Free Community Healing Nights


(The above event was an expo where we had a booth; however, you can see what a Pranic Healing session looks like.  Community Healing Nights are quieter events with more privacy)

Here in Seattle we have two (3rd soon to come in West Seattle!) Free Community Healing Nights!  Locations are currently East-West Bookshop and Seattle Unity Church.

At these free events, open to the public, we start with the guided Twin Hearts Meditation as a group.  You can try out a free shortened version of this at

After the meditation, you will be paired with a Pranic Healer for a free healing session!

You will simply remain seated in a chair while a healer performs non-touch energy healing on you.

You can choose something specific you want worked on, physical or mental/emotional, or you can just receive a general stress-relieving, energy-boosting session.

We have been conducting these as a free service to the community here in Seattle for almost 10 years!

For updated dates/times/locations, visit

Hope to see you there!

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