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What is Pranic Healing?

“In Ancient times, Pranic Healing could only be practiced by an elite few. My job was to develop a very effective healing system, which ordinary people could learn in just a short period. Anybody can practice pranic healing now. The knowledge of being able to deal with simple ailments is quite empowering.”

-Master Choa Kok Sui, founder of Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is a modern, non-touch energy healing modality developed by Master Choa Kok Sui.  Prana means energy, or life force, and is also known as chi or ki.  Prana is a necessary part of your “invisible” energy anatomy and is required for all physical bodily processes.

Pranic Healing draws from ancient as well as modern techniques.  It was developed through a unique process whereby Master Choa tested traditional, spiritual, and energy healing techniques from all different cultures in his own clinics over the course of several years in the Philippines.  Through this rigorous experimentation, the most efficient and effective techniques were then synthesized into what we now call Pranic Healing.

In addition to experimentation, Master Choa also employed clairvoyants who would independently observe healing sessions and report results of various techniques.

Pranic Healing consists of cleansing and energizing.  Dirty energy is a natural by-product of our energetic processes.  It sometimes gets clogged or backed up and requires help to be removed.  Energetic blockages over time can lead to illness, pain, fatigue, and more.  Stress and trauma energy also gets stuck in the aura and chakras and needs help to be disintegrated and removed.  Pranic Healing includes many unique processes to extract this unhealthy energy in addition to energizing the energy centers.

Master Choa found over and over that cleansing alone produces miraculous healing results.  The aura and chakras already energize themselves, but with too many blockages, that ability plummets.  Cleansing alone causes automatic energizing before the healer even does so!

Another unique aspect in Pranic Healing is its use of specified protocols.  Master Choa  developed targeted protocols for almost every conceivable ailment based on the energetic “blueprint” he found in common among people with the given health condition.  These are made up of specific steps to heal that ailment, including which areas to target and how.  Using these protocols means a specifically formulated healing procedure for each individual.

Pranic Healing effectively heals physical, mental, emotional, and addiction ailments.

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Disclaimer:  PRANIC HEALING® practitioners do not physically touch the client’s body, diagnose diseases, prescribe any drugs/substances or make any health claims or guarantee any outcomes.

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