The Hidden Causes of Back Pain

alex-boyd-262019January 11, 2014

Why on earth is back pain so common?  Sometimes it seems like nearly everyone I know is afflicted with pain to some degree with back pain seemingly the most common.

For many, of course, there seems to be a straightforward cause.  For one client I worked on, it was years of waitressing.  For another it was long days at a desk.  For someone else, an old injury.  That makes sense to begin with but doesn’t explain why we don’t all have the same reactions of pain or injury when doing the same activities.

Then there are those who have pain with no logical cause.  We often hear our friends or doctors say, “it’s just age.”  Well, the age thing doesn’t fly with me!   (And what about those whose bodies are young?)  Most of the time, “age issues” boil down to keeping the same bad habits going for too long until they finally manifest as a health condition.

What kind of bad habit could eventually manifest as pain or illness over time?

What a fantastic question….

While most of us understand well that lack of exercise, a poor diet, and sleep deprivation all add up to a tired body that eventually loses its defenses against disease, the same understanding has not yet been reached about the harmful effects of negative emotions and attitudes.

In exactly the same way bad physical habits catch up with us in the form of sickness and disease, bad emotional and mental habits catch up with us as well.

This is because negative thoughts and emotions strain, exhaust, and harm the energy body.  The energy body interpenetrates the physical body and immediately affects it, whatever condition that energy is in–healthy or unhealthy.

Negative thoughts and emotions cause the formation of dirty, congested energy which clogs and congests the energy body, chakras, and channels.

These areas of congestion, and the subsequent areas of depletion caused by lack of energy flow cause pain, restricted movement, and are injurious to our physical bodies.  Eventually, they can cause physical disease.

Most of what I learned about the mind-body connection before I found Pranic Healing was pretty vague.  It consisted of a lot of anecdotes and generalizations.  These things were still fairly convincing for me, but once you learn the psychological function of each chakra as we do in Pranic Healing, you can actually get to the bottom of the mysterious aches and pains, as well as “cause-less” diseases–and resolve them.

When you have negative emotions (grief, anger, resentment, bitterness, depression, pessimism, negative self-image, etc.), the chakra that corresponds to that human experience becomes congested and malfunctions.  This causes pain or restricted movement. Pranic congestion subsequently causes pranic depletion because energy can’t flow to where it is supposed to go. That chakra also now cannot supply prana to the parts of the physical body it corresponds to which is how certain organs, systems, or parts of the body can become weak and diseased as a result.

You don’t have to think about a negative experience every day to have stored negative energy related to it which could be causing you pain or disease.

Absolutely anything negative from the past that has happened, causing any mental, emotional, or traumatic pain that has not been let go of (healed, let go of, forgiven, etc.) is probably still present in your body–and is not helping your health.

One example:  the solar plexus chakra becomes chronically congested due to prolonged stress.  Since the front solar plexus chakra supplies prana to the stomach (among other parts of the body), the person begins to have stomach issues.  Several years later, they have an ulcer and have to take many different foods out of their diet.

Getting back to back pain…

The four major chakras in the back are

1.  Back Heart

2.  Back Solar Plexus

3.  Meng Mein

4.  Basic

Each of these has a psychological function.  Depending on the type of stress or negativity, the corresponding chakra will be affected and eventually could cause pain.

To start with, the major chakras in the back, psychologically speaking, deal mainly with the past.   They also involve unexpressed emotion that we “shoved in.”  The major chakras in the front of the body, by contrast, deal mainly with activities and feelings that are going on presently or happen in the short-term.  So back pain, if psychological in origin, is potentially caused by negative emotions, perhaps trauma, from the past.

The Psychological Functions of the Major Chakras in the Back:

1.  Back Heart Chakra:  Relates to grief or receiving love.  Stress or negativity in this chakra may be caused by feeling ongoing/unresolved grief or feeling unloved/unsupported.

2.  Back Solar Plexus Chakra:  In many, this can be congested to the point of several feet beyond the body.  This is the depository of any old, negative, unexpressed emotions such as anger, resentment, unhappiness, bitterness, etc.  A negative incident that someone is still unhappy about will cause this chakra to be congested.

3.  Meng Mein Chakra:  Also a place where we store old negative emotions–mostly anger and resentment.  Without forgiving those who have hurt us, these negative energies will stay, perhaps indefinitely.  Inner peace will be difficult or impossible to achieve.

4.  Basic Chakra:  Deals with survival in the physical world–feeling safe, secure, financially healthy, etc.  It is a chakra of action and getting things done.

**This chakra information is paraphrased from the book, Pranic Psychotherapy by Master Choa Kok Sui (founder of Pranic Healing).  Please refer to this book as well as Miracles Through Pranic Healing (also by MCKS) for more information!

Depending on where a person’s back pain is, the nearest major chakra could be a clue as to the cause.  Cleansing these chakras has an almost immediate and dramatic effect on how the person feels physically–AND emotionally.

Chronic negative thinking, emotional upsets that aren’t let go of or forgiven, continual unhappiness, grief, anger, bitterness, resentment, and all the other ones I am not mentioning, are just as bad for us as chronically bad eating habits or other harmful physical habit.

While no healer can guarantee results, I personally have never worked on someone with pain without improvement (or complete resolution) in the first session.  (Naturally, multiple sessions are usually required for long-standing issues.)

At the start of 2014, doesn’t it feel like a great time to take stock of nagging health conditions that are getting you down and get to finally resolving them??

From now until Feb. 28th 2014, enjoy 25% off one 60-min Pranic Healing Session!

**Have you ever experienced what you knew was a mind-body connection in relation to illness or pain?  Share your experiences in the comments section below!

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