Essential Oil Treatment Plans

Welcome to Plant Prana Essential Oils, a premier, therapeutic grade, small batch essential oil company founded by a Medical Aromatherapist for the purpose of treating and resolving health conditions.

I have taken over 40 classes from the owner, Greg Toews, and have healed my own insomnia, anxiety, depression, and much more. I enjoy the best health and vitality both emotionally and physically that I have ever had. Greg’s thorough healing protocols quickly put me on a path to recovery and well-being. I am grateful beyond words to have learned these processes and to have powerful plant medicine at home for whenever I need it!

I am eager to facilitate the same incredible benefits and healing to others.

I offer two options for receiving essential oils consultation for your individual needs. These consultation services do not include the essential oils. I always start with less expensive choices, oftentimes $15-$30 each. If they don’t do the trick, other oils will be suggested, some of which could cost more.

Basic $80

We talk for 30-40 minutes about which health conditions you want to treat and your health goals. I email you a treatment plan including which oils to use and how to use them. Includes 4 weeks of follow-up support via email where you can ask unlimited additional questions. 4 weeks begins after your oils arrive at your home.

Advanced $250

I recommend this option for long-term or complex health issues, physical or emotional. Also for multiple moderate to severe conditions you would like to address. Includes an initial call 30-40 minutes, a treatment plan with oils and usage guidelines emailed to you, and 3 months of support, beginning after you receive your oils. Includes a second follow-up call at the time of your choosing, within the 3 month timeframe.

Essential Oils can be purchased here:

Questions? Please email or call me: 503-277-8391

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