About Meghan

I have been passionate about healthy living and healing the planet for 15 years.  In my search for ways for people to heal naturally and effectively, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Pranic Healing by reading Your Hands Can Heal You by Master Stephen Co and Dr. Eric Robins.

Few healing modalities can get to the root cause of an illness, whether physical or emotional/mental.  That root cause may or not be realized or understood, yet Pranic Healing works on a deep level in the energy/acupuncture system, digging out old and stubborn energies (psychological or otherwise) which prevented the body from healing itself.

I have seen Pranic Healing work time and again, and it is why I practice it.  It simply works!

I became Associate Certified in 2010 by completing 25 cases of healing.  This means that the condition was significantly or completely improved through our sessions together.

3 years ago I began training with the incredible Greg Toews to learn his cutting edge aromatherapy techniques. After completing over 35 classes, I am now adding Plant Prana essential oils healing services to my offerings. I believe between these two modalities, I offer nothing less than the holy grail of natural healing! And I could not be more excited to share them with anyone searching for deep healing – body and soul.

contact: meghan@bodyspirithealth.com


2 thoughts on “About Meghan

  1. Money is not in issue knowone is been s help so I went western medicine it’s been disaster! Your bio looks great for medical I really need another chance for my 6 year old son he’s a tying lost mess without us


    1. Please e-mail me directly to discuss private sessions: meghan@bodyspirithealth.com


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