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Why Doing Drugs is Not Spiritual

Here in Washington, pot was recently legalized.  It’s legal in a few other states too, and I expect more will follow.  I personally agree with the decision to legalize; I think it makes sense because it allows police to focus on more dangerous and problematic crimes.

Am I a fan of smoking pot?  Is smoking pot part of a healthy lifestyle?  Eh, not really.  Will it ruin your health to enjoy it from time to time?  Probably not.  Is alcohol healthy?  Of course not!  Do I drink wine?  You bet I do.

What I would like to clear up, at the risk of offending recreational drug fans, is that doing this stuff is not “spiritual.”

I occasionally read blogs or articles from really smart, awesome people mentioning using drugs in order to enjoy a spiritual experience.  I appreciate open-mindedness and a willingness to try new things, certainly.  But I would just like to let those people know that doing drugs is hardly the most effective, natural, healthy, or powerful way to have a spiritual experience.

Where did the idea that hallucinogens give the user a spiritual experience come from?  1.  They make you feel happy 2.  Lots of people see energy when they take that stuff (though pot doesn’t usually fall into the hallucinogen category).

People frequently conclude that this is therefore spiritual because we know on some level that energy has  some connection to a larger truth and a larger reality.

Hallucinating is actually a misnomer.  When you do drugs and see stuff, you aren’t hallucinating.  You are seeing real stuff that’s really there.  You are seeing energetic stuff.  Colors, things flying around, different beings talking to you, whatever…. it was there, and it happened.  Doing drugs forces you to see parts of the energy world.

So why do I argue this was not a spiritual experience?

The energy world has several layers.  I won’t get into all that here, but what you need to know from this post is that when you do drugs and see energy, you are about as far from the most spiritual layer of them as you can get.

Secondly, the method whereby hallucinogenic drugs let you see energy is by “burning” holes in the protective web of some of your chakras.  The web, which each chakra has, has many functions, but one of them is to filter our perception properly.  This is a good thing.  Anything that damages this protective web is not going to be good for us.

You can read more about the chakras and the protective web, and see illustrations of them, in these two books written by Master Choa Kok Sui:  Pranic Psychotherapy and The Chakras and Their Functions.  (The information about energy and spirituality contained in this post comes from Master Choa’s books and classes.)

Chakras and chakral webs are fascinating topics, but I will just refer you to those books for now to learn more.  Suffice it to say that seeing energy by burning holes anywhere in our energy systems by taking drugs that hurt our bodies is not going to be an effective, efficient, or healthy way to see energy.  Not to mention the health effects of damaging parts of our energy systems, creating holes, tears, and cracks–these cause energy leakage (you’ll feel extremely drained), and it also makes it easier for all types of bad stuff to get into your system.

Being artificially “high” is another inefficient way to seek happiness and feel close to God.

And hey–this isn’t a post to scold people for doing what they do.  You are aware of the pros and cons of taking drugs if you have ever attended elementary school.  And I don’t have a judgment on what you do!  I just want to tell you what else I know on the topic if you are one of the people taking drugs in the hope of having a spiritual experience.  Because there’s WAY better ways to do that, and also way better ways to see energy.

A person who can see energy, a clairvoyant, has the natural ability to thin the protective web on the right chakra at will.  (Probably subconsciously.)  When they don’t need or want to see energy anymore, the web goes back to its original state.  This does not destroy the web at all.

It is a skill that comes from practice, a natural gift, or sufficient spiritual development.  No side effects–you don’t feel like crap the next morning 😉  Oh, and it’s cheaper!  You also get to enjoy seeing energy at a far higher level (plane, dimension) than you do when you do drugs.

You are tuned into the level of energy that you are presently at.  When you’re on drugs, you are at one level.  When you are not, and especially when you have achieved a degree of spiritual development, you are tuned into a whole different plane.

So you do you want to see skulls and monsters?  Or angels and golden light?

I’m not clairvoyant, but I’ll wait around for the angels and golden light myself.

When you force yourself to see energy by taking drugs, you don’t accelerate your spiritual path.  If anything, you delay it.  To grow spiritually, you need to take care of your body.  You don’t need to be a perfectionist about it, but acid and mushrooms are off the table (if that wasn’t obvious).  A little pot isn’t the end of the world, but once you learn Pranic Healing and Meditation on Twin Hearts, I really doubt you’ll care about pot much anymore.

Master Co (who teaches Pranic Healing) frequently says after we finish a meditation in class, “You guys look stoned!”  And of course gets a huge laugh from everyone!  The meditations we do in Pranic Healing are extremely powerful.

