Exercise: 3 Reasons to Do it You’ve Never Heard!

Originally Published 9/15/10

We all know we’re supposed to exercise 3-5 days a week.  If you even occasionally read a health magazine or women’s magazine, you have heard it all so many times, you can recite scientific studies in your sleep.

However, there is another component to exercise you are not aware of.  There are powerful  energetic benefits to exercise which promote health on this very important level.

1.  When you move a part of the body, for instance, your legs, for an extended period, the nearby chakras start turning rapidly and expelling dirty, used-up prana, or energy.  By doing a full-body workout for 30 minutes, you have significantly cleansed your energy body without even having to do Pranic Healing or other energy work.  To clean all these chakras one by one would take hours and hours!  This is one of the many reasons we feel so good after exercising–we just automatically received an energy healing session.

2.  Exercising cleanses your overall aura as well.  Have you ever noticed how, after vigorous exercise, your mind seems extremely clear and peaceful?  The bothersome and repetitive thoughts we endure throughout the day are usually “stored” or floating around in the aura in their energetic form.  By exercising, you flush out this old energy and get rid of it.  If I go more than two days without exercising, I feel un-clean and mentally irritable, and it is due to the lack of energetic cleansing that I am so used to experiencing.  Do you want to be mentally calmer and sleep better (a big reason we struggle to fall asleep is those incessant thoughts)?  Exercise!

3.  Exercising combined with regular meditation is extremely powerful.  By exercising, you clean your energy body and get rid of old, used up energy and even thoughts.  By meditating, you then take in tons of fresh prana and Divine energy.  It’s like giving yourself a daily energy transfusion!  Nothing could be healthier and more revitalizing.

I urge you to combine these powerful and ultra-simple practices into your daily life: exercise and meditation.  You will feel better and see benefits almost immediately.

*  I highly recommend Master Choa Kok Sui’s Meditation on Twin Hearts for beginner, intermediate, and advanced meditators.  This healing meditation cleanses and energizes the energy field as well as forges a profound Divine connection for the meditator when practiced regularly.  Available at www.pranichealing.com.

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