No One Should Have to Parent Without Pranic Healing



When I think of Pranic Healing (PH) and being a mother, the first word that comes to mind is “indispensable.”

Every time I use it for my 3-year-old son Aryan–or myself–I automatically think, “I can’t believe most people don’t know these techniques and can’t have the same help for themselves and their loved ones!”  I shudder to think how I would have survived the last three years as a parent without these tools to heal physically as well as mentally/emotionally.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think how lucky I am to have effective tools that solve problems with little more than the snap of a finger.  I wish I could magically heal all the other babies and toddlers out there who are going through stuff that might take only a few minutes to solve permanently!  Until then, I have this blog and my Free Introductions to Pranic Healing to get the word out…

The best way I could think to share how I use PH in my life and what a miraculous blessing it is is to simply tell you the stories!  I hope they inspire you to learn more.  If there is one message I hope to impress it’s that you have the power to heal.  You are not solely at the mercy of people with 8 years of medical education (though we all need occasional trips to the naturopath for checkups and some extra help).  And emotional stuff does not require years of therapy to release!

(Pranic Healing was created by Master Choa Kok Sui.  Click here to learn what Pranic Healing is!)

There are countless more stories than are here.  I have surely forgotten most of them, as this is all an entirely routine part of my life.  But as a small sample, here you go….

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Physical Healing:

Aryan got a fever once when he was two.  I didn’t take his temperature because once I felt he was burning up, and his skin (even on his tummy) was red, I was so startled, I ran off to do PH!  I put on some Thomas the Train to keep him out of my way, and immediately went to our small healing room and did the PH protocol for fever.  It took 40 minutes.  I went back to the living room, and his skin was normal color again, felt the right temperature, and he never got sick.

Aryan has only been to the doctor because he was sick once.  I thought it was a diaper rash that wouldn’t go away.  It was all over his bottom and looked really nasty.  I keep putting diaper cream on it which normally worked in less than a day, but it wasn’t doing anything.  The doctor said it was something called Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease which is a virus they can’t give you any treatment for.  I went home and found a Pranic Healing protocol and applied it 1-2 times a day.  It cleared up in no time and he never acted sick–no crabbiness, decreased energy, or other symptoms which can ensue from this virus.

Aryan used to get runny noses and coughs.  He never acted run-down or “sick” but just got those symptoms a few times a year.  One of his earliest runny noses lasted almost 3 weeks.  I kept applying physical PH healing but it didn’t seem to do much.  Finally, I scanned for mental/emotional congestion, and there was a lot in the lungs.  As soon as I cleared that out, the runny nose healed quickly.  For his next runny nose, I started with the mental/emotional healing and it cleared up fast.  Now, he rarely gets them at all and when he does, they are short-lived (a day or two) and easy to heal!


I got a healing session for myself several months ago, and in the course of conversation mentioned what a handful Aryan is, how active, non-stop motion, plus talking and requests, all day long.  Also, his nap seemed to be going away, much to my disappointment.  This healer mentioned cleaning all the lower chakras and doing a technique mentioned in Master Choa Kok Sui’s book Pranic Psychotherapy which I won’t take the time to describe here.  It was like someone had slipped him a pill.  After just a couple of days, not only was he napping again–with little protest–but playing quietly, alone, at many points throughout the day!  I had never seen him behave like this his entire life, I was simply astounded.  One of the first miracles was me cooking dinner, without my husband helping to restrain or entertain Aryan because he was away on a business trip. He just sat on the kitchen floor and played with some pots and spoons for a full 45 minutes.  This, from a kid who couldn’t stay with one activity for much more than 25 seconds.  To this day, when he starts getting hard to handle, I remember to do healing and it still works!  Six months later, he was still napping almost every day–though that just ended a few weeks ago.


