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Pranic Healing Private Tutoring

Did you take the Pranic Healing class or read the book (Your Hands Can Heal You by Master Co or Miracles Through Pranic Healing by MCKS) but need some help becoming a proficient healer?

Are you someone who…..

This is for you!

There are many small things that get in the way of a Pranic Healing student becoming a proficient healer even when they very much want to.

It can be disappointing when we want to do healing on friends, family, or ourselves and we learned the techniques but don’t quite feel confident enough to dive in.

I can help you build your skills and become a proficient healer.


Schedule your private Pranic Healing Tutoring session today!

Phone Q&A: $50

Zoom demonstration and practice: $70

To schedule a mentorship & practice session, email me at

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