I think some people think drugs are a good way to get in touch with energy, but let me tell you– I work with energy almost every day, and drugs are the last thing you need.

With Pranic Healing, I have a chance to learn about a million times more about energy than I ever could by doing drugs.  Not to mention my body is a million times healthier, first from not doing drugs, and secondly because I learned a powerful healing modality I can use on myself any time I want it or need it.

And I haven’t even gotten into what practicing the powerful Meditation on Twin Hearts does for me and the countless thousands around the world who do it too.

If you want to get in touch with energy, learn how to heal.  Pranic Healing is the most amazing course in energy you will find anywhere.  You can take a pill and have a conversation with a cloud, or learn to relieve pain, illness, stress, depression, and hundreds of other things.  Which would you choose?

The Monumental Impact of Your Subconscious Stress


I was so excited to read an article at the gym last week from Shape magazine called How to Melt Iceberg Stress.  I had never heard the term “iceberg stress” before but was more than aware of its existence!

The sub-heading of the article reads, “Some tension is so buried, you don’t even know it’s there. But that kind of stress and anxiety is hurting your health and stealing your happiness.”  You can read their article here.

They’re not exaggerating.  Like an iceberg, this kind of stress is huge but below the surface and hidden.  This type of stress–not the daily or weekly irritations–is what really drags us down–and can even cause serious health problems later in life.

Like background noise, long-term stress, whatever it may be about, eventually goes unnoticed-and therefore unaddressed.  Yet this stress has a powerful effect on our physical health as well as our ability to experience peace, happiness, and even simple relaxation.

Iceberg stress is present for so long, and we are so used to it, that the way we feel with it is our baseline for contentment.  We say and think we feel good only when there is no other stress on top of this baseline.

An example of iceberg stress can be long-held anger.  Just because you haven’t thought of the person you feel anger toward in 6 months does not mean you do not still harbor anger toward them.  You might believe you feel fine when you are actually a bit agitated or unsettled on a constant basis.  You don’t know that letting go of and healing from this anger would allow you a new level of peace and happiness on a day-to-day basis.

This subconscious but still present anger manifests in a very real way in your energy system.  It is, quite literally, negative energy which sits in your energy field–in your aura, and in the related chakras.  In this example, old anger manifests as congested energy in the back solar plexus chakra (among other areas).  The chakra will be clogged with dirty, clumpy, grayish energy.  And this energetic blockage has many negative side effects!

We will feel dragged down–without knowing it.  It will take more for us to feel happy than it would if that old anger wasn’t there.  We might feel agitated most of the time in general, and also get angry more easily than otherwise.  This kind of person will naturally blame their daily angers on the small annoyances of life, but is unaware of the important factor of the long-standing anger already present.  This long-standing anger makes it easy to explode over very little.

Since these blockages hinder the flow of prana, or energy, throughout the system, they eventually hurt our physical health as well.  This is because each chakra is in charge of pumping energy to certain organs as well as throughout the entire body.

Let’s take another example: say someone is a perfectionist.  Naturally, they don’t consider this habitual way of thinking about themselves to be stressful or a cause of stress.  This person’s view is that they simply have a certain standard for their work or whatever they do.  However, perfectionism may easily impact a person by them being subconsciously and constantly hard on themselves: negative thoughts and emotions are created and directed to themselves.

The person is unknowingly blocking much potential inner peace, relaxation, happiness, and possibly self-love.  Negative self-talk and negative emotions directed at oneself will manifest as congestion in multiple energy centers.

Anxiety is a common side-effect of perfectionism, and this specific kind of energy becomes a block in the throat chakra.  Over time, it can cause the throat chakra to malfunction, as well as block the flow of energy to the organs connected to it.  This congestion can potentially lead to health conditions related to the throat over time.

Stress and tension of any kind inhibits the flow of prana throughout the system.

Ironically and unfortunately, the biggest stress we have is very often the most hidden and subconscious.  And the biggest stress we have is going to be the most likely to cause health problems!

Daily things like getting stuck in traffic, a tiff with a co-worker, an approaching deadline at work, we naturally let go of within 15 minutes of getting home–at most, a couple of weeks.  The negative energy of stress and frustration are released.  What we don’t release within 15 min is the fear of losing one’s job over years of bad economic conditions, the guilt of lying to someone we care about, constant hatred or negativity directed toward others or the world, betrayal, old trauma, and much more.

How can you identify iceberg stress?