I work out at the YMCA which has great childcare.  Aryan loved it–until he turned 3 and had to move to the big kid area which was a HUGE gymnasium.  For some reason, the gymnasium freaked him out and he screamed and cried to not go in there.  At home, if I even mentioned going to the gym, he completely panicked, screamed, cried, and wouldn’t go.  It was so heartbreaking, I stopped going to the gym for several months, hoping he would mature a little and be comfortable again.  At one point, we drove as far as the gym, but he went so crazy when I tried to get him out of the car, I couldn’t go through with it.  I would have had to carry him in full-on tantrum mode to the front desk where I wouldn’t have even been able to get my gym card out of my wallet.  Finally, I thought to try PH on his fear.  Less than 10 minutes of healing, and I suggested going to the gym.  “Ok,” he said.  I was amazed….  Partway there in the car, he started fussing a little.  I did more healing in the car after arriving, suggested we go in, and he was fine!  I think I did one more 5-10 minute session on him later, and that was it.  He has enjoyed the gym ever since!

Resistance to Potty Training:

If I had known he would still be in diapers through his 3rd birthday, I would never have switched him out of cloth, which I did when he was close to a year old.  Every disposable diaper I threw away made me feel terrible.  (They take ages to decompose and sit in landfills for a loooooong time.)  Everyone said to wait till he was “ready.”  Well, he refused to even try on underwear–screamed at the suggestion of it.  He mostly refused to even sit on the potty, though would occasionally–just not go in it.  Most of the time, though, when I suggested it, he screamed, “NO POTTY!!!!!!!”  I felt annoyed because it’s not like he wasn’t old enough, smart enough, or mature enough.  He certainly had no shame, discomfort, or embarrassment associated with the bathroom or doing his business.  It was just plain old toddler resistance or contrarianism.  Mom wants it, so I’m gonna say no.  To me, this is not a “not ready for potty training” sign.  It’s just a way to assert his own will and willpower which is fun for a 2- and 3-year-old.

At last, I thought of PH.  I scanned for energies of “resistance”–meaning, resistance to potty training, as well as resistance to wearing underwear.  No joke, after 10 minutes of healing, I said, “Want to try on your new underwear?”  And he stepped right into it and loved wearing it.  After SIX MONTHS of him refusing to even try it on to see if it fit!  He willingly tried the potty and went in it.  Right after, I tried the infamous 3-day potty training process (if you have small kids, you’ve probably heard of it), and it worked perfectly.  He only had one accident on the sofa and one on the floor.  He went to “preschool camp” the next week which entailed 3 hours a day without me around for 3 days.  No accident, just asked an adult to take him to the toilet.  Weeks later, still not one accident. Done and done!


Instead of letting one meltdown turn into 3 an hour later, which will turn into 9 by evening, I do healing after a tantrum.  He’s often calmer than he was before the tantrum.  Just like in adults, negative emotions, stress, fatigue, anger, frustration, and everything else add up and accumulate.  Without PH, how are you going to start fresh with a clean slate the next day?

I can’t say if this is the cause or not, but when he started preschool last January, he never once cried when I left.  I had to get his attention to even get a hug goodbye.  Meanwhile, older kids were still having trouble.  Of course, there is NOTHING wrong with that and it is 100% natural.  It could absolutely just be Aryan’s personality.  However, I believe the regular healing helps in more ways that I can guess or quantify.

I hope these stories were interesting to read and help expand on what PH can do and what it looks like to have it in your life on a regular basis!  As you can see, as a parent, it has made an absolutely massive difference in my life.  I fervently hope and wish more parents would learn it because, for crying out loud, parenting is hard enough.  And this is such a simple way to make it so much easier.

If you have any questions about PH classes, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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Why Did I Pick Pranic Healing?

Originally Published September 15, 2014

I never planned to become a healer!  To me, it’s as weird a thing as it probably sounds to a lot of people that I am an “energy healer.”  (I never had any “special abilities,” intuition, or anything of that stuff :))  When people ask me how I came to get involved in such a thing, the simple answer is that once I learned how powerful Pranic Healing is, how easy it is to learn, and how much it can help others, I felt I hardly had a choice.  It was the natural thing to do to use it–and to spread the word!

