Crammed Schedule Solution: Pranic Healing!



As we well know, modern life is getting ever more packed with work, family, social responsibilities, and more.  One hundred years ago, single-tasking was probably all there was.  We didn’t have a phone ringing just as we were changing lanes on a busy highway or work message alerts going off at home while squeezing shoes on our kids.

My advice (and most others’) around this stress-inducing dilemma of higher demands and more expectations to meet in the same 24-hour day has always been centered around doing less in order to stay mentally sane and keep the physical body healthy.  Working too much and being busy morning till night can take a toll on multiple levels and even amount to a serious health condition down the line.  We say we should therefore re-organize our schedules and decline commitments or additional responsibilities to stay healthy.  We may even go for a career change or move to a town with a slower pace of life.

But what if we could accomplish all we are currently committed to–or more–with a genuine smile on our faces and plenty of energy till 10:00 at night?

Some of us can’t change our jobs or schedules–or we love what we are doing and don’t want to!  Some of us want to do more but just don’t have the stamina. This is where the miracles of energy and Pranic Healing come in.

What do I mean by the word “energy”?  We throw this word around a lot and mean different things by it at different times.  Here, I mean it rather literally as the most critical form of fuel we run off of: prana.

While we can live for weeks without food, days without water, and minutes without oxygen, our bodies would die within a fraction of a second without prana.

Being energetically depleted zaps you not only physically, but mentally (making it harder to think and process information) and emotionally (making it harder to stay calm and positive) as well.  We all need plenty of physical, mental, and emotional energy to get through a normal day of work, family, and social life.

When a person says they have no energy to do something, that statement is more accurate than they realize. When you feel exhausted, your energy, the overall level of prana in your system, is low or depleted. Your entire energy field, the egg-shaped blob of energy your physical body resides inside, is actually smaller when you are in this exhausted state. Yet it can change and expand in MINUTES with a few simple techniques!

Something you base your schedule around as a fixed piece of the equation (how much you can do or handle in a day) is instead a variable which can be altered quickly and easily!

So instead of coming home from work and collapsing on the couch, you can enjoy enriching time with your family and friends, a hobby, favorite book, or more before it’s actually time to hit the hay.  You can also get out of bed and off to work with a spring in your step, no caffeine required!

I used to be really resistant when I heard about people doing what I considered “too much” in a day.  It’s true that too many of us pressure ourselves to do more, sometimes for unhealthy reasons or fears.

But I have realized it’s not always unhealthy to be busy, especially when you love what you do!  And it’s not unhealthy when you truly do have the energy for it!  And these tips from Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing make it possible to keep going–when everyone else has dropped!

I have come to know some people in Pranic Healing with unbelievable schedules–Master Co comes to mind first–who work endless hours, maintain unbelievable travel schedules, don’t get sick, look young for their age rather than old… and have energy to spare.

Want to learn their secrets?  Read on…


Technique #1 Cord Cutting

This is the fastest technique, and can be done at your desk at work!  You may need to choose a time when there aren’t a lot of people around, as it looks funny to those who don’t know what you’re doing.  And hey–if you are brand new to energy healing, this will sound and look funny to you too!  My recommendation is always the same:  If you have gotten this far, you at least have an open mind.  Keep an open mind, and try the simple experiments Pranic Healing describes.  Then simply decide for yourself they helped you!

Energy cords are something we all have.  We have “positive cords” to other people we love, to happy memories, and more.  We also have undesirable cords which drain our energy, and these are to negative thoughts, negative memories, or people we aren’t getting along with.  (Don’t worry about cutting positive cords, they are too strong to cut.)

Negative energetic cords can drain a LOT of energy from us, and cutting them takes only seconds!  I have watched people have cords cut during healing who look years younger in seconds.  If you are in a line of work where you are healing and helping people (counseling, medicine, etc) you will also have energetic connections from clients and patients (perhaps a lot!); they will subconsciously attach to you since you are a source of energy for them.  This is draining for you as well.

Cutting your cords is extremely easy:  Your cords connect to your energy body going straight out like lines or pipes from you, perpendicularly to your body.  To cut them, simply visualize collecting all these lines or pipes and grabbing them into a bundle with your fist.  You can collect them with two hands, one coming down from the top of you, and another hand coming up from the bottom of your body till your hands meet at the center.