One thing to notice about yourself is if you have a hard time being happy even when things are going fine.  If you easily get into a bad mood or just aren’t cheerful even when nothing really happened to cause it–or something really trivial caused it–you most likely have some more deep-seated stress of some kind.  If most of your words are negative, then most of your thoughts are–and your emotions will be too.  Your words can be an indicator of iceberg stress.

Some of the stresses stuck in our energy systems are things we genuinely don’t even care about anymore!  But the congested energy gets stuck in our channels and we feel it anyway!  It causes us irritability, depression, a bad mood,  emotional fatigue, and just takes the fun out of life.

Take time to analyze your habitual thought patterns.  Question every single thought you have for several days.  Is it yours or someone else’s?  Is it something so old you don’t even agree with it or care about it anymore?  Is it a bad habit you picked up?  Is it a repetitive negative mental or emotional loop you need to drop?  Do you have an old grudge?  You lose out on happiness and inner peace every day you hold onto this old stuff.

If you are still not sure what your thoughts are like, do 15 minutes of writing every morning or evening.  Just write every thought that you think down on the paper.  It may surprise you to take this look inside your head.  Don’t over-think it, but just blurt it all out with the pen.  This is always a good way to blow off steam as well.

Stop negative thoughts in their tracks!  Think positive thoughts contrary to them.  The negative thoughts and negative energy will eventually dry up and evaporate from your system.

Much faster and easier though…. You guessed it!!  Pranic Healing can wipe your slate clean in a jiffy.  What would take you a couple of months can probably be done in a session or two.  Imagine what an 8-session package will do to your thoughts, your mood, and your energy level!

You clean your body in the shower every day.  Don’t you think you should clean your mind and emotions even once in a while so you can start fresh??

Sessions with me are available (see Services page), but even better, why not learn to do it yourself?

Pranic Healing Level I is scheduled for February 26-27 in Bellevue!  Taught by Gayle Nelson.

Ultimately, you will want to take Pranic Psychotherapy (for which Level I is a prerequisite).  But Level I will teach you some techniques you can use for stress as well.

Come to a Free Introduction to Pranic Healing!  Find out what Pranic Healing is all about and learn a technique or two before committing to the full weekend class!  The Intro is just two hours.  I have three scheduled at the moment, and you can check this page regularly for updates and additional free introductions as they are scheduled.

No One Should Have to Parent Without Pranic Healing



When I think of Pranic Healing (PH) and being a mother, the first word that comes to mind is “indispensable.”

Every time I use it for my 3-year-old son Aryan–or myself–I automatically think, “I can’t believe most people don’t know these techniques and can’t have the same help for themselves and their loved ones!”  I shudder to think how I would have survived the last three years as a parent without these tools to heal physically as well as mentally/emotionally.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think how lucky I am to have effective tools that solve problems with little more than the snap of a finger.  I wish I could magically heal all the other babies and toddlers out there who are going through stuff that might take only a few minutes to solve permanently!  Until then, I have this blog and my Free Introductions to Pranic Healing to get the word out…

The best way I could think to share how I use PH in my life and what a miraculous blessing it is is to simply tell you the stories!  I hope they inspire you to learn more.  If there is one message I hope to impress it’s that you have the power to heal.  You are not solely at the mercy of people with 8 years of medical education (though we all need occasional trips to the naturopath for checkups and some extra help).  And emotional stuff does not require years of therapy to release!

(Pranic Healing was created by Master Choa Kok Sui.  Click here to learn what Pranic Healing is!)

There are countless more stories than are here.  I have surely forgotten most of them, as this is all an entirely routine part of my life.  But as a small sample, here you go….

Also, you have a chance to take the class coming up!  You will come away with techniques and tools to keep and use for life.  Gayle Nelson teaches the class July 23-24.  For details, click here, and click here to register!  Note: You save $25 when you register by July 8th, Friday!

Physical Healing:

Aryan got a fever once when he was two.  I didn’t take his temperature because once I felt he was burning up, and his skin (even on his tummy) was red, I was so startled, I ran off to do PH!  I put on some Thomas the Train to keep him out of my way, and immediately went to our small healing room and did the PH protocol for fever.  It took 40 minutes.  I went back to the living room, and his skin was normal color again, felt the right temperature, and he never got sick.

