Why Did I Pick Pranic Healing?


Originally Published September 15, 2014

I never planned to become a healer!  To me, it’s as weird a thing as it probably sounds to a lot of people that I am an “energy healer.”  (I never had any “special abilities,” intuition, or anything of that stuff :))  When people ask me how I came to get involved in such a thing, the simple answer is that once I learned how powerful Pranic Healing is, how easy it is to learn, and how much it can help others, I felt I hardly had a choice.  It was the natural thing to do to use it–and to spread the word!

So what was the big deal about Pranic Healing that made a non-healer decide to throw herself into such a strange vocation?

Those that are familiar with some energy healing modalities often ask, when I tell them what I do, “is that like Reiki?” (or another modality), my answer must be: Yes and No.

Acupuncture, Therapeutic Touch, EFT, Reiki, and others are all energy healing modalities, and in that respect, they are similar.  They all work on the same energy field which is comprised of the aura, chakras, and meridians.  Some involve physical touch, and others are non-touch, as you can access the energy body with our without touching the physical body.

What is different between these is the technique used.  In acupuncture, you use needles in specific points of the body.  In Reiki, you energize in specific ways using your hands with some physical touching as well as without touching.  In EFT, you tap specific parts of the body to help the flow of energy.

All these techniques work!

So why did I choose to learn Pranic Healing?

I used to read lots of books about natural health and different energy healing modalities.  Not to find one to learn and begin practicing on other people for a living!  I was simply curious about health and especially living a healthy lifestyle to prevent disease, fatigue, and stress.  I ended up reading about energy just by accident.  Or should I say “accident”  🙂

I learned a little about energy healing from some books, but nothing particularly jumped out at me or inspired me.

Then I read Your Hands Can Heal You by Master Stephen Co and Dr. Eric Robins, and Pranic Healing jumped up and down at me like crazy!

There are at least a dozen reasons I could list, but to narrow it down to the biggest ones:

Firstly, it described how energy actually works–the principles behind why we get sick on an energetic level, how energy flows, incredible depth and specifics about the chakras, how and why the mind-body connection works, and much more.  I don’t feel there is any  place you can learn about energy in so much depth.

At best, you would have to read dozens, if not hundreds, of books from all over the world to find all the bits and pieces.  You would have to be able to understand each of those books.  Then put them all together into one set of instructions and techniques that makes sense.  Good luck, since all this information came from countless cultures and traditions, all of whom use different language to describe these abstract and esoteric concepts!

Turns out someone spent 20 years doing just this–and longer if you count all the years he spent practicing on people in his clinics and refining the healing techniques to make them super efficient, powerful, and safe.

On top of this, you could tell when you read that you were only looking at the tip of an iceberg.  Master Co and Master Choa, in their books, were still only just getting started.

Next, and what I will go into more detail about here, is that Pranic Healing discussed a technique I have yet to see anywhere else: Cleansing.

What is meant by cleansing where energy is concerned?

Just like the physical body, the energy body has a natural waste product: dirty energy.  Just like the physical body, this waste product can get backed up and start clogging the proper flow of energy in the body.  This struck me as so important and obvious, I could not imagine doing healing any other way, without using cleansing techniques as a central part of healing.

There are so many reasons dirty energy must be cleansed away, I decided I wanted to list them!  So here we go:

1.  Without cleansing away congested and clogged energy, the healthy energy that is there will not be able to flow properly–so what good would more energizing do?

2.  With dirty energy taking up valuable space in our energy body, chakras, and meridians, there isn’t as much space as there could be for fresh energy.  If we energize without cleansing first, we won’t be able to put as much fresh energy in.

3.  Dirty energy causes us to feel heavy and bogged down.  Adding energy without getting rid of the old stuff first will naturally have a limited effect.

4.  Stress and negative emotions manifest as clumped, clogging, grayish energy.  Don’t we want to get rid of this?  Getting rid of this type of very real energy is the only way to get rid of stress and negative thoughts and emotions.

5.  Dirty energy can stick on us from other people, even people we don’t know, as we walk through our day in the ocean of energy we all inhabit.  Some of our thoughts and feelings aren’t even ours but were just passing by and ended up in our space!  Without flushing this stuff out, we can’t even experience the clarity of our own thoughts.

6.  By energizing an affected area, which necessarily has dirty energy present, we risk pushing that dirty energy in further.  This may cause the body to make a concerted effort to suddenly push it out, which will work, but it is much less efficient than simply cleansing in the first place.

7.  The body heals itself.  It does this, in part, by naturally absorbing prana from the environment when it is needed, and also expelling waste energies when required.  When we use Pranic Healing to accelerate the body’s own natural healing abilities, it makes sense to help it along with both processes–cleansing and energizing.

8.  Based on experimentation, healing occurs through cleansing alone in many cases.  In Pranic Healing, we cleanse about 80% of any given session, then add some energy in to speed up the process even more.  In many cases, energizing is not necessary because once the blockages have been cleansed away, the body can now naturally pull in the needed energy from the environment on its own just as it is designed to do!

9.  In some ailments, energizing is not recommended at all because it could make the problem worse.  In the case of a migraine headache, the head hurts because it is congested.  There is pressure building from too much energy and from dirty energy getting stuck in the head area.  Lots of cleansing (which we call “sweeping”) is applied and relief usually begins in minutes.  If we were to energize in this case, the headache would most likely get worse.

So there you have it–a little bit about me, and a very little bit about Pranic Healing and what makes it so special!

Please leave your comments!

Did you end up in a healing vocation “by accident”?

Have you ever had a sense that a person or place felt congested or heavy with stress energy?

2 thoughts on “Why Did I Pick Pranic Healing?

  1. earthmotherbonaparte January 6, 2015 — 1:49 am

    Hi, I just ran into your blog by chance. I practice Reiki and have done some kind of energy healing with no modality from childhood. I was told once about Pranic Healing before and have been interested in learning more about it. It makes sense to me to cleanse at least first before adding anything. I’ll for sure give this more attention as something that I think would be invaluable to my toolkit. When I came into healing it felt like it was “by accident” but has been with me my whole life I just didn’t pay it too much attention. Then things started to happen where I eventually fell into it without ever thinking that it would be such a big part of my life and vocation. I thought I would be a medical doctor or some kind of an advocate. Doesn’t sound like you came into it by accident to me. 🙂


    1. Yes, I don’t believe too much in accidents anymore! Thanks for reading 🙂


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