What is “Energy Hygiene”?

Originally Published April 05, 2011

I wanted to talk a bit about “energy hygiene” since it is a cornerstone of Pranic Healing.

What do we need to be energetically hygienic about?

Just as chemically the body creates by-products that need to be disposed of, energetically the same thing happens.  Dirty energy is naturally expelled from our chakras into the air to be gotten rid of.  This is healthy!  Dirty energy is simply old or used up energy that leaves the body naturally as part of its processes.

However, another form of dirty energy can be stress energy which we expel as well.  Sometimes our homes can become containers of the stress, anger, or other negative emotions we are emitting as we go through life’s ups and downs.

Have you ever been a room where the “air was so thick you could cut it with a knife”?  Yeah, it’s full of dirty energy 🙂

Without cleaning our living spaces regularly, we are sitting in the same old soup which doesn’t feel good.  We are more likely to get stuck in old negative emotions if we are already swimming in them!

By contrast, outside air has fresh, living prana, though this healthy air rarely gets into our houses except a few months out of the year (if you live in the Northwest like I do!).  The air inside is mostly dead and stale and has used-up energy or none at all.

Cleaning the home is very easy!

Sandalwood Incense: disperses light green prana which breaks up dirty energy.  By sweeping incense through your house with the windows open, you will break down and then flush out congested energy in your house.  Make sure the incense gets to every room.

OM: get a CD of the mantra “Om.”  It matters who chants it, by the way, because the energy and power to break up dirty energy is different.  Go to http://www.pranichealing.com and select “Store” to purchase a good one. Turn up the volume, and dirty energy is broken up plus your space is energized with powerful and healthy energy.  If you are sensitive, you will immediately notice the difference after doing either of these.

Keeping your own energy body clean is fairly simple as well.  However, you may want to schedule a full Pranic Healing session for this to go deeply and be the most thorough.  Daily hygiene, however, is easy.  I actually wrote an article on this last year in New Spirit Journal.  You can view it here:


Page 16.

Take salt baths regularly.  Put about 2 pounds of salt in a bathtub of water.  This needs to be regular salt, not epsom salt.  I get 25-pound bags from Costco.  Soaking in this this draws out and disintegrates dirty energy in your system. Soak for about 20 minutes max.  (After this time period, the dirty energy now in the water can be drawn back into the body.)  If you don’t have time for a bath, a salt shower also works.  Step away from the water, cover yourself with salt, and rinse away after a minute or two.  You will really feel the difference!

As I have mentioned before, Exercise is extremely powerful for cleansing our energy fields.   When a part of our bodies moves, especially vigorously, the nearby chakras become activated, spin, and powerfully propel dirty energy out.  If you exercise regularly, you know that when you stop for several days, you start to feel “clogged” or “blocked up.”  This is because you’re not getting your regular energy cleansing you are used to!  You feel SO clean after vigorous exercise, it’s a fantastic!  Also, by blasting out so much dirty energy at once, you also bring in tons of fresh prana, especially if you exercise outdoors which is where this stuff is!  If you scanned your aura, it would feel VERY powerful, solid, and clean after such a workout.

Possibly the best I feel all week is during and after my runs in the park near my house.  It is truly a religious experience!  We are so cut off from the ENDLESS source of prana which is literally right outside our doors.  I feel this is one of the main reasons we are so depleted–we are so cut off from nature’s limitless energy right outside our doors!

Be very aware of your energy if you are in a profession where you are around unwell people–emotionally or physically.  If you work in the healing fields whether medical, holistic, psychological, social work, or even just have a lot of acquaintances who are on the negative side, or work in a stressful office, you must be very diligent about these routines.  Every notice how drained you feel after being around someone negative?  Without knowing or trying to, your healthy energy is being drawn from you to the other person.  This connection can remain long after the person has left.  Check out the article for info on cord-cutting, as it is this cord that brings your energy to theirs.  In these types of cases, salt baths multiple times a week is a must.  Cord-cutting is a must.  Meditation is a must.  Without these three practices, burnout, exhaustion, and major stress is inevitable.  If you don’t want to take your clients home with you (and introduce them to your partner and family!), follow these simple guidelines!  🙂

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