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Strong (Energy) Medicine

What you access when you work with me:


I have been a Pranic Healer for 14 years and have been Associate Certified since 2010.  I taught the Intro to Pranic Healing class for 7 years.  I have been a practicing Arhatic Yogi since 2009 (Level II, application-based).  I led a Pranic Healing clinic for 10 years and have volunteered at classes and events from 2008 until the pandemic began. 

Training & Certifications

  • Associate Certified Pranic Healer
  • Arhatic Yoga through Level II
  • Over 40 2-day classes with Greg Toews, owner of Plant Prana Essential Oils and head of Astara plus countless weekday study sessions
  • Generational Healing with Master Marilag
  • Cellular Healing with Master Marilag

I Offer

  • Pranic Healing sessions for both physical and emotional/mental conditions
  • Essential Oils personalized treatment plans based on the individual’s health needs plus ongoing consultations. I am trained in the most advanced aromatherapy system, Plant Prana’s chakra-based Energetic Aromatherapy.
  • Pranic Healing skills tutoring to help those who have taken the Level I course or read Your Hands Can Heal You (by Master Co and Dr. Eric Robins) to become proficient, confident healers via phone or Zoom for live demonstrations and practice.
  • Generational Healing to remove family history as a factor in illness


Because of my unique tools, you get significantly more healing accomplished per session 

  • My healing crystal wand is 4x the size of most crystal wands sold (12 oz and 7″), meaning it can extract more dirty, diseased energy in less time
  • I use extractor crystals which can be assigned to body parts or chakras and programmed to clean congested energy there while I work manually on other areas at the same time
  • My disintegrator crystal breaks up long-term, calcified negative thoughts and beliefs

Severe Fatigue Package:

  • Pranic Healing Sessions 
  • Customized Essential Oil Treatment Plan and Usage Guidelines + continued oils consulting and support
  • Energy Hygiene and Space Clearing Report
  • Self-Healing, Self-Care instructions to make your healing permanent 

You will tell me about your health and your goals.  I will designed a customized treatment plan for you based on your needs.  I work within all budgets.

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