Why I Don’t Believe in Stress Management


We are all in truly unchartered territory when it comes to stress, here in 2015.  Whether it’s multi-tasking, being connected to work more hours than ever, a health crisis, or something else, humans have never had so much on their plate.

Here are some of the incredible, unquestioned realities most people live with.  These things generally were not the norm 100 or 150 years ago–or any time before that:

–An unpredictable and uncontrollable flip of the economy could result in unemployment.

–Full-time jobs frequently expect 50, 60, or more hours/ week and are less than generous with vacation.

–For those with kids, few families have one parent at home to care for children, keep house, and cook as a full-time job.  Instead, this full-time parent and housekeeper role is covered by parents already working full-time outside the house (with daycare or school helping with kids).

–Overall health is in serious jeopardy; many are dealing with traumatic and debilitating health conditions and/or caring for family members in that boat–costing enormous energy, time, emotional distress, and financial hardship.

–While many of us are waking up to our true desires or interests, job markets often don’t line up, and many people work jobs they dislike or even dread.

–Modern relationship problems did not exist 100 years ago and before.  Marriage partners did not work to have a functional emotional or intimate relationship with one another.  A partner was simply expected to fulfill their duties.  While rewarding, intimate relationships require awareness, work, healing, and maintenance–in short, energy and effort.

–We have less community closeness and support.  Families can be strewn across the entire country or further, along with the  support that comes with them.

–Most of us live in cities surrounded by noise–even chaos–rather than nature.  Instead of seeing green our our window, we see gray buildings and roads.  Rather than calming us, our environments can rattle us.

In this day and age, “Stress Management” just doesn’t come close to cutting it.  We all need something far more powerful than simple management of stress, with the pressure, workload, and expectations we have in our modern lives.

The American Heart Association’s website discusses this topic–and let me say first that I am very happy they address stress at all.  This is an incredibly important first step.

However, the suggestions, for a person buried in stress, will metaphorically polish the surface of a massive mound of garbage.  Examples they give are “Positive Self-Talk, Emergency Stress Stoppers, Finding Pleasure, and Daily Relaxation.”

All of these are healthy and good and probably work to a degree, but I would be amazed if even practicing them daily reduced a person’s stress by more than a few percentage points.

Pranic Healing is the Roto-Rooter of “stress management.”  That is because in Pranic Healing, we don’t manage it.  We dig stress out until it’s gone.

Did you know stress is actually a real, tangible, somewhat measurable THING?

What is stress?  A feeling or emotion.  In Pranic Healing, we learn that emotions are energy.  That is what they are!


What is energy?  In Sanskrit, it’s called prana.  In Japanese, it is called Ki, and in Chinese, Chi.  Acupuncture, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and other energy healing modalities all work on energy to assist in healing.

However, there is more than one type of energy.  Energy from the natural environment has certain properties, consistencies, and feels a certain way to the touch (in Pranic Healing, you learn to “scan” or feel energy).  Mental and emotional energies have different properties and feel a certain way when we touch them as well.  As humans, we possess many types of energies, and in Pranic Healing, we learn how to heal physically as well as mentally/emotionally.

If a certain emotional energy is present in your energy field, you say you are “feeling” that emotion.  If you say you are feeling stressed, then there is a 100% chance stress energy is present in your energy field.  In appearance, it looks grey and clumpy.  It  feels heavy and sticky.

If you don’t want to feel an emotion anymore, you remove it.  Just like a splinter in your finger you wish to stop feeling:  You remove it.

In Pranic Healing, we focus on cleansing and disintegrating dirty or congested energy.  Stress energy is one of those congesting energies.  Stress energy makes us feel jittery and rattled, fearful, tired and worn out, and clogs our entire energy field, making it difficult to focus and have any clarity.  Stress sucks!  Pranic Healers don’t manage it, we remove it!

What if the stress comes back?  Did we really get rid of it?

First of all:  Unless you have been getting regular Pranic Healing treatments and/or frequently practice the Meditation on Twin Hearts, I can almost guarantee you that the stress you are feeling is the accumulation of years of stress.  Perhaps decades.  You think you are feeling the stress of the day, but you are feeling today’s stress added together with the last 30 years’ stress.  Another reason “managing” it is not going to get you very far.