Aryan has only been to the doctor because he was sick once.  I thought it was a diaper rash that wouldn’t go away.  It was all over his bottom and looked really nasty.  I keep putting diaper cream on it which normally worked in less than a day, but it wasn’t doing anything.  The doctor said it was something called Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease which is a virus they can’t give you any treatment for.  I went home and found a Pranic Healing protocol and applied it 1-2 times a day.  It cleared up in no time and he never acted sick–no crabbiness, decreased energy, or other symptoms which can ensue from this virus.

Aryan used to get runny noses and coughs.  He never acted run-down or “sick” but just got those symptoms a few times a year.  One of his earliest runny noses lasted almost 3 weeks.  I kept applying physical PH healing but it didn’t seem to do much.  Finally, I scanned for mental/emotional congestion, and there was a lot in the lungs.  As soon as I cleared that out, the runny nose healed quickly.  For his next runny nose, I started with the mental/emotional healing and it cleared up fast.  Now, he rarely gets them at all and when he does, they are short-lived (a day or two) and easy to heal!


I got a healing session for myself several months ago, and in the course of conversation mentioned what a handful Aryan is, how active, non-stop motion, plus talking and requests, all day long.  Also, his nap seemed to be going away, much to my disappointment.  This healer mentioned cleaning all the lower chakras and doing a technique mentioned in Master Choa Kok Sui’s book Pranic Psychotherapy which I won’t take the time to describe here.  It was like someone had slipped him a pill.  After just a couple of days, not only was he napping again–with little protest–but playing quietly, alone, at many points throughout the day!  I had never seen him behave like this his entire life, I was simply astounded.  One of the first miracles was me cooking dinner, without my husband helping to restrain or entertain Aryan because he was away on a business trip. He just sat on the kitchen floor and played with some pots and spoons for a full 45 minutes.  This, from a kid who couldn’t stay with one activity for much more than 25 seconds.  To this day, when he starts getting hard to handle, I remember to do healing and it still works!  Six months later, he was still napping almost every day–though that just ended a few weeks ago.


I work out at the YMCA which has great childcare.  Aryan loved it–until he turned 3 and had to move to the big kid area which was a HUGE gymnasium.  For some reason, the gymnasium freaked him out and he screamed and cried to not go in there.  At home, if I even mentioned going to the gym, he completely panicked, screamed, cried, and wouldn’t go.  It was so heartbreaking, I stopped going to the gym for several months, hoping he would mature a little and be comfortable again.  At one point, we drove as far as the gym, but he went so crazy when I tried to get him out of the car, I couldn’t go through with it.  I would have had to carry him in full-on tantrum mode to the front desk where I wouldn’t have even been able to get my gym card out of my wallet.  Finally, I thought to try PH on his fear.  Less than 10 minutes of healing, and I suggested going to the gym.  “Ok,” he said.  I was amazed….  Partway there in the car, he started fussing a little.  I did more healing in the car after arriving, suggested we go in, and he was fine!  I think I did one more 5-10 minute session on him later, and that was it.  He has enjoyed the gym ever since!

Resistance to Potty Training:

If I had known he would still be in diapers through his 3rd birthday, I would never have switched him out of cloth, which I did when he was close to a year old.  Every disposable diaper I threw away made me feel terrible.  (They take ages to decompose and sit in landfills for a loooooong time.)  Everyone said to wait till he was “ready.”  Well, he refused to even try on underwear–screamed at the suggestion of it.  He mostly refused to even sit on the potty, though would occasionally–just not go in it.  Most of the time, though, when I suggested it, he screamed, “NO POTTY!!!!!!!”  I felt annoyed because it’s not like he wasn’t old enough, smart enough, or mature enough.  He certainly had no shame, discomfort, or embarrassment associated with the bathroom or doing his business.  It was just plain old toddler resistance or contrarianism.  Mom wants it, so I’m gonna say no.  To me, this is not a “not ready for potty training” sign.  It’s just a way to assert his own will and willpower which is fun for a 2- and 3-year-old.

At last, I thought of PH.  I scanned for energies of “resistance”–meaning, resistance to potty training, as well as resistance to wearing underwear.  No joke, after 10 minutes of healing, I said, “Want to try on your new underwear?”  And he stepped right into it and loved wearing it.  After SIX MONTHS of him refusing to even try it on to see if it fit!  He willingly tried the potty and went in it.  Right after, I tried the infamous 3-day potty training process (if you have small kids, you’ve probably heard of it), and it worked perfectly.  He only had one accident on the sofa and one on the floor.  He went to “preschool camp” the next week which entailed 3 hours a day without me around for 3 days.  No accident, just asked an adult to take him to the toilet.  Weeks later, still not one accident. Done and done!