So what was the big deal about Pranic Healing that made a non-healer decide to throw herself into such a strange vocation?

Those that are familiar with some energy healing modalities often ask, when I tell them what I do, “is that like Reiki?” (or another modality), my answer must be: Yes and No.

Acupuncture, Therapeutic Touch, EFT, Reiki, and others are all energy healing modalities, and in that respect, they are similar.  They all work on the same energy field which is comprised of the aura, chakras, and meridians.  Some involve physical touch, and others are non-touch, as you can access the energy body with our without touching the physical body.

What is different between these is the technique used.  In acupuncture, you use needles in specific points of the body.  In Reiki, you energize in specific ways using your hands with some physical touching as well as without touching.  In EFT, you tap specific parts of the body to help the flow of energy.

All these techniques work!

So why did I choose to learn Pranic Healing?

I used to read lots of books about natural health and different energy healing modalities.  Not to find one to learn and begin practicing on other people for a living!  I was simply curious about health and especially living a healthy lifestyle to prevent disease, fatigue, and stress.  I ended up reading about energy just by accident.  Or should I say “accident”  🙂

I learned a little about energy healing from some books, but nothing particularly jumped out at me or inspired me.

Then I read Your Hands Can Heal You by Master Stephen Co and Dr. Eric Robins, and Pranic Healing jumped up and down at me like crazy!  There are at least a dozen reasons I could list, but to narrow it down to the biggest ones:

Firstly, it described how energy actually works–the principles behind why we get sick on an energetic level, how energy flows, incredible depth and specifics about the chakras, how and why the mind-body connection works, and much more.  I don’t feel there is any  place you can learn about energy in so much depth and really comprehend what is being described.

At best, you would have to read dozens, if not hundreds, of books from all over the world to find all the bits and pieces, and then have to try to put them all together to you find in the handful of Pranic Healing books written by Master Choa Kok Sui and Master Co.

On top of this, you could tell when you read that you were only looking at the tip of an iceberg.  Master Co and Master Choa, in their books, were still only just getting started.

Next, and what I will go into more detail about here, is that Pranic Healing discussed a technique I have yet to see anywhere else: Cleansing.

What is meant by cleansing where energy is concerned?

Just like the physical body, the energy body has a natural waste product: dirty energy.  Just like the physical body, this waste product can get backed up and start clogging the proper flow of energy in the body.  This struck me as so important and obvious, I could not imagine doing healing any other way, without using cleansing techniques as a central part of healing.

There are so many reasons dirty energy must be cleansed away, I decided I wanted to list them!  So here we go:

1.  Without cleansing away congested and clogged energy, the healthy energy that is there will not be able to flow properly–so what good would more energizing do?

2.  With dirty energy taking up valuable space in our energy body, chakras, and meridians, there isn’t as much space as there could be for fresh energy.  If we energize without cleansing first, we won’t be able to put as much fresh energy in.

3.  Dirty energy causes us to feel heavy and bogged down.  Adding energy without getting rid of the old stuff first will naturally have a limited effect.

4.  Stress and negative emotions manifest as clumped, clogging, grayish energy.  Don’t we want to get rid of this?  Getting rid of this type of very real energy is the only way to get rid of stress and negative thoughts and emotions.

5.  Dirty energy can stick on us from other people, even people we don’t know, as we walk through our day in the ocean of energy we all inhabit.  Some of our thoughts and feelings aren’t even ours but were just passing by and ended up in our space!  Without flushing this stuff out, we can’t even experience the clarity of our own thoughts.

6.  By energizing an affected area, which necessarily has dirty energy present, we risk pushing that dirty energy in further.  This may cause the body to make a concerted effort to suddenly push it out, which will work, but it is much less efficient than simply cleansing in the first place.