Then hold them in one fist and then simply make a chopping motion with the other hand to sever them.  Cut them at the section between your body and your fist.  You can also mentally say “cut” three times or so, and if you like to visualize, you can imagine the cords breaking there (but it’s not necessary).  With the first hand holding on to the severed cords, now throw the de-attached cords into the sun if you are near a window (just visualize the sun outside and throw them to it).  You can also throw them into a bucket of salt water.  Salt water has a dissolving/breaking down effect on congested or negative energy.  (Always dispose of salt water used for Pranic Healing into the toilet afterward.)

Most people feel an immediate lift from this exercise alone….  Try it right now!

Technique #2:  Pranic Breathing

I recommend cord-cutting first to stop those drains on energy first.  But even if you don’t cut cords, you can do Pranic Breathing any time too, including at your desk at work.

There are many breathing techniques out there for more energy, clarity, or to help with meditation.  I know you may have your favorites already.  I do urge you to try a new one anyway!

Master Choa Kok Sui (founder of Pranic Healing) developed this one through lots of experimentation.  How could he tell this technique had an energizing effect?  Through scanning!  Scanning is a PH technique of feeling the energy field of the person.  By scanning, he could see not only whether the energy level increased (based on the size of the aura), but how much.  He compared this technique with just about everything else out there.  Trust me, it works!!

It’s also easy as can be:  First exhale out the air in your lungs.

Now inhale for 6 counts

Hold your breath for 3 counts

Exhale for 6 counts

Hold your breath for 3 counts

This is one cycle.  Do 7 cycles.  Your energy field will increase dramatically in just the couple of minutes it takes to do this!  Sometimes even by a few feet.  It also has a cleansing effect on the aura, flushing out congested energy and stress energy.  You will feel much lighter.  Many people (including myself!) notice their eyesight sharpens after this practice!

The slower you count, the more powerful.  But if you are finding you can’t get enough oxygen or can’t hold your breath for those 3 counts, by all means, pick up the tempo.

Technique #3: Meditation on Twin Hearts

This technique probably cannot be done at your desk, so make a plan for yourself so you don’t miss out.  The below link is for a shortened (and free!) version though, so you only need 15 minutes to do it!

You can do it  before work or after, or even on your lunch break.  Choose the time it’s easiest for you, or the time when you are the most tired and need a boost.  For some, it’s harder to get going in the morning.  For others, they don’t like how wiped out they feel after getting home and need a boost then so they can enjoy their evening.  You can also do it morning AND evening.  I personally recommend doing Twin Hearts Meditation 3x per week minimum to really see and enjoy the benefits.

You will still feel an energy boost your first time doing it, though, so don’t think you need to have a big plan for yourself before just diving in.  Doing it regularly will have many wonderful compounding effects, far and beyond just an energy boost (mental/emotional healing, more clarity, inner peace, spiritual connection, and more)–so don’t miss out on those!

Many of you have tried other meditations or even have a favorite right now.  Again–give this special meditation a try.  It has been engineered carefully through experimentation to be extremely powerful and efficient for achieving the benefits I mentioned.

Keep in mind also that many of the healing and spiritual techniques Master Choa teaches us were previously kept secret except to those committed to certain spiritual schools for many years because they were so powerful.  They could be mis-used to hurt others, or could overwhelm the practitioner and be unsafe.

At this point in humanity’s evolution, we are ready for more advanced techniques.  So when you see discrepancies between something you learned before and something in Pranic Healing, consider that this new information has been updated and enhanced because humans are finally ready, and can be responsible, for more!  Pranic Healing hasn’t just been “passed down”… it has been tested, tested, and tested some more.

Here is the Meditation on Twin Hearts link:

After you have enjoyed the benefits of the meditation, you will definitely want the full version (23 minutes).  You can purchase this on the PH website:

Technique #4 Mentalphysics Exercises

Last, I must mention Master Choa’s Mentalphysics Exercises.  They are perhaps the most powerful energy-generating technique of all.  However, to describe them properly would be at least a blog post in and of itself–though they take just a few minutes to complete.

While it is not my intention to simply refer to you to a book or class, I couldn’t leave out the Mentalphysics Exercises in a post about having more energy to get through a busy day. So in this case, I will do it just this once!

These exercises were adapted by Master Choa Kok Sui from an original set of exercises taught by Edward J. Dingle.  While the original set takes almost an hour to complete, this updated version takes about 9 minutes and generates about 10 times MORE energy than the original version!


There are countless testimonials from practitioners of these exercises who not only felt more energized by practicing them but even transformed their health by doing them regularly.  They will rapidly charge you physically, mentally, and even emotionally.  Try them for yourself and see!

You can learn them in the book Your Hands Can Heal You by Dr. Eric Robins and Master Stephen Co (you will also learn Pranic Healing form this book as well!).  You can even pick up a used copy through Amazon for just a couple of bucks!