Instead of letting one meltdown turn into 3 an hour later, which will turn into 9 by evening, I do healing after a tantrum.  He’s often calmer than he was before the tantrum.  Just like in adults, negative emotions, stress, fatigue, anger, frustration, and everything else add up and accumulate.  Without PH, how are you going to start fresh with a clean slate the next day?

I can’t say if this is the cause or not, but when he started preschool last January, he never once cried when I left.  I had to get his attention to even get a hug goodbye.  Meanwhile, older kids were still having trouble.  Of course, there is NOTHING wrong with that and it is 100% natural.  It could absolutely just be Aryan’s personality.  However, I believe the regular healing helps in more ways that I can guess or quantify.

I hope these stories were interesting to read and help expand on what PH can do and what it looks like to have it in your life on a regular basis!  As you can see, as a parent, it has made an absolutely massive difference in my life.  I fervently hope and wish more parents would learn it because, for crying out loud, parenting is hard enough.  And this is such a simple way to make it so much easier.

If you have any questions about PH classes, don’t hesitate to contact me!  Meghan@pranichealing.com.

Register for Pranic Healing Level I here.


Why I Don’t Believe in Stress Management

We are all in truly unchartered territory when it comes to stress, here in 2015.  Whether it’s multi-tasking, being connected to work more hours than ever, a health crisis, or something else, humans have never had so much on their plate.

Here are some of the incredible, unquestioned realities most people live with.  These things generally were not the norm 100 or 150 years ago–or any time before that:

–An unpredictable and uncontrollable flip of the economy could result in unemployment.

–Full-time jobs frequently expect 50, 60, or more hours/ week and are less than generous with vacation.

–For those with kids, few families have one parent at home to care for children, keep house, and cook as a full-time job.  Instead, this full-time parent and housekeeper role is covered by parents already working full-time outside the house (with daycare or school helping with kids).

–Overall health is in serious jeopardy; many are dealing with traumatic and debilitating health conditions and/or caring for family members in that boat–costing enormous energy, time, emotional distress, and financial hardship.

–While many of us are waking up to our true desires or interests, job markets often don’t line up, and many people work jobs they dislike or even dread.

–Modern relationship problems did not exist 100 years ago and before.  Marriage partners did not work to have a functional emotional or intimate relationship with one another.  A partner was simply expected to fulfill their duties.  While rewarding, intimate relationships require awareness, work, healing, and maintenance–in short, energy and effort.

–We have less community closeness and support.  Families can be strewn across the entire country or further, along with the  support that comes with them.

–Most of us live in cities surrounded by noise–even chaos–rather than nature.  Instead of seeing green our our window, we see gray buildings and roads.  Rather than calming us, our environments can rattle us.

In this day and age, “Stress Management” just doesn’t come close to cutting it.  We all need something far more powerful than simple management of stress, with the pressure, workload, and expectations we have in our modern lives.

The American Heart Association’s website discusses this topic–and let me say first that I am very happy they address stress at all.  This is an incredibly important first step.

However, the suggestions, for a person buried in stress, will metaphorically polish the surface of a massive mound of garbage.  Examples they give are “Positive Self-Talk, Emergency Stress Stoppers, Finding Pleasure, and Daily Relaxation.”

All of these are healthy and good and probably work to a degree, but I would be amazed if even practicing them daily reduced a person’s stress by more than a few percentage points.

Pranic Healing is the Roto-Rooter of “stress management.”  That is because in Pranic Healing, we don’t manage it.  We don’t practice happy thoughts alone or stop after a few deep breaths.  We dig stress out until it’s gone.

Did you know stress is actually a real, tangible, somewhat measurable THING?

What is stress?  A feeling or emotion.  In Pranic Healing, we learn that emotions are energy.  That is what they are!

What is energy?  In Sanskrit, it’s called prana.  In Japanese, it is called Ki, and in Chinese, Chi.  Acupuncture, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and other energy healing modalities all work on energy to assist in healing.

However, there is more than one type of energy.  Energy from the natural environment has certain properties, consistencies, and feels a certain way to the touch (in Pranic Healing, you learn to “scan” or feel energy).  Mental and emotional energies have different properties and feel a certain way when we touch them as well.  As humans, we possess many types of energies, and in Pranic Healing, we learn how to heal physically as well as mentally/emotionally.

If a certain emotional energy is present in your energy field, you say you are “feeling” that emotion.  If you say you are feeling stressed, then there is a 100% chance stress energy is present in your energy field.  In appearance, it looks grey and clumpy.  It  feels heavy and sticky.

