Special Classes with Greg Toews!

Deep and Permanent Healing with Plants

Greg Toews has created an incredible healing modality using his knowledge as a Medical Aromatherapist combined with his lifelong study of spiritual, energy healing, and esoteric practices and traditions.

The result is powerful and deep healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

We don’t have a Seattle class scheduled at this time, but you can get started with Plant Prana essential oils right now!  You can register for one of the many classes which have been recorded while being taught over Zoom.  Samantha will send you the recording and the oils kit that goes with the class.  Simply email her to request a class: plantpranacalendar@gmail.com.

I think the perfect class to start with is either Etheric Healing & Essential Oils or one of the Materialization classes.  (The Materialization classes include a LOT of emotional healing which I love.)  Also , Health & Longevity, previously called Sleep & Memory is another favorite of mine.  This class offers extremely deep physical and emotional healing.  As we know, sleep problems come up when we are not in our best health, so this classes dives deep into our health on all levels.  These classes are $225 each.

Another excellent first class is Abandonment: Individualization of the Soul, available on YouTube FREE.  You will need to purchase the oils: Bay Laurel, Rue, Tarragon, Hyssop, Splendor, Mugwort, and Helichrysum.  Go to plantpranaoils.com and select Shop.

March 5, 22: https://youtu.be/TogU-ZiCXXw
March 6, 22 p 1: https://youtu.be/XPLRdf5aBkU
March 6, 22 p 2: https://youtu.be/vt6xI5RY4L0

March_2022_Abandonment-Free-spa-Class-Booklet.pdf (plantpranaoils.com)

Let me know if you’re local to Seattle and interested in Plant Prana oils and I will add you to the email list and keep you in the loop!

About Greg

Greg is a Certified Medical Aromatherapist, Medical Aromatherapist instructor, and accomplished essential oils researcher.  He worked personally with Master Choa Kok Sui (founder of Pranic Healing) developing a number of Pranic Healing protocols.  He is a Certified Senior Pranic Healing Instructor and head of the spiritual organization Astara.

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Greg’s knowledge and experience are breathtaking.  You simply WON’T find the information in his classes anywhere else!

Greg also teaches over 20 other essential oil classes!  His classes include:

  • Introduction to Essential Oils 20 essential oils for health
  • Sacred Plants
  • Pain management
  • Wisdom of the Heart
  • Inner Transformation
  • Psychic Protection and Intuition
  • The Chakras and the Tree of Life with essential oils
  • Essential Oils for Prosperity and Materialization
  • The Planetary Seven Cycles and Essential Oils
  • The Alchemical Processes of the Zodiac with essential oils
  • Theurgy: The Practice of Healing with Angels (I, II, III, IV)
  • The Four Aspects Of Healing with essential oils
  • Psychological Healing with essential oils (aspect one)- The Five Psychic Energies
  • Psychological Healing with essential oils (aspect two)- The Four Temperaments
  • Psychological Healing with essential oils (aspect three)- Essential Oils and Archetypes
  • Psychological Healing with essential oils (aspect four)- the Three Minds
  • Psychological Healing with essential oils (aspect five)- Wisdom of the Heart
  • Psychological Healing with essential oils (aspect six)- Developing your Will Power
  • Immunity, Respiratory, and digestive health through essential oils
  • Prosperity Part Two
  • Prosperity Part Three
  • Essential Oils and the Four Aspects of the Sphinx
  • Essential Oils for Soul Realization
  • Essential Oils for Feng Shui (business and home)
  • Relationships and essential oils
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