Classes–Learn to Heal!



It is impossible to overemphasize the point that you have the power to heal in your own hands.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing people learn this skill in the Pranic Healing courses and use it to change their health and their lives!

I love teaching the Introduction to Pranic Healing class because it opens people up to this world of energy, making healing accessible to everyone.

Join me for a Free Introduction to Pranic Healing class soon!  Then register for Pranic Healing Level I!

Next Pranic Healing Intro by me:  Nov. 27th, 7:30-9:30 PM at Inner Alchemy in West Seattle.  This Intro class is $15, click here to register.

The next Level I course in Seattle will be taught in 2019.  If you are willing to drive to Portland, there are more frequent classes there as well!

To register for Pranic Healing courses and see the current schedule, visit, click Events,  and select WA state (or Oregon) from the drop-down menu, then the Intro or Courses tab at the top.

Pranic Healing Introduction Flyer here:  Intro_PH

Pranic Healing Level I flyer here:  LevelIFlyer

Are you part of a group who would like to host this 2-hour free class?  Have an idea for a great place to have a Free Introduction to Pranic Healing?  I am always looking for new places to teach!   I teach private Free Intros as well!  Just contact me at

Try a Pranic Healing session for free!  For Seattle area Free Community Healing Nights, visit


Meet Seattle’s Certified Pranic Healing Instructors!



Chandan Parameswara is a Senior Certified Pranic Healer who lives in Madison, WI.  Chandan teaches Pranic Healing Levels I, II, III, Pranic Crystal Healing, Pranic Psychic Self-Defense, and Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul.

Check out the website of his Center for Inner Studies here. And his Facebook page here.


Gayle Nelson is a Certified Pranic Healing Instructor who currently resides in Alaska!  She comes to Washington to teach Level I in Seattle and Port Angeles a few times a year.

2018-05-05 16.03.20



For classes outside of Washington, visit and select your state form the drop-down menu!

See you in class!! or


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