Free Essential Oil Classes

Learn how essential oils can help your physical and emotional well being…


Essential oils offer completely natural and safe healing for you and your loved ones. They feel and smell incredible.  Fall in love with essential oils with me!



Dates and Times not working for you?  Host a class by inviting your friends and family, I will teach it, and YOU get a FREE bottle of essential oil!

Lastly, you can always schedule a FREE 30-minute Wellness Consultation with me either in person or over the phone!

Essential Oils and Prana  Oct. 20th Saturday, 1:30pm


-Learn to scan and feel energy (prana)–we will scan a bottle of an essential oil.  The energy field of which is much bigger than you think!

-Learn why cleansing is more important than energizing in healing

-Learn which color pranas have a cleansing effect, removing blockages from the energy system (chakras, meridians) and which everyday oils have them

-Learn which oils enhance meditation and WHY


Essential Oils and Immunity Oct. 9th 6pm, Oct. 26th 6pm

Dr. Mercola has said essential oils could be the new antibiotics!

Essential oils are natural antibacterials and antivirals with zero negative side effects!  They are also excellent for symptom relief: headaches, sinus/lung congestion, stomachache/nausea, even fever.


With doctors prescribing antibiotics much less (a good thing), most of the time we head to the doc, we head home empty-handed, and hit the drug store instead.

Why add to the toxic load on your liver and body with over-the-counter chemicals when you can use plants, with side benefits instead of side effects?

Have kids?  I’ll also teach the right oils and dosages for babies and kids for the same helpful effects so when they go to school, exposed to hundreds of people, they have powerful protection.

Boost your body now and sail through winter with ease!

RSVP so I can reserve your spot, as space is limited:

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