The best way of all: Take the Pranic Healing Level I class this month in Seattle!  You will learn them in class, and the instructor will walk you through them step by step.  You will then practice them as a group!

Gayle Nelson will be teaching the class March 18-19, 9am-5:30pm both days at the Bellevue Red Lion Hotel.  Of course, you will also learn Pranic Healing, with the advantage of in-person demonstrations and practice too!

*Register by March 4th for the early bird discount!

Questions? Email me!

Click below for more information and to register!

The Monumental Impact of Your Subconscious Stress


I was so excited to read an article at the gym last week from Shape magazine called How to Melt Iceberg Stress.  I had never heard the term “iceberg stress” before but was more than aware of its existence!

The sub-heading of the article reads, “Some tension is so buried, you don’t even know it’s there. But that kind of stress and anxiety is hurting your health and stealing your happiness.”  You can read their article here.

They’re not exaggerating.  Like an iceberg, this kind of stress is huge but below the surface and hidden.  This type of stress–not the daily or weekly irritations–is what really drags us down–and can even cause serious health problems later in life.

Like background noise, long-term stress, whatever it may be about, eventually goes unnoticed-and therefore unaddressed.  Yet this stress has a powerful effect on our physical health as well as our ability to experience peace, happiness, and even simple relaxation.

Iceberg stress is present for so long, and we are so used to it, that the way we feel with it is our baseline for contentment.  We say and think we feel good only when there is no other stress on top of this baseline.

An example of iceberg stress can be long-held anger.  Just because you haven’t thought of the person you feel anger toward in 6 months does not mean you do not still harbor anger toward them.  You might believe you feel fine when you are actually a bit agitated or unsettled on a constant basis.  You don’t know that letting go of and healing from this anger would allow you a new level of peace and happiness on a day-to-day basis.

This subconscious but still present anger manifests in a very real way in your energy system.  It is, quite literally, negative energy which sits in your energy field–in your aura, and in the related chakras.  In this example, old anger manifests as congested energy in the back solar plexus chakra (among other areas).  The chakra will be clogged with dirty, clumpy, grayish energy.  And this energetic blockage has many negative side effects!

We will feel dragged down–without knowing it.  It will take more for us to feel happy than it would if that old anger wasn’t there.  We might feel agitated most of the time in general, and also get angry more easily than otherwise.  This kind of person will naturally blame their daily angers on the small annoyances of life, but is unaware of the important factor of the long-standing anger already present.  This long-standing anger makes it easy to explode over very little.

Since these blockages hinder the flow of prana, or energy, throughout the system, they eventually hurt our physical health as well.  This is because each chakra is in charge of pumping energy to certain organs as well as throughout the entire body.

Let’s take another example: say someone is a perfectionist.  Naturally, they don’t consider this habitual way of thinking about themselves to be stressful or a cause of stress.  This person’s view is that they simply have a certain standard for their work or whatever they do.  However, perfectionism may easily impact a person by them being subconsciously and constantly hard on themselves: negative thoughts and emotions are created and directed to themselves.

The person is unknowingly blocking much potential inner peace, relaxation, happiness, and possibly self-love.  Negative self-talk and negative emotions directed at oneself will manifest as congestion in multiple energy centers.

Anxiety is a common side-effect of perfectionism, and this specific kind of energy becomes a block in the throat chakra.  Over time, it can cause the throat chakra to malfunction, as well as block the flow of energy to the organs connected to it.  This congestion can potentially lead to health conditions related to the throat over time.

Stress and tension of any kind inhibits the flow of prana throughout the system.

Ironically and unfortunately, the biggest stress we have is very often the most hidden and subconscious.  And the biggest stress we have is going to be the most likely to cause health problems!

Daily things like getting stuck in traffic, a tiff with a co-worker, an approaching deadline at work, we naturally let go of within 15 minutes of getting home–at most, a couple of weeks.  The negative energy of stress and frustration are released.  What we don’t release within 15 min is the fear of losing one’s job over years of bad economic conditions, the guilt of lying to someone we care about, constant hatred or negativity directed toward others or the world, betrayal, old trauma, and much more.

How can you identify iceberg stress?

One thing to notice about yourself is if you have a hard time being happy even when things are going fine.  If you easily get into a bad mood or just aren’t cheerful even when nothing really happened to cause it–or something really trivial caused it–you most likely have some more deep-seated stress of some kind.  If most of your words are negative, then most of your thoughts are–and your emotions will be too.  Your words can be an indicator of iceberg stress.

