Prayer: Does Anyone Really Hear You?

Originally Published April 20, 2011

Not everyone was brought up with a religious tradition, and many of those who were may have doubts about what they were taught.  In our modern scientific culture, we want proof!  We start to look at ancient wisdom and call it silly because it can’t be tested in a lab.  Not that I blame anyone.  An intelligent and discerning mind is a good thing.  Without that, who knows where we would all be.  However, an intelligent and discerning mind is also an open mind.  It is also, hopefully, a wise mind.  And a wise mind knows that science does not yet have all the answers.

Is it possible that ancient wisdom was ahead of modern science?  If there was a God, do you think he might be smart enough to give us some of the answers in advance, before science caught up?  Otherwise, we’d be lost quite a bit longer, wouldn’t we?  We say that spirituality and science are two different things and don’t mix, yet I say spirituality is just a science that hasn’t been quite measured yet.

(Though there are exceptions to this.  Many lesser-known scientific studies have been done to point toward the existence of much metaphysical phenomena.  The realm of physics seems to be leading the pack.)

In keeping with an open mind and proper humility since, of course, none of us knows everything, let’s look at the concept of angels and spiritual helpers.  We have all wished we had such a helper, haven’t we?  Especially in those dark times and difficult moments.  Many skeptics might find the idea silly, and ask for proof.  I would ask him or her to prove to me such “invisible” beings don’t exist.  Dogs can hear sounds humans can’t.  Birds can see colors humans can’t.  There is plenty of stuff out there we can’t see, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there!

The good news is that we are surrounded by such invisible helpers.  They are waiting and eager to be called on and reached out to.  They are here, really, just for us.  Still don’t believe me?  Try some exercises and meditations yourself.  I’ll never ask you to just take my word for it.

I believe many people don’t believe in prayer because they don’t get what they ask for much of the time.  Or it’s just too far-fetched to think someone can magically help you get what you want.  Yet there are certain complexities involved.  We can be helped a great deal by our angels and by God, but within certain parameters.  We can be given great gifts, but only as they do not interfere with our paths and life purpose.  For instance, if one has a great desire and willpower to quit smoking, they can pray for healing and assistance and will most likely be helped.  Healing is a wonderful thing we should pray for regularly.  However, if you pray that your significant other comes back to you, this may or may not happen.  Certain things are for the best in your life, and although you may not see it, you are being helped more than hurt by a certain circumstance you might call negative.

Meditation is a perfect example of a way to experience spirituality.  We can all read books year after year, but they can only take us so far.  Meditation is your place for “proof,” for inner knowing, but rapid expansion and growth.

Pranic Healing was developed, very importantly, with the help of clairvoyants who could see energy.  They were able to observe the impact on a person’s energy when Pranic Healing techniques were applied.  As you can imagine, this has taught us an unbelievable amount of information about how energy works.  Similarly, many clairvoyants can also see the “invisible helpers” who surround us.  If you go to the Pranic Healing website, you will see posters for sale, one of which is a clairvoyant’s picture of a healing angel.  These healing angels can be observed to be literally healing and helping to heal us.

Last weekend, Master Stephen Co was in Seattle to teach Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul, Pranic Healing Level 1, and Pranic Crystal Healing.  It was an action-packed, energy-filled weekend!  In talking on the subject of healing someone without their permission (since Pranic Healing can be done at a distance), we did a simple experiment in class.  Master Co asked us if we had ever prayed for someone without their permission.  Of course, most of us had.  He had a volunteer from the audience come to the stage, and we scanned their energy.  He then asked all of us to pray for that person, to ask God to bless them with love, power, and healing.  While we scanned, we all felt the energy increase significantly and push our hands back.  It was getting stronger in a matter of seconds!  Master Co explained the chakras also responded by spinning faster to take in more energy.  With this simple experiment, it can be seen that prayer does impact us immediately and powerfully.

So pray!  Try it regularly, once a day or 10 times a day.  Pray for healing, to be a better person, for clarity, and, especially, pray for others and for the planet.

1 thought on “Prayer: Does Anyone Really Hear You?

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