Free Essential Oil Classes


Come to a short, casual class about essential oils at my house!

Essential oils offer completely natural and safe healing for you and your loved ones. They feel and smell incredible.

Fall in love with essential oils with me!   RSVP to

** If you are even THINKING you may want to use essential oils some day, this is the time to attend a class–there is an offer this month only for new customers to earn 50 points (roughly $50) in free product, but you must make your first purchase in April.

Dates and Times not working for you?  Host a class by inviting your friends and family, I will teach it, and YOU get a FREE bottle of essential oil!

Lastly, you can always schedule a FREE 30-minute Wellness Consultation with me either in person or over the phone!

In Honor of Mother’s Day… May 2nd 10am and May 5th 1pm

We will learn about essential oils and health for mom!  This includes physical and emotional healing.  We’ll cover beautiful gifts ideas for the moms in your life, including a perfume kit offered by DoTerra for a limited time, perfect for her special day!  Moms, treat yourself to this special class designed with YOUR needs in mind.

Essential Oils, Babies and Kids (+ parents too!) May 9th and 23rd at 10am; May 12th at 1pm

-Learn natural, completely safe ways to heal everyday physical and emotional conditions–that actually WORK

-Learn how to apply essential oils safely to babies and kids

-Learn single oils and blends to use for everyday situations:  emotional help for babies/kids, improve sleep, germ protection and immune system boost, colds/flu, first aid, diaper rash, natural hand sanitizer, and more

-How to survive life as a parent with help from essential oils!

Essential Oils and Prana May 26th 1pm

Due to stellar feedback, I am teaching this again in May!

-Learn to scan and feel energy (prana)–we will scan a bottle of an essential oil.  The energy field of which is much bigger than you think!

-Learn why cleansing is more important than energizing in healing

-Learn which color pranas have a cleansing effect, removing blockages from the energy system (chakras, meridians) and which everyday oils have them

-Learn which oils enhance meditation and WHY

Essential Oils and Everyday Health May 18th 6pm

Come and find out how essential oils can help you heal naturally from whatever is troubling you.  Learn how these potent and powerful natural remedies can be used on yourself and loved ones in seconds per day to bring relief and strengthen your body and emotions!  Bring your health concerns and questions!

Essential Oils and Home Detox April 25th 10am and 6pm


I am so passionate about getting chemicals out of the house.  I honestly can’t stand hearing from companies over and over how safe chemicals are while every scientist on earth agrees via research that they cause cancer, mess up our hormones, and for some people contribute to headaches and other painful symptoms!

I am going to show you in this class how to clean everything you need to without chemicals!

I will start with general information about essential oils and then go over how you can replace your cleaning products with EASY-to-make alternatives that WORK using essential oils.

We will make an all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, and soft scrub bathroom cleaner.  (And I’ll help you with recipes for other cleaners you may need.)  You get to take these home with you!

Supply fee: $5; However, if you have made a purchase with DoTERRA, or choose to by the end of the class, this fee is waived.

Please RSVP for any of these to, and I will send you my address!  (And hey, bring a friend! :))

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