Some of the stresses stuck in our energy systems are things we genuinely don’t even care about anymore!  But the congested energy gets stuck in our channels and we feel it anyway!  It causes us irritability, depression, a bad mood,  emotional fatigue, and just takes the fun out of life.

Take time to analyze your habitual thought patterns.  Question every single thought you have for several days.  Is it yours or someone else’s?  Is it something so old you don’t even agree with it or care about it anymore?  Is it a bad habit you picked up?  Is it a repetitive negative mental or emotional loop you need to drop?  Do you have an old grudge?  You lose out on happiness and inner peace every day you hold onto this old stuff.

If you are still not sure what your thoughts are like, do 15 minutes of writing every morning or evening.  Just write every thought that you think down on the paper.  It may surprise you to take this look inside your head.  Don’t over-think it, but just blurt it all out with the pen.  This is always a good way to blow off steam as well.

Stop negative thoughts in their tracks!  Think positive thoughts contrary to them.  The negative thoughts and negative energy will eventually dry up and evaporate from your system.

Much faster and easier though…. You guessed it!!  Pranic Healing can wipe your slate clean in a jiffy.  What would take you a couple of months can probably be done in a session or two.  Imagine what an 8-session package will do to your thoughts, your mood, and your energy level!

You clean your body in the shower every day.  Don’t you think you should clean your mind and emotions even once in a while so you can start fresh??

Sessions with me are available (see Services page), but even better, why not learn to do it yourself?

Pranic Healing Level I is scheduled for February 26-27 in Bellevue!  Taught by Gayle Nelson.

Ultimately, you will want to take Pranic Psychotherapy (for which Level I is a prerequisite).  But Level I will teach you some techniques you can use for stress as well.

Come to a Free Introduction to Pranic Healing!  Find out what Pranic Healing is all about and learn a technique or two before committing to the full weekend class!  The Intro is just two hours.  I have three scheduled at the moment, and you can check this page regularly for updates and additional free introductions as they are scheduled.

Hit Your Body’s Reset Button

Hey, so speaking of  New Year’s Resolutions… like blogging at least twice a week?  Oops already… this one’s a little late!  However, I can honestly say I have been working on my blog—just trying to learn the ropes at WordPress!  As you can see from my site, much work is yet to be done… but I’ll get the hang of it soon 🙂

SO… better late than never, my New Year’s Post:

Ah, the new year… that time of re-evaluation.  What are my daily habits like?  How am I doing on my short- and long-term goals?  What are my new goals?

Many of these habits and goals have to do with our health.  Did you meet your health goals for last year?

I won’t lecture you on the importance of good health and healthy lifestyle habits.  If you are reading this at all, you already know health is important!  Hopefully, from this blog, you are getting some tips and practices to help you have more energy, feel happier, get spiritually connected, and more.

In this post, I will give you a list of practices I suggest you cram into a week for a New Year’s “reset.”

I won’t call it a cleanse because it’s a much milder program than the kinds of restriction a cleanse entails.  However, it will help you physically and energetically “cleanse” as well as give you more energy.

A concept that I try to embed in many of my posts is that physically and energetically, we have natural waste that needs to be removed, and making sure our lifestyle supports this removal is paramount to having good health, having enough energy, to mental clarity, and long-term disease prevention.

When you eat and drink, you later go to the bathroom.  When you inhale, you also exhale. Energetically, you take in fresh prana from the environment, and once that prana is used, dirty or used-up prana exits the energy system naturally.

Perfect setup right?  Only problem is that most of us don’t expel our natural waste products, including dirty energy, as quickly as it is created, for various reasons.  Hence buildup.  We know about buildup because we hear about it in the lower-tract regions.  Well, our chakras can get “constipated” too!

If we don’t heal and cleanse constantly and quickly enough, blockages occur–energetic as well as physical.  Both types are primary culprits in causing fatigue.  (Anyone wish they had more energy?)  Serious blockages that worsen over years cause serious health conditions.

Catching up on the body’s usually-slowed waste removal is an incredibly powerful healing secret, physically as well as energetically.  Just by expelling dirty, used-up prana, the body instantaneously and rapidly draws in lots of fresh prana.  You feel awake, alert, energized–and cheerful!

By unclogging our systems, you detoxify your system (to varying degrees, depending on the technique) which automatically gives you more energy.  Instead of your body using its resources to try to flush out old stuff, you have that energy for other things.  Your digestion will improve and you will absorb nutrition from your food better.

Putting it another way: Your physical body and energy body is a series of tubes—plumbing!  There’s always some junk here and there in all of us.  But we often have some major jams that need an extra boost to get cleared out.

