Pranic Healing Sessions

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Feel better fast, with Pranic Healing!

Pranic Healing offers results-focused healing.  I will ask you in detail about your diagnosis and symptoms and provide a session tailor-made for you, based on the Pranic Healing protocols developed by Master Choa Kok Sui.

Pranic Healing protocols were created to specifically address each health condition.  There are currently hundreds of them, and each was created via meticulous experimentation with feedback from regular people and their health providers’ diagnoses and test results with the goal of permanent healing in mind.  This was done for both physical and emotional/mental ailments.

I am doing distance healing only at this time, weekday daytime and evening; occasional weekends.  Read about distance healing here.

Contact me to book an appointment!

Remember to check out my FAQs page as well!


I have made changes to my session times and rates.  After attending a special training with Master Marilag, I am glad to say I have learned techniques to do deeper and more thorough healing in a fraction of the time, creating better and faster results for the recipient.

60 minutes: Moderate health conditions, physical or psychological $90

1 hour 15 minutes: for serious health conditions and those with multiple health conditions $110

Submit payment here.

30-Min Power Sessions, $45:

-Stress Flush

-SAD (seasonal affective disorder) Pick-Me-Up

-Achy Back Relief

Energy Boost with Master Healing Technique


Purchase 7 sessions, get the 8th free

After 8 sessions, purchase 6 sessions, get the 7th free.

*Packages are for close-together sessions for an issue which needs 2 or more sessions per  week for healing.  The second package rate (purchase 6, get 7th free), applies when we continue regular sessions after the first 8 for long-standing health conditions.

If cost is prohibitive for you, please inquire about my sliding scale.


Multi-layered energy shield: $12

This will protect you from all negative and stress energies in the environment.  We are all swimming in an ocean of energy, some of it positive, some of it less than healthy for us.  Sometimes the stress we feel isn’t even ours, yet we are stuck experiencing it anyway.  A multi-layered shield is an excellent way to let you experience the deep peace for a longer time after our session is over. Lasts about 4 days.

Essential Oil – $12

I will mail you a .5 mL sample size of an essential oil which has been found to heal your particular condition.  Greg Toews, owner of Plant Prana Essential Oils has done 25 years of research on the energetic properties of essential oils and conducted countless experiments to discover what essential oils can heal what conditions.  I will teach you how inhale the oil focusing on certain chakras in a sequence which has been successfully applied to your health condition. This inhalation which will cause the pranas in the oil to saturate the chakra. Combined with our PH sessions, this will accelerate your healing! (The sample lasts a long time because you can simply inhale from the bottle :))


Sessions and packages may be paid for in advance or session by session.  Payment must be received the day of the session or before.  Submit payment here.

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