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Plant Prana Essential Oils

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Essential oils are derived from plants and have powerful medicinal and healing properties.  Plant Prana essential oils teaches us not only the chemical or physical healing properties but the energetic ones, as essential oils contain numerous types of healing energies, or pranas.  These can be used for meditation (assisting in relaxation, letting go of physical awareness, and activating and opening the crown chakra) and healing—emotional, mental, and physical.

In Pranic Healing, we are introduced to essential oils from the start.  If you have been to a Community Healing Night, an Intro to Pranic Healing, or the Level I course, you have already learned that we use tea tree and lavender oil in our hand spray.  This hand spray is used to disintegrate dirty/congested energy that is released from the person we are performing healing on.  By healing with our hands, we naturally accumulate some of this on them, so we spray our hands regularly throughout the healing session.

Why do tea tree and lavender help with this?  They contain concentrated color pranas.  While we learn the uses of color pranas in detail in Pranic Healing Level II, we are quickly introduced to the basics of these two essential oils since we use them right away.  Tea tree contains concentrated green prana, and lavender contains concentrated violet prana.  These are two types of energies that have the effect of disintegrating dirty/congested energy.

If you have read my page, or learned elsewhere about Pranic Healing, you know that cleansing away blockages is the cornerstone of the Pranic Healing system.  So by having two (and more!) essential oils on hand helps your keep your own energy clean when working on someone else.   Naturally, you can use essential oils for cleansing congested energy, or negative emotional energy (another form of congested energy), without applying Pranic Healing as well.

I have even heard that the “Father of Essential Oils,” Lord Neferetem, is the great being  Lord Mahaguruji Mei Ling, the spiritual teacher of the founder of Pranic Healing, Master Choa Kok Sui.  If this is true, we can be assured that using essential oils is truly a trusted and important part of our toolkit as healers.

All this aside—no matter what your favorite perfume is, it will never compare to the depth or gentle intensity of a 100% pure essential oil.

You will also be  hard-pressed to find a combination of safe and effective healing tools outside of high quality essential oils and Pranic Healing.  In the case of the oils, relief can be only seconds away with a sniff of lavender—or my new favorite calmer, a drop of Roman Chamomile on the solar plexus chakra.  Not to mention several other potent emotional and physical healers as well.

You will find that the way I talk about essential oils is different than most.  As I have learned in Pranic Healing class, the concentrated color pranas in the oils are tremendously powerful.  Having studied and practiced Pranic Healing for 10 years, I have learned in detail where and how to use color pranas for many different types of healing effects, and this is how I personally use the oils and teach others about them.

While the research as to essential oils’ effectiveness at healing even severe health conditions piles up, alongside these scientific facts are perhaps even more fascinating ones: the precious, sometimes rare, healing energies Mother Nature packed into the plant kingdom.  You can learn about one side of the oils or both, but either way, you are about to open yourself up to a delicious gift on your path to wholeness.

Essential oils offer a fun, beautiful, and blissful introduction to the world of energy.  I so hope you come along with me in my journey!

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