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Strong (Energy) Medicine


What you access when you work with me:


I have been a Pranic Healer for 14 years and have been Associate Certified since 2010.  I taught the Intro to Pranic Healing class for 7 years.  I have been a practicing Arhatic Yogi since 2009 (Level II, application-based).  I led a Pranic Healing clinic for 10 years and have volunteered at classes and events from 2008 until the pandemic began. 


  • My healing crystal wand is 12 oz and over 7″ long, around 3-4x the size of an average MCKS crystal wand.  This means I can disintegrate and remove dirty energy at a higher rate, and energize more quickly.
  • I use extractor crystals which can be assigned to cleanse chakras and parts of the body while I manually clean others, resulting in more areas worked on per session.
  • I use a disintegrator crystal (long, skinny, and sharp) to disintegrate stuck, compacted energy as well as negative thought forms which otherwise take much longer to break up and remove.

Training & Certifications

  • All Pranic Healing classes with Master Co
  • Arhatic Yoga through Level II
  • Kriyashakti & Pranic Feng Shui
  • 6 Intro Leader Trainings and about the same number of Arhatic Yoga retreats
  • Over 35 2-day classes with Greg Toews, owner of Plant Prana Essential Oils and head of Astara plus countless weekday study sessions
  • Generational Healing with Master Marilag
  • Cellular Healing with Master Marilag
  • Pranic Facelift & Body Sculpting with Master Marilag
  • Associate Certified Pranic Healer
  • Plant Prana Materialization certificate (5 Materialization classes completed)

I offer……

  • Pranic Healing sessions for both physical and emotional/mental conditions
  • Essential Oils personalized “prescription” reports based on the individual’s health needs plus ongoing consultations. I am trained in the most advanced aromatherapy system, Plant Prana’s chakra-based Energetic Aromatherapy.
  • Materialization Healing packages using a combination of Pranic Healing sessions and essential oils to trigger deep healing, resulting in significantly increased materialization abilities and prosperity levels.
  • Pranic Healing skills tutoring to help those who have taken the Level I course or read Your Hands Can Heal You (by Master Co and Dr. Eric Robins) to become proficient, confident healers via phone or Zoom for live demonstrations and practice.
  • MCKS Feng Shui consultations and Energetic Space Clearing
  • Generational Healing to remove family history as a factor in illness

Sessions are distance healing.  I ask all clients to purchase Master Choa’s Meditation on Twin Hearts with Chakral Healing.

For severe health conditions, please read these additional guidelines.

Pick-me-up:  3 sessions; best for emotional healing.  Sliding scale, pay what you can or what you like.


Basic Healing

10 Pranic Healing Sessions:

1 Generational Healing session

Customized self-care/self-
healing schedule

Energy Hygiene & Space Clearing report

Best for people with mild to moderate conditions who are in otherwise good health


optional add-on: Pranic Healing tutoring $50/$70

Healing + Transformation

25 Pranic Healing Sessions

3 Generational Healing

Customized essential oils prescription
and usage guidelines +
continued oils consulting/
support (oils not included;
can be tailored to your budget)

3 Pranic Healing tutoring sessions via Zoom

Customized self-care/self-
healing schedule

Energy Hygiene & Space Clearing report

Good for moderate and some severe conditions

Best package choice for most people



Goal-based healing with complete access to all my offerings plus royal treatment.

We determine your desired results in an initial consult and create a completely unique and customized healing plan for you. You access all that I offer in the amounts you want and need over a specified timeframe to reach your goals.

Includes my Materialization & Prosperity package.

Comes with a guarantee *

Royal Treatment:
short-notice “crisis” appointments (under 24 hours)
text and email support 6 days/week
no penalty for cancellation/no-show appts

Yearly pampering parties for Royalty package customers.


Limited space available

Option to pay in installments as agreed upon together.

Questions? Please contact me at and 503-277-8391

Royal Package Guarantee*: after a partial non-refundable payment, and after an agreed-upon timeframe, if you are not happy with your results, no further payment is due.

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