If you don’t want to feel an emotion anymore, you remove it.  Just like a splinter in your finger you wish to stop feeling:  You remove it.

In Pranic Healing, we focus on cleansing and disintegrating dirty or congested energy.  Stress energy is one of those congesting energies.  Stress energy makes us feel jittery and rattled, fearful, tired and worn out, and clogs our entire energy field, making it difficult to focus and have any clarity.  Stress sucks!  Pranic Healers don’t manage it, we remove it!

What if the stress comes back?  Did we really get rid of it?

First of all:  Unless you have been getting regular Pranic Healing treatments and/or frequently practice the Meditation on Twin Hearts, I can almost guarantee you that the stress you are feeling is the accumulation of years of stress.  Perhaps decades.  You think you are feeling the stress of the day, but you are feeling today’s stress added together with the last 30 years’ stress.  Another reason “managing” it is not going to get you very far.

When you receive a Pranic Healing treatment, you are not getting healing for today’s stress.  You are getting healing for all the stress you are feeling at the time of the session.  Much of that is old.  You could be releasing years of stress in just one session which is 50-60 minutes.

Pranic Healing also removes old trauma or limiting, fear-based beliefs.  For instance, a person might be stressed every day because they are afraid you are going to lose their job.  To this person, this is an obvious, realistic threat in their life.  In our example, let’s say this person lost his or her job 5 years ago and dealt with intense hardship as a result.  There is a very high likelihood that there is trauma energy still present in this person from what they suffered from AND it is massively increasing that person’s daily fear of it happening again.  This person is feeling a certain degree of trauma on top of regular stress.

Most likely, this fearful person sees only rationale behind their fear.  Yet they are not experiencing rational thoughts, but negative emotions, trauma, and stress.  After Pranic Healing where the daily stress plus previous trauma of being unemployed is removed, the person has a high probability of feeling greatly decreased fear of getting laid off.

This does not change the person’s intelligent evaluation of the likelihood of losing the job at all, and caution will still be exercised.  In fact, it increases the person’s ability to intelligently evaluate the situation at work.  They will be able to calmly apply for a job elsewhere if that seems necessary, rather than just going around in circles mentally and emotionally freaking out!

In the end, it may turn out that the person’s daily stress load is actually minimal and quite easy to deal with or heal easily from just by relaxing at the end of the day.

It can take a handful of sessions to disintegrate these years of accumulated stress, anger, fear, trauma, and more.  After the old stuff has been caught up with, this person might even come to realize that their current situation isn’t even the source of their negative emotions.  (There are, of course, people dealing with monumental issues which would require more attention.)

Aside from receiving healing and daily meditation (I’ll get to that in a moment), a more significant lifestyle change could be in order.  This is another important solution that is right for some and is not described under “stress management” tips.  It is important to start with healing so you can first assess your situation clearly.  Strong emotions, including stress, get very much in the way of clear observation and assessment.

After healing strong, negative emotional energies out of your system, you will be able to think much more clearly and easily, and new ideas have a chance to reach you!  There may even be a simple and easy solution for what has been plaguing you which was not visible to you before!

As you can see, “stress management” is really a Band-Aid job.  I want to see people raise their expectations and hopes for daily living way beyond just managing emotional pain.  And that is not only possible but rather easy with Pranic Healing…

Drop by one of the many Pranic Healing free clinics in Seattle!  You can come to all of them as often as you want!  Click here for those details.

Or call your local healer and get one or more sessions a month to make sure you can stay sane–and yes, even happy!  (My healing schedule is rather limited at this time, but if I am unavailable I can recommend a healer to you!)

If you have a lot on your plate right now, I recommend regular Pranic Healing sessions until you feel better.  The number of sessions a person needs varies from person to person–for serious trauma, expect to start with 8.  For more regular stress, just a few may do the trick.  In my case, I meditate and do short self-healing sessions regularly, so when I need extra help and  schedule a session with another healer, it just takes one and I am usually good to go for a while.

If you don’t have a lot on your plate, it may be enough to simply meditate daily.  (And if you have a lot on your plate, meditation is REQUIRED:))  Meditation on Twin Hearts is a short, guided meditation you can do every.  It powerfully heals, flushes out stress energy, and fills you with energy for the day.  The energy you receive from the meditation, among many other things, helps you think clearly and work more efficiently.  It also helps you stay calm so you can, again, work better–and of course feel great!

