Plant Prana Essential Oils

Essential oils are derived from plants and have powerful medicinal and healing properties which have been used around the world for millennia.

In Pranic Healing, we are introduced to essential oils from the start by using lavender and tea tree essential oils in our cleansing hand spray.  They contain concentrated color pranas which disintegrate dirty energy.  In PH Level II we learn about the color pranas in more essential oils and how to use them in healing baths, space clearing, rituals, and more.

I always wanted to know more on this topic, and I consider myself profoundly blessed to have been introduced to Greg and his lifetime of work in the field of aromatherapy.

Greg is a Medical Aromatherapist, Senior Certified Pranic Healing Instructor (retired), and now head of Astara.  He has created a healing modality which incorporates the energetic healing properties of the oils along with their physical or chemical healing effects.  This cutting edge therapy works powerfully and quickly.

I have taken around 40 classes from Greg, and reached a level of physical and psychological health I have never known.

When I took my first Plant Prana class, I was at a point of nervous exhaustion – almost breakdown.  This was mainly from having two kids who were what I call baby insomniacs.  My body was in a state of high alert and fight flight 24/7.  I was going through several crises at once.  In a few months, I had vastly healed – most importantly, my sleep.  Even after my children slept through the night, I could not, until Greg’s classes and oils.  Today, 3 years later, I feel completely transformed.  I am so eager and excited to share what I have learned with clients so they too can enjoy healing on a whole new level.

I will select oils that work for your health condition – physical or psychological – and teach you exactly how to use them.  I recommend above all others Plant Prana Essential Oils.  They are made in small batches, hand bottled, and blessed by Greg himself.  He offers them only to students and clients – like you!  You will enjoy the healing and comfort of these incredible plant medicines any time you like – between our Pranic Healing sessions and including after our session time together has completed. 

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