7.  The body heals itself.  It does this, in part, by naturally absorbing prana from the environment when it is needed, and also expelling waste energies when required.  When we use Pranic Healing to accelerate the body’s own natural healing abilities, it makes sense to help it along with both processes–cleansing and energizing.

8.  Based on experimentation, healing occurs through cleansing alone in many cases.  In Pranic Healing, we cleanse about 80% of any given session, then add some energy in to speed up the process even more.  In many cases, energizing is not necessary because once the blockages have been cleansed away, the body can now naturally pull in the needed energy from the environment on its own just as it is designed to do!

9.  In some ailments, energizing is not recommended at all because it could make the problem worse.  In the case of a migraine headache, the head hurts because it is congested.  There is pressure building from too much energy and from dirty energy getting stuck in the head area.  Lots of cleansing (which we call “sweeping”) is applied and relief usually begins in minutes.  If we were to energize in this case, the headache would most likely get worse.

So there you have it–a little bit about me, and a very little bit about Pranic Healing and what makes it so special!

Please leave your comments!

Did you end up in a healing vocation “by accident”?

Have you ever had a sense that a person or place felt congested or heavy with stress energy?

Meet Aryan Forrest Kaul!

Originally Published July 30, 2012

Greetings, Readers,

I wanted to share the very special news with you!  I gave birth to Aryan (ARE-ee-un) Forrest Kaul July 16th at 3:20 in the morning.  He was 7 lbs 8 oz.


We are so grateful and feel so fortunate to have birthed our baby at home.  Nothing can possibly beat the cozy, familiar, warm environment of one’s own surroundings.

We were also blessed to use a midwifery practice where we saw the same two midwives who practice together for the entire pre-natal period.  Of course, the attending midwife was one of these who we already knew well and liked very much.  (This was Seattle Naturopathy, Acupuncture, and Birth Center, located on Madison Ave.)

Although I had a long labor, I was not pressured to use modern technology with its side effects because both baby and I were still healthy, doing fine, and happy to keep laboring naturally (well, not that the look on my face said “happy”–I won’t sugar-coat it for you!).

The other best part is that midwives virtually always hand you your baby immediately after the birth (unless there is a medical issue that needs tending to).  They do the weighing, measuring, and checking later.  Of course, they take a good look at him too to make sure he is healthy and does not need any medical assistance.

A great article came out on Dr. Mercola’s website, (the # 1 natural health website in the world) about the safety of home births and the myths surrounding them.  I highly recommend reading it!  Of course, not everyone is eligible for a home birth, and one has to fit certain health criteria.  You can visit a Certified Midwife to find out if you can enjoy that option.

Amazingly, this fantastic article came out on Aryan’s birthday!

The three of us are happy, healthy, and enjoying all those precious moments with our newest member of the family.

P.S.  I will be resuming Pranic Healing and Nutrition Counseling sessions January 2013.  Hope to see you all then!

Special Announcement! (…and is a Painless Pregnancy Possible?)

Originally Published May 01, 2012

Wonderful readers,

I wanted to share with you some exciting news.  Many of you already know, but for those who do not:  I’m pregnant!

My husband and I are thrilled to welcome a baby boy into our family sometime around July 15th.

I would like to discuss a little bit about the first question I am asked when I tell people I am pregnant, which is “how are you feeling?”

I have been feeling absolutely great–physically, mentally, and emotionally.  The typical “roller coaster” of pregnancy I so often hear about has not been part of my experience, and I wanted to discuss that a little for two reasons:

1.  To share the perspective that pregnancy is not always a painful and grueling experience and

2.  To tell you what my lifestyle habits are like in case you or someone you know would like to try the same things to create a happy, healthy pregnancy.

As I will discuss further below, pregnancy, as well as other things in life, are not 100% predictable, no matter how much good advice we follow.  Everyone will have a different experience, and for some, this will be related to their lifestyle habits, and for others, it may not be related to that.  Again, I relate my experience only in the case that you may learn something that would be of interest or of use to you.

