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Deep Emotional Healing with Plant Prana Essential Oils!

Do you have moderate to severe stress, anxiety, and/or trauma that you would love to shed?  What about fatigue or total exhaustion?  Or just need some tools to calm down after a rough day and help you sleep at night too?

Greg Toews, owner of Plant Prana Essential Oils, Medical Aromatherapist, and head of Astara has created a completely unique and cutting-edge healing modality using essential oils and harnessing the color pranas in essential oils.

You won’t find a stronger therapeutic use of essential oils anywhere else than Plant Prana.

We will meet once a week for 5 weeks, Sunday at 6pm, and do deep healing together with essential oils October 23-November 20th.

  • I will walk you through using these essential oils step by step.
  • We will do self-healing together with them.
  • You will be given reference guides with instructions on uses for all your essential oils.

These oils are simply fantastic for not only long-term issues but quick self-healing on a daily basis.  You will have a new self-healing tool for life!

You will need 4 essential oils.  They are not included in the add-on registration fee: Tarragon, Rue, Hyssop, Splendor (total cost $60). See the emotional healing kit here.

** Scroll to the bottom of this page for detailed properties and uses of each essential oil in the kit.

Enjoy plant medicine right in the comfort of your own home, with detailed guidance on exactly how to use it!

I have taken over 35 Plant Prana classes, and the inner and physical healing I have experienced has been incredible. I haven’t seen an easier way to conduct self-healing that’s still massively effective than the Plant Prana Essential Oils modality!

Early Bird fee: $149 by Wed Oct 12th

(after the 12th, $169)

Two Steps to Register:

  1. Email me at meghan@bodyspirithealth.com with “Register” in the subject line. Let me know if you are signing up for the Plant Prana Essential Oils Add-On and/or the 5 private sessions add-on.

2. Go to my PayPal link and submit payment.


If you don’t get a confirmation email from me in 24 hours, email me again or text me at 503-277-8391

Properties and Uses of the oils in the program:

The uses and healing power of these oils go way beyond what we’ll even cover in the program, and the 5 mL bottles will last you a long time!

The below descriptions are written by Greg Toews, founder of Plant Prana Essential Oils.  See www.plantpranaoils.com/blog for more information.

To purchase the Deep Emotional Healing Kit, click here


GENITO-URINARY: Difficult menstruation, menstrual pain.

DIGESTIVE: Intestinal spasms, hiccups, painful and difficult digestion, gas, nervous indigestion, sluggish digestion, helpful with treatment strategies concerning anorexia, tension in the diaphragm.

NERVOUS SYSTEM: Shock, agitation, tension, stress-related conditions, psychosomatic response.

PSYCHOLOGICAL: Soothing in times of emotional distress and strong emotions, shock. PTSD

ENERGETIC: Cleansing to the spine and it’s processes, soothing. Strengthens the basic chakra, activating to the “blue pearl” located in the pineal gland


CIRCULATORY: high blood pressure

GENITO_URINARY: tonic for the womb

IMMUNE: regulates immune response, infectious diseases

DIGESTIVE: weakness of bowels and stomach, colic, flatulence 

NERVOUS: hysteria, strengthens the nerves, stress, may reduce fight or flight response, helps to soothe instinctive responses and triggers

PSYCHOLOGICAL: stress, PTSD, chaotic thinking

ENERGETIC: cutting energetic cords (yes!), protection, purifying the physical form to handle greater amounts of spiritual energy, purifies the basic and sex chakras

SPIRITUAL: sustained awareness, facilitates meditation and ceremony

  • in ancient times rue was seen as an antidote to poison, this could be the poison of an unregulated basic chakra which was referred to as wickedness or poison
  • Used in Pagan traditions for protection and magic spells
  • In the past the Catholic Church used rue mixed with holy water and sprinkled on the congregation 
  • Hasidic Jews were taught to use rue in an amulet as a protection from plagues
  • One of the ingredients in the original “ four thieves” formula from the great plagues of Toulouse France in 1628-1631