When you receive a Pranic Healing treatment, you are not getting healing for today’s stress.  You are getting healing for all the stress you are feeling at the time of the session.  Much of that is old.  You could be releasing years of stress in just one session which is 50-60 minutes.

Pranic Healing also removes old trauma or limiting, fear-based beliefs.  For instance, a person might be stressed every day because they are afraid you are going to lose their job.  To this person, this is an obvious, realistic threat in their life.  In our example, let’s say this person lost his or her job 5 years ago and dealt with intense hardship as a result.  There is a very high likelihood that there is trauma energy still present in this person from what they suffered from AND it is massively increasing that person’s daily fear of it happening again.  This person is feeling a certain degree of trauma on top of regular stress.

Most likely, this fearful person sees only rationale behind their fear.  Yet they are not experiencing rational thoughts, but negative emotions, trauma, and stress.  After Pranic Healing where the daily stress plus previous trauma of being unemployed is removed, the person has a high probability of feeling greatly decreased fear of getting laid off.

This does not change the person’s intelligent evaluation of the likelihood of losing the job at all, and caution will still be exercised.  In fact, it increases the person’s ability to intelligently evaluate the situation at work.  They will be able to calmly apply for a job elsewhere if that seems necessary, rather than just going around in circles mentally and emotionally freaking out!

In the end, it may turn out that the person’s daily stress load is actually minimal and quite easy to deal with or heal easily from just by relaxing at the end of the day.

It can take a handful of sessions to disintegrate these years of accumulated stress, anger, fear, trauma, and more.  After the old stuff has been caught up with, this person might even come to realize that their current situation isn’t even the source of their negative emotions.  (There are, of course, people dealing with monumental issues which would require more attention.)

Aside from receiving healing and daily meditation (I’ll get to that in a moment), a more significant lifestyle change could be in order.  This is another important solution that is right for some and is not described under “stress management” tips.  It is important to start with healing so you can first assess your situation clearly.  Strong emotions, including stress, get very much in the way of clear observation and assessment.

After healing strong, negative emotional energies out of your system, you will be able to think much more clearly and easily, and new ideas have a chance to reach you!  There may even be a simple and easy solution for what has been plaguing you which was not visible to you before!

As you can see, “stress management” is really a Band-Aid job.  I want to see people raise their expectations and hopes for daily living way beyond just managing emotional pain.  And that is not only possible but rather easy with Pranic Healing…

Drop by one of the many Pranic Healing free clinics in Seattle!  You can come to all of them as often as you want!  Click here for those details.

Or call your local healer and get one or more sessions a month to make sure you can stay sane–and yes, even happy!  (My healing schedule is rather limited at this time, but if I am unavailable I can recommend a healer to you!)

If you have a lot on your plate right now, I recommend regular Pranic Healing sessions until you feel better.  The number of sessions a person needs varies from person to person–for serious trauma, expect to start with 8.  For more regular stress, just a few may do the trick.  In my case, I meditate and do short self-healing sessions regularly, so when I need extra help and  schedule a session with another healer, it just takes one and I am usually good to go for a while.

If you don’t have a lot on your plate, it may be enough to simply meditate daily.  (And if you have a lot on your plate, meditation is REQUIRED:))  Meditation on Twin Hearts is a short, guided meditation you can do every.  It powerfully heals, flushes out stress energy, and fills you with energy for the day.  The energy you receive from the meditation, among many other things, helps you think clearly and work more efficiently.  It also helps you stay calm so you can, again, work better–and of course feel great!

Here is a mini version for free online:


For the full version, you can purchase the CD here:


I am teaching two free Pranic Healing Introductions this month!  Come and see me!  I would love to show you more about stress reduction and, time allowing, offer you a free mini healing session after the class!

See the link on the left, “Upcoming Pranic Healing Events– Meet Me In Person.

My e-mail:  meghan@bodyspirithealth.com or meghan@pranichealing.com

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  2. thanks for this great article , i realy enjoy it


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