Here is a mini version for free online:


For the full version, you can purchase the CD here:


I am teaching two free Pranic Healing Introductions this month!  Come and see me!  I would love to show you more about stress reduction and, time allowing, offer you a free mini healing session after the class!

See the link on the left, “Upcoming Pranic Healing Events– Meet Me In Person.

My e-mail:  meghan@bodyspirithealth.com or meghan@pranichealing.com

What Happens During a Pranic Healing Session?

What’s Pranic Healing like?

Is there physical touch?  If so, where?

What does it feel like?

Do I need to be silent during the session?

What do you do during the session?

Is it ok that I’m still skeptical about this?  (Yes!)


[Local Pranic Healer Eduardo healing during the recent Boeing Parapsychology Club’s Wellness Expo]

Signing up for 60 minutes of energy healing can sound intimidating when you have no idea what is going to happen!  Energy healing sounds weird enough to most people, let alone suddenly sitting in a room with a stranger who’s going to do heaven-knows-what to you.

Luckily, having Pranic Healing done on you is a piece of cake!  There’s less for you to do or think about compared to most other types of health visits.

First:  We’ll talk about why you came for healing.  Nowadays, I am doing only distance healing sessions, so we will talk on the phone.  You may need healing for mental/emotional difficulties such as anxiety, fear, stress, phobia, addiction, or mental illness.  I’ll simply ask your symptoms, how long it has been going on, and write down the information you give me.

You may come with a physical ailment such as back pain, menstrual cramps, sinus infections, migraines, arthritis, asthma, AIDS, cancer, or countless others.  I will ask you the same questions plus any medical history or medications I will need to be aware of so I can use the right healing techniques for efficiency and safety.

Then, we start the session.  You sit or lay down comfortably, and then…. do nothing!  You can put on relaxing music, practice deep breathing, or even doze off as happens occasionally.  I will ask you to do two small things:  keep your palms facing upward because it opens your energy field (it’s like the opposite of crossing your arms), and connect the tip of your tongue to your palate.  Just curl your tongue so the tip touches the roof of your mouth.  This completes an energy channel than runs up and down throughout your whole body, and it strengthens your entire energy field.

I generally don’t talk much during the session so I can focus, but if you think of a question or comment, absolutely feel free to ask!  Maybe you forgot to tell me about a certain symptom, etc.  And if you need to use the bathroom, it’s totally ok!  What doesn’t work as well is performing an activity that requires concentration like working, reading, or engaging in a lengthy conversation with someone.  These keep our energy from relaxing to the fullest extent possible so make it a little more difficult to extract the congested energy we need to remove.  Quiet music, closed eyes, and abdominal breathing are great.

In about an hour, I will call you, tell you I’m finished, and ask you how you feel.  The most common first words out of the client’s mouth?  “I feel so relaxed!”  Then I will ask you what changes you notice, if any, in the symptoms you told me about before the session.  Decrease in pain, feel calmer, have more energy, eyesight improved (yes, this was a recent session I did!), etc.

From your perspective, that’s it!

Now… what is it I am doing during the session?

To start with, it’s good to read What is Pranic Healing?  No need for me to write that all again here.  Through our initial conversation, I have determined how to tailor the session to your needs.  To begin with, the founder of Pranic Healing, Master Choa Kok Sui created hundreds of protocols, or listed healing steps, for each individual ailment, whether mental/emotional or physical.  So I always start by finding the protocol for your health condition.  The steps will tell me which chakras or organs to work on.  Which ones to cleanse, energize, and with which colored pranas (each color prana has a different healing effect; some cleanse in certain ways, others energize in certain ways–these colored pranas can even regenerate organs!).

If you have multiple health conditions, I may combine protocols.  If you have a physical ailment which we determine is mainly caused by stress, trauma, or other psychological condition, we may start with a strictly Pranic Psychotherapy session to heal the underlying cause.

Then–how do I heal those chakras and organs as instructed?  Firstly, we don’t physically touch in Pranic Healing.  A person’s energy field interpenetrates and extends beyond their physical body.  So I can “touch” your energy without touching your body.  For this reason, you may feel nothing during the session.  Others are sensitive to energy (perhaps without knowing they are sensitive to energy), and feel where they are being worked on as an extremely gentle pressure or sense of movement.  And some people feel pain decrease and disappear, stress and negative emotions decrease and disappear, and much more.

To cleanse a chakra or part of the body, I will simply scoop my hand near that area.  I will be removing the dirty, congested energy, and I will drop it into a nearby bucket with salt water in it.  Water contains this diseased energy (so it doesn’t end up in the room, on me, or back on you), and salt breaks down this energy.  It’s like a little dirty energy garbage can.  You will also hear a spray bottle as I spray my hands with salt water as well to keep them clean.

