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Pranic Healer’s Mentorship & Practice

Did you take the Pranic Healing class or read the book (Your Hands Can Heal You by Master Co or Miracles Through Pranic Healing by MCKS) but need some help becoming a proficient healer?

Are you someone who…..

This is for you!

There are many small things that get in the way of a Pranic Healing student becoming a proficient healer even when they very much want to.

It can be disappointing when we want to do healing on friends, family, or ourselves and we learned the techniques but don’t quite feel confident enough to dive in.

Allow me to help! I have been practicing and studying Pranic Healing since 2008 and got my Associate’s Certification around 2010. I have been doing PH professionally for a couple of years as well. I have attended the Level I class at least 15 times and read almost all of Master Choa’s books. I have taken the other healing classes multiple times, including Pranic Crystal Healing. (Yes, I am interested in doing a group just for Crystal Healing as well!)

There will be a combination of paid and free sessions.

First session is free and will be a simple Q&A: April 8th 6-6:45 pm.

I need an RSVP from attendees, so please email by Thursday April 7th 5pm to let me know you plan to come and I will send you the Zoom link!

(I had a Zoom link posted here previously and that one will not work.) I do need to know if folks are attending because if this day and time does not work for people, I will be able to plan accordingly and re-schedule 🙂

Come with questions and be ready to take notes!

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