Free Wellness Consultations

Meet with me in person or over Skype, and we will discusses your health needs and wishes!


This is a 30 minute, in depth conversation about your physical and emotional health needs and goals. I will tailor a plan for you, and teach you how essential oils can be used in your unique situation. I will also instruct you in how to use them safely and the most effectively.

Additionally, I will follow up with you in the case that you do choose to use any of the recommended oils 1 to 2 weeks after you receive them. We can keep tweaking our plan to make sure it is working as intended and you are getting the results you expect.

You are entitled to a 90% refund if you return your opened product after 30 days, so there is virtually no risk to giving essential oils a try!

There is zero obligation for this 30 minute consult. It’s simply my gift to you!

I have been studying and implementing natural health for nearly 15 years, so come and pick my brain!


Evenings and weekends.  Please email me to set up a time that works for you!

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