Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is Pranic Healing?

I created a page by this name which answers it best!  Click here.

2.  Is Pranic Healing like ____ healing modality?

I often get asked if Pranic Healing is like Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Acupuncture, or other energy healing modalities.  All energy healing modalities work on the energy body which consists of the aura (the entire energy body), chakras (energy centers which pump energy, or prana, throughout the entire system), and meridians (energy channels which act like energetic “blood vessels,” through which prana travels throughout the entire system).  Each energy healing modality has a different technique or different emphases.  For instance, some use physical touch and others don’t.

In Pranic Healing, we do not physically touch the client.  Physical touch is not necessary in energy healing because the energy field extends beyond the physical body.  We can touch a person’s energy and apply healing without physically touching, and, in fact, if you are in the same room with another person, your energy fields are already touching.  I wrote a blog post on this topic here.

The most important difference between Pranic Healing and most other energy healing modalities is that Pranic Healing uses protocols – a set of instructions for the specific ailment.  These were created over the course of years of trial and error, study, and analysis.  There are now hundreds of them.  They work!  And you get a session tailored to exactly what you need.

The other big difference between Pranic Healing and other energy healing modalities is that we focus on cleansing–removing dirty, congested, and blocked energy from the system.  We energize only after blockages are removed.  Without removing blockages, it’s very difficult for fresh prana to travel to where it needs to go anyway!  By simply cleansing, fresh prana rushes into the body naturally and on its own because there is now space for it.  The body was depleted BECAUSE it was congested in the first place.

3.  How many sessions will I need?

No matter your health condition, we cannot predict how many sessions a person will need.  We also cannot guarantee a healing result, just like your doctor or other healer cannot.  There are many factors that affect healing.

First, it depends on the severity of the ailment and how long you have had it. For moderate health conditions, I suggest starting with 10-12 sessions at the rate of 3 times per week.  There is usually significant improvement after this point.  For serious, long-term, or chronic health conditions, it can take 6 months of treatments (or more), 3 times a week to see 80% improvement or more.  Click here for guidelines on severe conditions.

Factors that affect the rate of healing include:

* Frequency of sessions

* Lifestyle such as diet and exercise

* Overall stress level.  (Are you working at an incredibly demanding job?)

* Frequency of practicing Twin Hearts Meditation (I will send you a link to this when we start working together)

* Age of the person – young people tend to heal faster, though your biological age does not determine everything, as some people maintain robust health into their later years so would therefore heal at a rate typical of younger people

*Motivation level – People who are highly motivated to heal tend to heal faster.  Their receptivity in the session is high, they practice Twin Hearts Meditation 3x per week or more, and incorporate other healthy habits into their lifestyle.

4.  What are your rates?

See my Pranic Healing Services  page for details.

5.  How long have you been doing this?

I have been practicing and studying Pranic Healing since 2008.  I got my Associate Certification in 2010.

To be Associate Certified, the healer has to complete 25 cases (no matter how many hours or sessions that entails), and those people have to be 80% or more healed* of the condition they came to you with.  Some of the conditions I helped heal for my certification included:

Migraines, smoking addiction, candida, back pain, cataracts, fear, anxiety, ulcer, shin splints, food addiction, vertigo, tinnitus, neck/shoulder pain, and more.

*Certification requirements have changed slightly since that time.

6.  What is a Pranic Healing session like?

Blog post here!  🙂

7.  Do you have experience healing _____ condition?

Since there are thousands of health ailments–physical as well as mental/emotional, you probably won’t find a Pranic Healer who has worked on everything!

Experience healing the same condition many times is certainly helpful.  However, I believe if you take two experienced Pranic Healers working on the same health condition, with one of those Pranic Healers having extended experience with that particular ailment, at least 90% of the techniques they both use would be identical.  This is because both healers will both be using the protocol created for the ailment. This tells the healers which chakras, organs, etc. to cleanse and with which colored pranas to cleanse with; plus which to energize and with which colored pranas.  The healer who has worked extensively on a certain health condition may have picked up a trick or two not in the protocol which would help.

8.  Distance Healing…?  Really?

Yes!  Another blog post!  🙂  Click here

9.  I’m still skeptical; Will the session still work?

Yes.  Nearly everyone who starts energy healing for the first time, no matter the modality, has some skepticism.  That’s 100% ok, expected, and acceptable!  All you need is an open mind for the energy to be absorbed by your system.  If you have read this far, your mind is open!

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