Why Doing Drugs is Not Spiritual



Here in Washington, pot was recently legalized.  It’s legal in a few other states too, and I expect more will follow.  I personally agree with the decision to legalize; I think it makes sense because it allows police to focus on more dangerous and problematic crimes.

Am I a fan of smoking pot?  Is smoking pot part of a healthy lifestyle?  Eh, not really.  Will it ruin your health to enjoy it from time to time?  Probably not.  Is alcohol healthy?  Of course not!  Do I drink wine?  You bet I do.

What I would like to clear up, at the risk of offending recreational drug fans, is that doing this stuff is not “spiritual.”

I occasionally read blogs or articles from really smart, awesome people mentioning using drugs in order to enjoy a spiritual experience.  I appreciate open-mindedness and a willingness to try new things, certainly.  But I would just like to let those people know that doing drugs is hardly the most effective, natural, healthy, or powerful way to have a spiritual experience.

Where did the idea that hallucinogens give the user a spiritual experience come from?  1.  They make you feel happy 2.  Lots of people see energy when they take that stuff (though pot doesn’t usually fall into the hallucinogen category).

People frequently conclude that this is therefore spiritual because we know on some level that energy has  some connection to a larger truth and a larger reality.

Hallucinating is actually a misnomer.  When you do drugs and see stuff, you aren’t hallucinating.  You are seeing real stuff that’s really there.  You are seeing energetic stuff.  Colors, things flying around, different beings talking to you, whatever…. it was there, and it happened.  Doing drugs forces you to see parts of the energy world.

So why do I argue this was not a spiritual experience?

The energy world has several layers.  I won’t get into all that here, but what you need to know from this post is that when you do drugs and see energy, you are about as far from the most spiritual layer of them as you can get.

Secondly, the method whereby hallucinogenic drugs let you see energy is by “burning” holes in the protective web of some of your chakras.  The web, which each chakra has, has many functions, but one of them is to filter our perception properly.  This is a good thing.  Anything that damages this protective web is not going to be good for us.

You can read more about the chakras and the protective web, and see illustrations of them, in these two books written by Master Choa Kok Sui:  Pranic Psychotherapy and The Chakras and Their Functions.  (The information about energy and spirituality contained in this post comes from Master Choa’s books and classes.)

Chakras and chakral webs are fascinating topics, but I will just refer you to those books for now to learn more.  Suffice it to say that seeing energy by burning holes anywhere in our energy systems by taking drugs that hurt our bodies is not going to be an effective, efficient, or healthy way to see energy.  Not to mention the health effects of damaging parts of our energy systems, creating holes, tears, and cracks–these cause energy leakage (you’ll feel extremely drained), and it also makes it easier for all types of bad stuff to get into your system.

Being artificially “high” is another inefficient way to seek happiness and feel close to God.

And hey–this isn’t a post to scold people for doing what they do.  You are aware of the pros and cons of taking drugs if you have ever attended elementary school.  And I don’t have a judgment on what you do!  I just want to tell you what else I know on the topic if you are one of the people taking drugs in the hope of having a spiritual experience.  Because there’s WAY better ways to do that, and also way better ways to see energy.

A person who can see energy, a clairvoyant, has the natural ability to thin the protective web on the right chakra at will.  (Probably subconsciously.)  When they don’t need or want to see energy anymore, the web goes back to its original state.  This does not destroy the web at all.

It is a skill that comes from practice, a natural gift, or sufficient spiritual development.  No side effects–you don’t feel like crap the next morning 😉  Oh, and it’s cheaper!  You also get to enjoy seeing energy at a far higher level (plane, dimension) than you do when you do drugs.

You are tuned into the level of energy that you are presently at.  When you’re on drugs, you are at one level.  When you are not, and especially when you have achieved a degree of spiritual development, you are tuned into a whole different plane.

So you do you want to see skulls and monsters?  Or angels and golden light?

I’m not clairvoyant, but I’ll wait around for the angels and golden light myself.

When you force yourself to see energy by taking drugs, you don’t accelerate your spiritual path.  If anything, you delay it.  To grow spiritually, you need to take care of your body.  You don’t need to be a perfectionist about it, but acid and mushrooms are off the table (if that wasn’t obvious).  A little pot isn’t the end of the world, but once you learn Pranic Healing and Meditation on Twin Hearts, I really doubt you’ll care about pot much anymore.

Master Co (who teaches Pranic Healing) frequently says after we finish a meditation in class, “You guys look stoned!”  And of course gets a huge laugh from everyone!  The meditations we do in Pranic Healing are extremely powerful.

I think some people think drugs are a good way to get in touch with energy, but let me tell you– I work with energy almost every day, and drugs are the last thing you need.

With Pranic Healing, I have a chance to learn about a million times more about energy than I ever could by doing drugs.  Not to mention my body is a million times healthier, first from not doing drugs, and secondly because I learned a powerful healing modality I can use on myself any time I want it or need it.

And I haven’t even gotten into what practicing the powerful Meditation on Twin Hearts does for me and the countless thousands around the world who do it too.

If you want to get in touch with energy, learn how to heal.  Pranic Healing is the most amazing course in energy you will find anywhere.  You can take a pill and have a conversation with a cloud, or learn to relieve pain, illness, stress, depression, and hundreds of other things.  Which would you choose?

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