Here are all the symptoms I would likely have had by now, according to the popular book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting:

Morning Sickness


Frequent Urination







Food aversions and cravings

Mood Swings, Irritability, Irrationality, Weepiness


Edema (swelling of hands and feet)

Varicose Veins


Faintness or Dizziness

Skin breakouts

Trouble Sleeping

Nasal Congestion and Occasional Nosebleeds

“Pink toothbrush” from bleeding gums


Trouble Concentrating

Elevated Blood Pressure

Leg cramps


Out of these, I felt nauseous about five times and got about 5-7 headaches.  I have become a more picky eater, but not had real aversions to certain foods.  The only cravings I have had were for salad and frozen berries my first trimester.  I have had frequent urination lately due to the bigger size of the baby.  I have had trouble sleeping for most of the pregnancy.  (I asked Master Co who was just in town to do a little healing on me after class, and with about 3 minutes of work from him, my sleeping is about 80% better–yay!)

I had mood swings for about two weeks around the beginning of my second trimester.  But I had stopped exercising and meditating for that period.  With my first meditation after that time, and with my continuance of a meditation schedule, I have not had another one since.

I don’t say any of these things to brag.  There’s no pregnancy contest going on which I am striving to win.  Women live all kinds of different lifestyles and still have easy or difficult pregnancies, sometimes for no logical reason.  Pregnancy is also not an area of expertise for me in my health practice or education.  I cannot, with any certainty, pinpoint exactly why I have experienced what I have (or haven’t) or which lifestyle choices resulted in my being free of which symptoms, other than some more obvious ones.

I will give you my little two cents, though!  Some comes from my own gut feeling, and others are some things I do know for sure, such as the benefits of exercise and meditation which apply whether you are pregnant or not.  Again, I tell you my experience only so you can keep an open mind if you become pregnant in the future, that pregnancy isn’t always all misery and pain, and so that you can, if so inspired, try some of these things for yourself in case they work for you.  Of course, most of the things I have done to stay healthy during my pregnancy are things I recommend everyone do anyway, and which I was doing before I became pregnant!

Whether pregnant or not, I stand by my three tenets of health which I called in a previous blog, The Triumvirate of Health.  These are 1.  Healthy diet  2.  Exercise 3.  Meditation

The Power of Thoughts and Expectation

In the case of pregnancy, I would add another specific thing to this list which I feel made a difference, and that is positive thinking.  If we internalize every horror story we hear, whether about pregnancy, childbirth, or getting a tooth pulled, we are far more likely to experience the worst possible scenario, rather than the best possible scenario.

I will credit my dad with teaching me this one.  We should never assume we will have a difficult or painful experience with something just because someone else did.

I remember as a child knowing I had to go to the doctor for a strep test or, in one case, to get a tooth pulled.  I was very scared and crying and didn’t want to go.  My dad gave me a really important talk on the fact that just because something sounds scary or you have heard your friends talk about how horrific it was doesn’t mean a single thing about what YOU are going to experience when you go through the same procedure.  Not only is everyone different, but people also like to exaggerate or simply dramatize for the sake of storytelling what they went through.  (I’m not saying everyone does this.  But not every account is 100% accurate, and it is better if we keep that in mind.)

My dad also said if we keep a strong expectation that something will be difficult or painful, it is far likelier that it will be.  However, if we instead create the expectation that maybe it will be or maybe it won’t, but another’s experience has absolutely no bearing on mine, then we have a much higher chance of having an easy experience.  As it turned out, the tooth pull and the strep test were no big deal.

During my pregnancy, I happily listened to others’ experiences whether first-hand accounts or through my reading of books and the web.  With any story I didn’t want for myself, I simply told myself, “that was their experience.”  I thought and felt this in a 100% non-judgmental way.  I was only saying neutrally that just because something happened to one person, it does nothing to increase any likelihood that it will happen to me.  When I heard a story I did like and did want to repeat, I internalized it and told myself, “it will probably be like that for me.”

