Meet Your New Best Friend: Invocative Self-Healing

Personally, I am always looking for shortcuts. I love Pranic Healing, but there are times I simply can’t lift my arm to clean my chakras!

Some of us are at complete burnout right now from stress and uncertainty with COVID.

I believe we all need tools that are nearly effortless in every possible case.

Sometimes we need Divine Intervention.

One of the most valuable things I learned in Pranic Healing is that we are not alone. Aside from a higher power we call God, there is a category of angelic beings we call in Pranic Healing healing angels. Their job is to heal humans. We ask them for help when we do Pranic Healing, and as a habit I began asking them for help to heal myself over the years.

One of the first things I started doing was asking for healing of a specific condition or situation before every Twin Hearts Meditation I did. For several years it was anxiety. Sometimes it was a pain in my body. It could be a fear or trauma. I got results from this alone, and it was really exciting. I was already doing at least a little healing on myself each week, but there is only so much time we can spend doing Pranic Healing!

After that, I started doing a process when I went to bed every night. During a very tough time in my life I was completely exhausted on all levels. I could barely get a shower in (and that’s no exaggeration), let alone get out my crystal and salt water bucket and spend 30+ minutes cleaning my chakras. Sleep deprivation and screaming kids had taken just about everything I had.

As physically and emotionally exhausted as I was, I had major trouble sleeping at night. I had been woken up 4-8x per night for both my kids as babies. I couldn’t convince my body it was allowed to go to sleep. I was stuck in “high alert.”

I got in bed to sleep, laid flat on my back palms facing upward, and prayed for healing.

For a person with a lot of faith, a general healing prayer will do a lot. In my case, I am too mental and it helped me to use a Pranic Healing “template” for my request. By going chakra by chakra and listing the energies I wanted removed, it gave me a bigger belief that it was really taking place. The amazing part of it was I could feel each area being worked on exactly as though a Pranic Healer was doing a healing on me then and there.

It absolutely saved me. I believe I would have developed a much harder-to-heal insomnia type of condition if I wasn’t getting that healing every night. Even with that help, I still had a huge uphill healing job ahead of me to get my body back to a healthy baseline of calmness. (I used Plant Prana essential oils for this, and I will dish on this later :))

Here’s what I did, below. Substitute the energies or emotions or thoughts that you need healed or removed for your individual situation. This was so relaxing for me, I often didn’t finish the process before I fell asleep.

Start with the prayer of your choice. Include healing angels, healing ministers, and spiritual helpers. You can substitute “God” for healing angels or whoever you pray to.

Lord God thank you for healing my Crown chakra of all stress, tension, anxiety, nervousness, fear, and trauma.

Repeat the phrase for Forehead chakra,




Front heart, Back heart

Front solar, Back solar


Front Spleen, Back Spleen

Meng Mein



and Thank you for removing all negative and dirty energy from my arms and legs.

It takes several minutes, and you do need to know all the chakras.

You can do this any time of course; for me, I needed it at the end of the day and in order to sleep. I am a big believer in doing it lying flat on your back to get the best results. It’s a pose of receptivity, of taking in, and seems to instruct your body that it’s time to relax and let go.

I know millions of people have trouble with sleep. Chronic stress takes a toll on our physical bodies! Here are a few more tips on sleep that worked for me.

  1. I often did Twin Hearts lying in bed mentally, and this worked well too. Instead of raising my hands in blessing position, I blessed the earth directly through my heart chakra and mentally recited St. Francis’s prayer. I often fell asleep in less than 5 minutes.
  2. The “I Am” Affirmation from Master Choa – even just part of it works to disconnect you from your body and emotions in order to relax and sleep: I am not the body, I am not the emotions, I am not the thoughts. I am not even the mind. The mind is just an instrument of the soul. I am a spiritual being of Divine Intelligence, Divine Love, Divine Power. I am connected and one with my Higher Soul. I am That I Am.
  3. Focus on the Crown chakra. Master Co gave this tip once for sleep. Just put your attention on it. I would visualize the chakra as though I was looking down on it. A big, bright sparkling spinning circle. This often got me to sleep in 5-ish minutes. You can also put your attention higher up above your head.
  4. One of my sleep issues was muscle tension meaning that I flexed my neck and shoulders involuntarily. I used to clench my jaw pretty much 24/7 (though I didn’t grind my teeth). This alone will keep you awake indefinitely. It was a huge problem I didn’t even realize was going on until Greg discussed it in a Plant Prana class and it completely changed my ability to sleep. So I would say “every muscle in my neck is completely relaxed; my jaw muscles are completely relaxed, my shoulder and chest muscles are completely relaxed.” Eventually you want to get healing to undo this problem, but in the short term my body mostly did what I said and those words unclenched the muscles.
  5. Sometimes imagining light green energy covering my feet and lower leg sent me to sleep right away. This is the dirtiest part of the aura and congested energy there can keep us “anchored” down instead of floating off to sleep.

I hope this post helps both Pranic Healers and everyone else to get effortless healing. Try it and leave a comment below about your experience!

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