Guidelines for Severe Conditions

Thank you for considering Pranic Healing on your healing journey.

Pranic Healing has successfully healed severe cases on countless occasions all over the world.

I welcome “difficult,” “mysterious,” and severe ailments.

I wrote this page to explain there are some differences when healing severe ailments, with the main one being that the client must play an active role in their healing outside of our scheduled session times.

Without participation from the client:

  • there is a reduced chance of success in healing the condition
  • it will take much longer
  • there is a higher probability of temporary, rather than permanent healing
  • it is harder to get the momentum going to get the body to change significantly

When the client participates with healing practices at home, they also enjoy the empowerment that comes from seeing them control their health and how they feel. They come away with tools to use for the rest of their life, long after sessions with me may have ended.

Expect to work together at least 6 months for things like cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune conditions, and similarly serious conditions. 3 sessions per week is ideal, but 2 is ok if there is consistent use of essential oils at home in the way we’ll talk about.

What I will ask of you:

  • Meditation on Twin Hearts 3-5x per week. I prefer you use both self-healing versions: MTH with physical healing and MTH with psychological (chakral) healing and alternate between the two.
  • Salt baths 2x per week or more with essential oils I’ll assign to you.
  • Temporarily eat vegetarian or pescaterian until the condition has substantially improved.
  • Use Plant Prana essential oils regularly. We’ll discuss the ones for your condition.

After significant improvement, these guidelines can be relaxed. If your health condition prevents you from being physically able to do some of these, we can discuss alternatives.

I offer a special package for long-term clients. After the first two package deals have been completed (see my services page), it goes to every 6th session is free. If you are doing 3 sessions a week, that means a free session every two weeks.

I sincerely hope we can work together and bring you to new levels of health, inner peace, and vitality!

Questions:, 503-277-8391

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