Our mental attitudes are very powerful.  They are not 100% all-powerful all the time, however, and I am not saying that a person who had more difficulty only had to tell themselves it wouldn’t happen, and it would have been that easy.  I only mention that these attitudes have an impact and increase your chances of a particular outcome.  If a person, instead, powerfully feared and dreaded a particular experience, getting more and more fearful with each negative story, they instead add a few more energies going against them in creating the experience they would want.

Morning Sickness

If there was one topic I had to stay focused on, it was morning sickness.  Morning sickness is experienced by something like 80% of women.  Books even say your baby will be healthier if you have morning sickness.  Every previously or currently pregnant woman will talk about it, as it’s a pretty difficult part of pregnancy.  I didn’t like the sound of that, so I worked to program myself that morning sickness is not necessary, and it’s not necessary in order to have a healthy baby.  I guess I don’t know yet if my baby is healthy, but I at least got to experience a pregnancy without morning sickness.

I have wondered quite intensely what the purpose of morning sickness is, as it happens in so many healthy women.  I have come up with a guess of my own, but let me be the first to say I certainly have no idea if it’s true, and I could be dead wrong.  I present it only as food for thought.

I was reading a book which was a true account of a man meeting a spiritual teacher of sorts who lived as a recluse in the woods (The Ringing Cedars of Russia).  He was given a detoxification protocol to follow for three days, and included in that was consuming certain herbs that caused him to vomit.

It suddenly crossed my mind that perhaps a pregnant woman’s body intentionally goes through a detox or cleansing period to flush out toxins, waste, or negative energies before caring for and nurturing a fetus.  This would make sense and serve a very useful purpose, as well as explain why babies can end up healthier when coming from mothers who went through it.  I thought maybe I didn’t have it because I did a couple of detoxes last year.  Again, I don’t know, but it’s a decent guess, right?

Another possible factor is vegetarianism.  I read about a doctor online who puts his pregnant patients on a vegetarian diet if they are vomiting, and it works for almost all of them.  As you may have read in my other posts, meat contains a lot of dirty energy.  By removing this food from our diets, we are taking in less gunk that our bodies have to work to get rid of, so it kind of fits with my theory 🙂  Again, just a theory!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Diet, Exercise, Meditation

If you are practicing these things consistently, you have given yourself a HUGE head start in preventing health problems and discomforts of all kinds, as well as healing from any you may presently have.

It is incredibly important to implement all three.  They seem to have a compounding effect so that to get the full benefits of each, they all have to be practiced regularly.  Many of us are good at one or two, and this is good, but you won’t even get half the benefit that way.  It is much better to implement them all moderately than one or two constantly.

During my pregnancy, I have eaten mostly the same as I did before.  I do green smoothies for breakfast 4-5 times a week and have my regular meatless fare for lunch and dinner.  I have been less interested in Indian food and spicy food, but it doesn’t cause me any upset to eat it.  I have just had a preference for blander food.  I have been eating more sweets, but it’s more out of the cultural programming of, “you can treat yourself when you’re pregnant!” than out of any real cravings.  I figure I’m still getting tons of healthy food in me the rest of the time–a little more in the “treats” category shouldn’t be a big deal.

I’m exercising about three days a week–less vigorously than before.  I’m just doing 20-30 minutes on the stair stepper.  I did keep running for a while, as this is my preferred workout, but it’s no longer practical.  I still lift weights and it has really helped me to keep toned and not gain excess weight.  I did gain about 5 pounds of fat in the first trimester, but other than that, it seems like most of the weight is connected to the baby and his direct needs than body fat.

My meditation routine feels more essential than ever to me.  I am absolutely convinced that it is the reason I have avoided mood swings.  Mood swings seem to be pretty much universal for pregnant women, but aside from a little bit of emotionality when I stopped meditating, I have not had any change in my mood or mental state.