In my case, I use a crystal for healing which is taught in a special Pranic Healing class.  The crystal more powerfully and efficiently removes the congested, blocked energy and also energizes faster and more powerfully.  So I will be waving that around too!

And don’t worry if you are still skeptical!  People seem to feel guilty about that, but come on, I grew up in western culture too!  I totally get it.  It sounds weird, looks weird, and especially distant healing seems pretty wild.  All I can say is an open mind is enough for the healing to take place, and you wouldn’t be reading this far if you didn’t have one!  After a session or few, the results will speak for themselves.  In Pranic Healing, we don’t expect you to just take our word for anything.  Try it for yourself and see if it works!

For more session information, click here.

3 Ways to Feel Skinny Now

First off: I am not telling anyone, with the title of this blog, that they should either feel or be skinny.  I am writing this because, aside from myself, I have known friends and clients who don’t feel great about their bodies.  We all sometimes “feel fat,” right?  And if this doesn’t apply to you, don’t waste another minute reading what follows!

Paradoxically, with the nice weather, I actually feel less inclined to work out.  No, it doesn’t reach 3-digit temperatures in Seattle, but somehow even at 80 degrees I feel hot and sluggish and don’t exercise, so I’ve been feeling less than awesome about my midsection lately.

And all this simply reminded me of some things I have noticed over the years that have helped me feel better about my body.  Even those of us who don’t have significant weight problems easily fall prey to perfectionism about the way we look.

Here are the quick and easy ways I have found to help you feel skinny by the end of the day.  No, they don’t make you lose 5 pounds by the end of the day–they make you feel like you did.  And it’s how you feel that’s important!  Most of us greatly exaggerate our imperfections.  These things will help you perceive yourself more accurately and just simply feel better.  And we all like to chill out about this stuff right?

Here you go:

1.  Wear clothes that fit.  Nothing makes you feel fat faster than feeling the pressure of your jeans against your midsection when they are digging into it or spilling over the top.  Wearing jeans, skirts, or pants that are too tight in the waistline is a great way to be reminded second by second that you aren’t fitting into your clothes the way you either used to, should, or wish you could.  Perfect formula for a nice flow of stress and crappy self-image to last you throughout the day.  Don’t wear stuff that doesn’t fit!  Wearing a larger size might bum you out temporarily, but at least you won’t have to be reminded all day long with a squeezed tummy that your clothes don’t fit and would if you were smaller.  If you are always trying to fit into a size smaller than you comfortably are, let me enthusiastically encourage you to take this step–it’s a relief to button your jeans with ease and sit down while still taking full breaths into your abdomen.  You’ll never look back.

2.  Work out.  Yes, this is a post about short-term solutions to feel skinny now.  No, one work out does not take off 5 or 10 pounds.  But one workout alone makes you FEEL thinner!  After just one workout, you look at yourself in the mirror with just a little more positivity.  You simply perceive yourself as healthier and fitter and have a glass-half-full mentality about your body.  Working out boosts self-confidence and gives you an instant justified reason to pat yourself on the back!  It’s a mood booster for so many reasons!  So if you’re feeling down about your body, hit the gym or the sidewalk ASAP for just 30 minutes, work up a sweat, and smile at that red dripping face in the mirror when you get home!

3.  Do not fill your stomach to capacity at meal time.  The fastest way to “feel fat,” hands down, is to stuff your stomach.  Whether you went out to eat, cooked a special meal, or had a holiday feast, the times you ate the most, you felt the biggest–no surprise there!  You can’t put a piling plate of food into your body and have it disappear.  It expands your tummy and, though you haven’t put on weight at one meal, you’ll swear you did!  One huge meal can leave some of us feeling guilty for days.

Personally, I got so tired of that totally exhausted feeling that came from stuffing myself, one day I just said no more.  Even at Thanksgiving, I stop eating when my stomach is around 75% full.  I just can’t stand that bursting-at-the-seams feeling.  I’ll never go back.  If you fill your stomach fuller than 75% habitually, and you are already unhappy with your weight, you are probably adding to that emotion.  Feel better fast and eat only until you are comfortably full.  You will feel better, have more energy, feel thinner, and may even become thinner in the long term.

No rocket science here, but just a few easy and practical things that work if you do them!  What did I miss?  What do you do to feel better about your body in the short-term?