New! Pranic Holistic Beauty: Pranic Facelift

Let the radiant glow of your soul shine through your physical body with a Pranic Facelift by Meghan!

Pranic Facelift removes energy blockages and energetic congestion in the face. This allows healthy prana to flow freely throughout the skin, energizing the face and stimulating healing. We cleanse the skin down to the deepest layer and exfoliate. We then moisturize and firm the skin.

Chemicals do not promote beauty, and applying them to our skin can force it to do something in the short-term that looks good, but can damage it in the long term. This only increases the need for more products or healing. Resist the urge for quick fixes and focus on holistic beauty.

Pranic Holistic Beauty means daily healthy living as the foundation to beauty. Stress, anger, and exhaustion don’t promote good health which is the foundation of beauty. Regular Twin Hearts Meditation is a perfect first step toward both health and beauty, as it flushes out negative emotions and thoughts, and energizes the aura and body with fresh prana. The client does Twin Hearts with Psychological healing during the facial to kick-start this process.

Stress causes wear and tear on the physical body. Traumatic events, an exhausting job, family drama, sleep deprivation all take a toll. The emotional stress energy in our aura and physical body affect our health and our appearance. This pranic congestion reduces the amount of healthy fresh prana the body can hold. Less prana equals less radiance.

I can’t tell you how many times I saw a student in a Pranic Healing class get a short healing by the instructor during class as a demonstration, and after just 10 minutes everyone was exclaiming how bright the person’s face looked and how they even looked younger. The technique done wasn’t even Pranic Facelift!

Removing dirty energy, energetic blockages, and negative emotions does wonders in a short time and literally makes space for more 1) fresh prana and 2) soul energy to flow through your aura and physical body.

What could be more beautiful than the real you, the soul? Pranic Facelift removes the stress energy and pranic congestion so your soul, your inner light, shines out to the world.

Pranic Facelift addresses:

  • Lines: The lines on our faces each come from a painful psychological experience. Pranic Facelift is actually a deep Pranic Psychotherapy technique. We remove the stress and trauma energy from the face and enjoy deep emotional healing in the process. Lines become shallower or disappear.
  • Pores: Visible pores come from pranic congestion and when the skin is cleansed and energy flows properly, visible pores reduce or disappear
  • Redness: Redness also comes from pranic congestion and diminishes or disappears with energetic cleansing
  • Pimples are due to pranic congestion and/or toxins in the skin and reduce or disappear from cleansing
  • Sagging skin: Again, largely caused by pranic congestion; area needs energy and firming with color pranas.
  • “Hollow” appearance: Area most likely depleted which is caused by – you guessed it – pranic congestion.

30-min Basic Pranic Facelift with Cellular Healing – Client does Meditation on Twin Hearts with Psychological (chakral) healing while I do deep emotional healing using Master Marilag’s Cellular Healing technique. I apply emotional healing to the whole body and then specifically to the face. I cleanse the facial cells with color pranas, then energize with special color pranas to both moisturize and firm with a collagen-like effect. You will feel your skin tighten and warm while I work! And you will look fresh and radiant afterward. $70

45-min Deep Pranic Facelift with Cellular Healing – Same as above, plus I cleanse and energize the chakras of the face, especially Ajna and Forehead. This helps lift the face even more! $100

75-min Deep Detox and Revitalize Pranic Facelift with Cellular Healing – If you are feeling tired and run-down and know that years of stress have taken the wind out of your sails, this is the most nurturing and healing 75 minutes you could possibly give yourself! Everything in Basic Pranic Facelift plus:

  • Cleanse and energize skin of the whole body
  • Cleanse and energize the liver, lungs, spleen, GI tract, and lower legs (the feet are the dirtiest part of the aura, and energetically congested/blocked feet make it harder for old stale energy to be flushed out).
  • Cleanse and energize the lower chakras for powerful revitalization of the physical body. $165

Client must have Twin Hearts Meditation with Chakral Healing. You can purchase it here:

All sessions conducted via Zoom and payment due day of session. Contact me to schedule! and 503-277-8391.

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