Master Choa’s Twin Hearts Meditation also has additional unique properties that go even further than powerfully calming our minds and emotions.  The meditation is like getting a 20-minute energy healing session, as it flushes out dirty, congested energy from the aura and chakras.  It also powerfully energizes the entire energy system and physical body.  I feel this is the reason I have not experienced fatigue but maintain the same energy levels I did pre-pregnancy.

If there was one gift I could give to all pregnant women (and probably all people, period), it would be this meditation.  (You can do a mini-version of it for free at or purchase the full CD at the same website.)  I feel and acutely understand what regular practice of this meditation does for me because when I stop, I have about a two-week countdown before I start to feel like I’m back on the usual roller coaster of life again.  The intense discrepancy between the two is really not pleasant, as it’s almost shocking to feel my sense of calm wear off.  I really don’t know how I ever lived without it.

Energetically, the meditation has a regulating effect.  Because of the immense downpour of spiritual energy generated, chakras that are depleted get energized, chakras that are congested get cleansed and purified, and other irregularities get smoothed out.  As some of you may remember from other blogs, this is extremely powerful for our health because physical and mental health problems manifest first in the energy body before they manifest in the physical body.  Energy moves and changes quickly, while our physical selves take extra time to conform and mold to our energetic blueprint.  When we do Twin Hearts, we are altering and healing our energy bodies, preventing physical ailments before they start.  I know that just by practicing this meditation, I have prevented small and large discomforts I would otherwise have experienced during my pregnancy.

The Gift  of Self-Healing, Pregnant or Not

I have an added advantage of also being  a Pranic Healer and so have been able to perform healing on myself when something came up.

For instance, I did have nausea a handful of times.  Each time, I did Pranic Healing, and it went away within 15-30 minutes.  Without doing any Pranic Healing, it is entirely possible that the problem could have worsened and turned into a more persistent, frequent, and severe one.  The same thing happened with headaches.  I had a few bad headaches, a couple of which I would call migraines, in my second trimester.  I was able to heal the headache in 15-45 minutes.  Due to the healing, I may have removed some congested energy and blockages permanently which may have otherwise caused headaches again and again later on.  I have not had a headache or any nausea in months now.

Knowing just some simple healing techniques has saved me the trouble of various ailments as well as all the downfalls of medications which might otherwise have been taken.  Many over-the-counter medicines are not safe during pregnancy anyway.  Even if you’re not pregnant, why take pills, made of chemicals which toxify our bodies, when we don’t have to?  Minor discomforts can be healed with Pranic Healing in the time it would take for a pill to kick in.  And Pranic Healing can help prevent it from happening again, unlike the pills we are so used to popping that only numb symptoms.  As an occasional guest has been surprised to find, we don’t have medicines of any kind in our house–we just don’t need them.

Soooo…. for those whom I have convinced!! 🙂  The next Level I class is being taught by Arnon July 27-28 in Bellevue.  See and select your state for more info.

Another note: some of you have inquired about Pranic Healing sessions—I have put that portion of my practice on hold for now until after the baby is born.  I am not sure yet when I will resume sessions, but I will let you all know as soon as I do know!

My husband, Ajay, has decided to offer Pranic Healing, however.  He is doing only distance healing sessions for now.

He can be reached at  Ajay is a fantastic healer with about 15 years of experience now.  He first learned Pranic Healing in India from Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui himself, and I highly recommend him as a healer.

Thanks For Your Patience…

I am brand-new to WordPress and still finding my way around!

I am in the process of transferring my blog posts from my old website to my new home here at WordPress…

Some of you have kindly signed up to receive notifications about new posts–thank you!  You will get a little blasted with e-mails over the next few days while I get my old stuff up, but after that I hope to post something new about twice a week 🙂

Thank you again for visiting and happy health reading!