditate and heal myself

2. Volunteer to heal others

3.  Encourage others to take Pranic Healing classes

5.  Donate money to charity regularly

6.  Remember that God is in charge; have some faith.

7.  And hey, have some fun.  Joy is good for me, and the planet!

Lastly, as Teresa Evans once told me when I was getting healing from her…. “What if just being here is enough?”  While I still intend to physically and monetarily work to help people, at that time, I just needed peace of mind that I didn’t have to accomplish dramatic things to still be useful.  Remember, our energy radiates in all directions, affecting every single person here.  We DO help just by being caring, loving people.  So if you need to start there, start with that.  Then…..

take the class 🙂


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