Feng Shui Consultations and Space Clearing

Feng Shui Consultations and Space Clearing:

The configuration of your home can either vastly help or hinder your success (career, relationships, and more) and energy level.  Bad Fung Shui equals working 3x as hard for the same result.  Good Feng Shui is the wind at your back, propelling you toward your goals.  

Master Choa Kok Sui (creator of Pranic Healing) created a simple Feng Shui teaching developed through validation and experimentation.  Rather than regurgitate what was already written in books, he put virtually all published theories to the test.  He used scanning (feeling energy, as taught in Pranic Healing) and enlisted the help of multiple highly-trained clairvoyants who could see the energy during his experiments. 

The result is a simple, efficient, and powerful set of instructions to maximize the energetic influences of your space, enhancing your ability to materialize, your health and energy level, and increasing spiritual influences.

Space Clearing:

Have you ever walked into a room where “the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife?”

Did you move into a new home and feel like some of the old, negative energy from previous tenants is sticking around?

The “thick air” is dirty, congested energy trapped in your home.  This could be regular stale, used-up energy that is a regular by-product of life, or it could be decades of stress energy piling up in your home or work place!  When you scan it, it feels itchy, sticky, or even slightly painful to the touch.  Who would want to wake up in an energy soup like this every day?

This negative energy makes it more difficult to “start fresh” each day…. You may be wallowing in yesterday’s problems!  Not to mention the tiring influence of living in energy that drags you down instead of energizing and uplifting you.

Your home is your “fish bowl,” and the quality of the water – the energy – greatly impacts your mood, energy level, and even your health.  I will show you multiple techniques for cleaning your home, and we will do it together at my visit.

I will come to your house if you live in West Seattle and show you how to make these positive changes plus energetically cleanse your home.  If you live outside of West Seattle, you can submit your home’s information and photos to me and I will email you a Pranic Feng Shui report specifically for your home.  $300

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