Encounter with a Raw Foodist

Originally Published April 20, 2011

Wow.  A couple of weeks ago I had the immense pleasure of hearing a truly passionate speaker who has changed his life, helped countless others, and walks his talk 110%.

I am speaking of David Wolfe, raw foods expert, and, to some, the #1 nutrition expert, period.  Also number one most passionate, experienced, traveled, and adored.

David Wolfe is one of my heroes.  He is the author of several books such as The Sunfood Diet Success System and Superfoods.  The work he has done has helped thousands and thousands of people, some of them who have healed from absolutely “incurable” diseases.    He speaks all over the world at now thousands of events in total.  He is the creator of The Longevity Conference, now held yearly in where world experts in subjects of natural health and longevity get together and speak.  He is known for his incredible energy and his ability to inspire people to eat healthy and have, as he puts it, The Best Day Ever.

What’s the deal with raw foods?  You may have heard some things about this concept and wondered what it was about.  Unlike diets or other fads in eating, this is not a craze.  Its principles are based on science, as well as simple logic.  In its simplest terms, it is a movement toward eating whole, unadulterated foods in their purest form.

Why eat food raw?  What’s the difference between a cooked and a raw food?  It turns out, there is a bigger difference than most of us ever imagined.

First, cooked food has lost a huge amount of nutrition.  Vitamins are extremely sensitive to cooking.  B vitamins in particular are usually over 90% destroyed once  cooked.  Others can be anywhere from 65-85%.  Minerals seem to fare better, but they are also destroyed, to a degree, in the cooking process.  How are our bodies getting the worth of the meal when most of the nutrition has been taken out of it?

Then there are the enzymes.  Did you know that the particular digestive enzymes needed to break down foods are already present in those foods?  Cooking destroys all enzymes.  Raw fats contain lipase, for instance, which breaks down and helps digest fat.  Cooked fats don’t have it anymore, and this puts pressure on the body to use its own stores of enzymes.  In many cases, it results in improperly broken down food.

Over time, our stores of enzymes become depleted after years of eating mostly cooked foods. Now the body has to manufacture the necessary enzymes.  Cooked fat is very hard to digest and is very clogging because it hasn’t been properly broken down.  Manufacturing digestive enzymes all the time puts a huge strain on the body, as it uses up tons of energy to do this.

Most interestingly is the fact that cooked food is not recognized as food by the body and triggers an attack by the immune system.  That’s right: a cooked potato doesn’t look like food to our bodies, and our immune systems go after it.  Our immune systems become exhausted by being in red alert mode three times a day or more.

People who have switched to eating mostly raw foods all say the same things:  they miraculously heal from anything from candida to poor eyesight to IBS, and even to cancer.  They also have tons and tons of energy.  They can go running for miles even when they haven’t exercised in months, they sleep less, they are way more productive, their moods are incredibly stable and positive.

I can say from trying this myself for various lengths of time that these things seem to be true.  If I had gone longer, I am sure I would have seen even more benefits.  I didn’t have any chronic illness, however, so I did not experience physical healing.  However, I was sleeping less than 7 hours a night and feeling better rested than ever.  My mood was fantastic all the time.  Things that normally bothered me didn’t even faze me!  My thoughts about food and attachments to food vanished and I ate when hungry, completely dictated by my body’s signals.  The amount of food I ate dropped dramatically because this nutrient-dense food is SO filling.  You can be full without your stomach being full!

You will notice some small changes to my website as I mention raw foods more here and there.  I strongly believe that adding more raw foods into your daily meals is a very powerful health practice.  It may be as simple as some green smoothies or green juices for breakfast, or as elaborate as completely changing the way one eats.  In any case, powerful nutrition is added to the diet in some degree, and this makes a significant difference in one’s health.

I have seen David Wolfe on YouTube and on videos from his website.  I have listened to lots of interviews of him online.

What I got out of seeing him in person far more.  There was an absolute glow emanating from him that you can’t see on the TV or computer.  I don’t just mean he looked healthy and his skin was in good shape.  We’ve all seen lots of people like that.  It was his energy–meaning, his prana, and it was off the charts!  There is a magic quality to him–and I’m guessing his diet has something to do with it.

This proved something to me about raw foods and superfoods (and super-herbs, which he talks about as well).  There really is something very different and very special going on with this way of eating.  There is a corresponding physiology and energy makeup which comes from eating this way, and I do not currently see anything else that can give it to you.

When I got home, just for fun, I scanned his aura and all of his chakras (yes, you can do this from a distance).  His chakras are huge.  You would find this size chakras in a person who does a lot of meditation.  Of course, he might also meditate.  His energy felt extremely smooth, clean, light, and very strong at the same time.

After his lecture, he stayed so every person who wanted to could talk to him.  There was a huge line, and so many people came to him with ailments such as prostate cancer, epilepsy, and many others.  He patiently gave nutrition and natural health advice for all of them.

My agenda:  Tell him about Pranic Healing!

I went to him and briefly told him that Pranic Healing was the best thing out there for energy healing.  I know how much he strives to find the most efficient and powerful foods and herbs.  I said this was “it” in the world of energy healing.  I handed him a brochure with Master Co and Master Choa Kok Sui’s photos on the front.  He said, “You know what?  At least 3 times, I’ve been doing an event, and this guy (Master Co) has been doing an event right next to me in the same vanue!”  I told him, “looks like it’s a sign!”  I left him the brochure and urged him to check it out.

I’m so glad I got the opportunity to see one of my heroes in person; there’s really no comparison to being in the same room with those that teach and inspire you.  Make that trip and go see those who inspire you when EVER you are fortunate enough to get the chance!

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