When Life Hands You… Something Else

Originally Published March 04, 2013

I come across advice for those of us who are busy, stressed out, tired or worn out, and under the weather.  Once in a while more serious “transitions” as they are often called may be addressed.  Let me be honest… the advice is kinda weak.  And the tips are just not that powerful.

Losing a loved one–or a job–isn’t a “transition.”  It’s Hell with a capital “H.”  Having the last kid leave the house isn’t a “big change,” it’s the end of an era.  A life-threatening diagnosis isn’t a “challenge,” it’s entering an alternate universe.

I don’t have every answer in this blog post, but I have a little something more.  I have a few techniques that do work if one has the optimism to try.

First and foremost, what we are going through is emotions.  Hard to believe, but:  It’s not the “problem” that we’re dealing with.  We’re dealing with our reaction to it, and that’s the part that hurts.

Even being broke doesn’t cause you physical pain unless you are literally out of house and home, bearing the elements.  What you are, 99% of the time, suffering is the resulting emotion from the shock of what has happened.  Now, I’m not belittling that in the least.  Emotions HURT.  I say this only to clarify what we are dealing with, not to diminish the difficulty of it.

So–what do you do?

First, you have to make the decision TO do something about it.  To not let your own emotions beat the daylights out of you with you at their complete mercy.  Even this can be hard when we are wallowing.  We’ve all been there.  But if you can get that far, the rest isn’t too difficult.  And by the way, a little wallowing won’t hurt.  We all have to lick our wounds from time to time.  Or maybe for you it’s to throw a breakable item against the brick fireplace.  Indulge, but just a little.  There’s a point after which we aren’t releasing negativity anymore, but making more of it, and it is then counterproductive.

Next, keep taking care of yourself on a physical level.  At LEAST as well as you were beforehand, and preferably better.  This is the time where we tend to say, “oh, forget it!” and let ourselves eat anything, skimp on sleep, or whatever it is for you.  The good practices we already had in place can go out the window.  So to begin with, don’t tell yourself that “nothing matters anymore” so you might as well not bother.  It’s easy to feel that way, but it’s not the case.  It still matters, you are still worth the best care in the world, and the small things you do affecting your physical body DO add up and make a difference.  They are tied in with how you feel emotionally as well.  When your physical body gets sluggish and blocked, your emotions don’t move through you as they should, and you will get more frequently stuck in negativity.

Food-wise, when you are down, it is critical to get enough vitamin D in the form of a supplement (you need D3) or sun exposure.  This is crucial for simply functioning of regular feel-good chemicals we are all entitled to to begin with.  Then omega-3’s fats are critical as well.  Whether you are a fish oil, krill oil, flaxseed, hemp seed, or chia seed person, get plenty.  They affect your mood as well.  Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and toss out sugar (destroyer of stable mood).

Next, you have to exercise.  You just have to.  Movement is necessary for processing.  Don’t you feel like your mind just got scrubbed clean after you have worn out your body exercising?  That’s because, energetically, you just flushed out a bunch of garbage.

Emotions and thoughts exist physically.  Or metaphysically if you want to get particular.  They exist in energetic form and are visible to anyone who can see energy.  Negative thoughts and emotions appear gray and clumpy.  Positive thoughts and emotions are different colors that flow through the body smoothly.  As you would guess, clumps of dense energy block the healthy flow of all kinds of energy in the body and cause problems.  When we exercise, be blast open previously blocked channels.  Negative thoughts and emotions–dirty energy–are powerfully flushed out of the body.  You feel refreshed –you just took an energy shower!  If you don’t move your body, it’s hard for your mind and emotions to move as well.

You can also flush out negative emotions by talking about them, and counseling and friends and family are, of course, great things.  But this takes longer and is more sporadic.  Better to get sweating every day or nearly every day and be guaranteed a good cleansing regularly.

Next is meditation.  Meditation is also effective at flushing out negative emotions and bringing in positive and calming ones.  Remember, emotions exist as energy.  When you meditate, you let go of negative energies and receive positive ones.  You get in touch with the essence of who you are, the soul, and so at least temporarily do not identify with your body, mind, and emotions.  This makes it possible to let them go.

Master Choa Kok Sui’s Meditation on Twin Hearts could be the most effective in existence at this because it is designed to flush out any and all kinds of negative energies and flood the body with positive, healing, and spiritual ones.  Meditation is a must all the time, but never more than now.  As the book Conversations with God says, “Now is the time to go to your God space more than ever.”

In addition, stay active.  Make plans for the week.  Make at least some of them with other people so you can talk about and think about things besides your problems.  Of course, this get-together can be for moral support too.  But it’s just as helpful if it’s to get your mind off things.  Changing gears is a breath of fresh air and will bring you relief.  You may feel like curling up on the couch for a couple of months or more, but this will vastly prolong the difficulties.  Even if you have to drag yourself out the door, get out and be even a little social once or twice a week.  More, if you can and want to.  Make a goal of planning something concrete at least twice a week, and schedule in advance so you know you’re covered.  It’s not the time to hole up alone, except in small doses.

If it’s appropriate for you, get some professional help such as counseling, other therapies, and Pranic Healing.  These can help us get past our sticking points and bring us insight.

Lastly, realize there are cycles in life.  Yes, this speech.  Perhaps overstated, but true:  This too shall pass.  Absolutely nothing lasts forever.  If things are going fantastic in your life right now, it will pass.  And if everything’s in the gutter, it will pass as well.  It’s a phase, and you only have to get through this tough time for a finite period.  Then, the skies will clear and life will feel relatively easy again.  This isn’t your “new life.”  It is a temporary thing lasting, on average, perhaps a period of months.

When things get good again, sow the kinds of seeds you will want to reap later.  This is called karmic or energetic investment.  Give to those in need: of money, love, time, help, and more.  When the wheel turns again, the universe provides readily in your time of need as your energetic gifts come back many times over.  Karma is just the process of what we put out boomeranging back at us.

Warmest wishes and blessings through good times and bad,


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