  • “A must for anyone going through emotional difficulty or processing painful emotions”
  • SKIN: Inflammation, irritation, dermatitis, eczema, bruises, helps to induce perspiration and detoxification
  • RESPIRATORY: Coughs, sore throats, asthma, bronchitis, mucus, whooping cough, HELPS TO SLOW DOWN THE BREATH.
  • * very helpful in the treatment of asthma and lung inflammations
  • GENITO-URINARY: Menstrual issues, lack of menses, genital hygiene (can be used to reduce the potential for STD’s mixed with sesame massage oil)
  • IMMUNE: Infectious conditions, colds, flu, tonsillitis, wound healing, anti carcinogenic
  • * highly antiviral
  • DIGESTIVE: Indigestion, colic
  • * stimulates metabolic and liver secretions.
  • CIRCULATION: High blood pressure, balancing and regulating on the circulatory system, improves sluggish circulation
  • MUSCULAR/JOINTS: Rheumatism, antispasmodic
  • NERVOUS: Anxiety, stress-related conditions, nervous tension, fatigue, psychosomatic response, exhaustion, stimulates the medulla oblongata
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL: A must for anyone going through emotional difficulty or processing painful emotions
  • One of the best oils used to treat defense mechanisms of the ego, somatization, helps one to transcend difficulties and painful experiences, helpful with the grieving process, helpful with strong emotions that make the breath shallow. Reduces the tendency to absorb negativity from the environment and others. It helps to diminish negativity and move past traumatic events in a more healthy way.
  • Helps one get in touch with their higher nature and to maintain that connection.
  • ENERGETIC: Purifying, restoring, fortifying. Activates the heart and crown
  • SPIRITUAL: Acceptance (very deep level of acceptance when used consistently with intention) increases conductivity to the Divine, Expansion.


Applications: sustained inhalation, body tonic, liniment, ointment, Thera-lotion, massage oil, salt bath, salt foot bath, salt scrub, spray, therapeutic incense, diffuser 

  • soothing to agitation in the limbic functions
  • Toning and fortifying to endocrine function
  • Diminishes the effects of stress (including traumatic stress as in PTSD)
  • Calms and soothes lower emotions
  • Helps with the transmutation of instinctual responses
  • Calms and soothes the lower mind
  • Helps to diminish the psychological effects of trauma
  • Quiets effect on the mind
  • Helps to stimulate intuition
  • Helps with improving mental faculties for conflict resolution 
  • Purifying to the front and back solar plexus
  • Helps to regulate the Meng Mein 
  • Has a purifying effect of the etheric protective webs
  • Improves the ability to be grounded when used consistently 
  • Helps to temper psychological defense mechanisms that can get activated due to traumatic events
  • Helps to purify and regulate the mental will
  • Helps to cultivate the spiritual will (being guided by the higher soul)
  • Helps to purifying processes that help with overcoming obstacles
  • Increases conductivity to the higher soul

Spikenard – optional; highly recommended

A must for any spiritual practitioner

SKIN: Skin inflammation, rashes, nourishing to the skin.

MUSCULAR: Relaxing to the muscles, good for tired, achy feet.

NERVOUS: It is one of the most potent sedative essential oils.

  • Insomnia
  • nervous tension,
  • nervous stomach
  • migraines (applied to base of skull,)
  • prevention of stress
  • effects of stress
  • Taken regularly helps to regulate the stress response, regulates both somatic and autonomic reflex arc.
  • Helps to calm the emotions and mind, and can be soothing to the emotional body when a person is in pain

ENERGETIC: Helps one to be more conductive to the soul and the Divine, helps to reduce pride that comes from old emotional wounds.

When applied to the feet it helps to deepen meditation due to its purifying effect (helps one to take off in the inner worlds.)

Spikenard is the ointment that Mary applied to the feet of the Lord Christ. 

See emotional healing kit here.

You can browse the Plant Prana shop here

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