Special Classes with Greg Toews!

Wow, we are SO fortunate to welcome esteemed Senior Certified Pranic Healing Instructor Greg Toews to teach TWO CLASSES here in Seattle!  First:

Anointing Oils

  • Nov. 15th, 9am-6pm
  • Location:  Courtyard Marriott Bellevue
  • Cost:  $150 and INCLUDES a $40 essential oils kit!
  • Register:  http://www.plantpranaoils.com



Prosperity & Materialization and Essential Oils

  • Nov. 16-17, 9am – 6pm both days
  • Location:  Courtyard Marriott Bellevue
  • Cost $225
  • IncludedAromatherapy Essential Oils Kit–Value $150! + Booklet of protocols
  • Special offer: Refer a friend, get $50 off your class!  Refer 3 friends, take the class FREE!
  • Early Bird Discount Deadline:  Nov. 1st ($25 off)
  • Register:  http://www.plantpranaoils.com



What you’ll learn:

– Which chakra controls materialization (taking something from a thought, aka energy, into a dense physical reality)
– How to help this chakra work effectively
– How to use essential oils to overcome obstacles
– Reduce negative thinking and conditioning from the past
– Diminish the tendency to procrastinate
– Harmonize conflicts at home or in the office

Bring your questions and unique concerns — Q & A welcome!!

You’ll also enjoy hands-on participation and experimentation with essential oils in class!

Greg is also a Certified Medical Aromatherapist, Medical Aromatherapist instructor, and accomplished essential oils researcher.  He worked personally with Master Choa Kok Sui (founder of Pranic Healing) developing a number of Pranic Healing protocols.

Greg’s knowledge and experience are breathtaking.  You simply WON’T find the information in his classes anywhere else!

*Register at http://www.plantpranaoils.com

Mark you calendar now, and don’t miss this unique and special weekend!

Greg also teaches over 20 other essential oil classes!  His classes include:

  • Introduction to Essential Oils 20 essential oils for health
  • Sacred Plants
  • Pain management
  • The Chakras and the Tree of Life with essential oils
  • Essential Oils for Prosperity and Materialization
  • The Planetary Seven Cycles and Essential Oils
  • The Alchemical Processes of the Zodiac with essential oils
  • Theurgy: The Practice of Healing with Angels
  • The Four Aspects Of Healing with essential oils
  • Psychological Healing with essential oils (aspect one)- The Five Psychic Energies
  • Psychological Healing with essential oils (aspect two)- The Four Temperaments
  • Psychological Healing with essential oils (aspect three)- Essential Oils and Archetypes
  • Psychological Healing with essential oils (aspect four)- the Three Minds
  • Psychological Healing with essential oils (aspect five)- Wisdom of the Heart
  • Psychological Healing with essential oils (aspect six)- Developing your Will Power
  • Immunity, Respiratory, and digestive health through essential oils
  • Prosperity Part Two
  • Prosperity Part Three
  • Essential Oils and the Four Aspects of the Sphinx
  • Essential Oils for Soul Realization
  • Essential Oils for Feng Shui (business and home)
  • Relationships and essential oils
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