So let’s get started!

Here’s your to-do list!  Some of these practices are energetic, some of these are physical.  The best part of all is that what you do energetically also affects the physical body.  What you do physically also affects the energy body.  So you are healing both all the time with the things on this list.  Why not just stick to one type of the other?  Because the healing will be much more rapid and powerful when you do both.

These things work!  They are easy, and they get results.  But as I always say, experiment for yourself.  Maybe something here sounds weird.  Well you won’t know unless you try, right?  And if it doesn’t seem to do the trick, no problem!  You can toss it out and nothing lost.

A note on foods.  Don’t read so much into the food list.  It is not a list of the “only healthy foods you should ever eat.”  It is a list of foods that will assist your body in cleansing.  Some foods help cleanse, some foods do more building of the body.  Since the theme is flushing out old stuff, the do’s and don’t’s are toward that end.  True, sugar and coffee aren’t “health foods,” but they are not on the “don’t” list because they don’t have a large effect on your body’s cleansing processes.  Of course, since our end goal is health, use your common sense on eating as healthfully as possible.

There are other cleanses out there!  You might feel you need more.  You might want to get sugar out of your system because you have been having too many cravings, etc.  This is not the only or best cleanse out there.  It’s just one way to eat to help your body get caught up on digestion and elimination, and inclusive of energy healing practices that will assist healing you on a deeper level.

So this is just an experiment for you.  Try it if you like!

You can do this for 1 day or 7–or more!




-Cheese/Milk/Yogurt (small amounts of dairy as ingredients are fine)

-Dessert (a bite of something here and there is ok, just avoid sitting down to a sundae or bowl of ice cream)


Why?  Energetically, these things are heavy.  Pork is incredibly clogging to the energy body, at the heaviest end of the spectrum.  (If you are a person who eats pork frequently, I can almost guarantee you will feel at least some difference by removing it for a few days and you will understand what I’m talking about.)  Removing heavier foods lets your energy flow more easily which gives you more energy—because your energy flow is not being hampered.


-Vegetables (load up please!)




Of course, any foods that irritate your system specifically are best left out for any cleanse or “reset”.  There are too many possibilities to list!  But by all means, tailor it.  I do suggest keeping out the “No” foods in any case for the reasons I listed.  As I mentioned, it’s a temporary way of eating for an intended purpose, not a “bad guys” list for all time.


Green Smoothies, 2 glasses a day

Some people can easily substitute 1-2 meals for a few glasses of green smoothies instead.  They are fairly filling—more than you expect.  But if you are not one of those people, I recommend a smoothie for breakfast because on an empty stomach is the perfect time to flush through all the greens so they cleanse and push through (hooray fiber!) anything that was not fully digested or processed previously.  Then for either lunch or dinner, eat a big salad with anything on top that isn’t on the “No” list.  Sometimes I even sauté vegetables and put them on my salad, like brocooli and mushroom, and it makes it filling and delicious!  You can also try your favorite nuts and seeds, and don’t forget your favorite dressing.

(For Green Smoothie recipes, you will find plenty of recipes online.  I personally just fill my blender about 50% with leafy greens (kale, spinach, chard, etc) and 50% fruit (pear, banana, apple, berries, etc).  It doesn’t matter too much which greens and fruit you choose.  Pear and banana will make the texture the most drinkable, however.  If you’re new to drinking green stuff, start with spinach, it’s easiest on the palate.)

For the third meal, there are thousands and thousands of hearty and delicious meals without meat and cheese, and free recipes left and right online.  Try a simple Thai dish with rich and delicious coconut milk (one of my favorites!).  You can sauté vegetables and make a Chinese-inspired stir fry.  Soup options are endless, as are baked vegetable ensembles for the casserole dish and the oven.  Pizza without cheese is delicious—just get a super fresh tomato or pesto sauce and slather it on!  I love artichokes, mushrooms, garlic, and onions on my pizza….


As with the physical body, things can get backed up here.  Stress energy is a main culprit.  Treat yourself to the practices here and let the bliss begin….


Either morning or evening, take a salt bath.  You’ve heard it from me before, and you’ll hear it from me again!  Fill your bath with 2-4 pounds of table salt (not Epsom salt which does not have a cleansing effect).  Table salt contains green prana.  Green prana has the effect of breaking down dirty, congested, clumped energy.  It disintegrates it, while the water helps draw it out of your body.

For even more cleansing, drop 10-15 drops of tea tree oil OR lavender oil into the bath. You can alternate the two oils.  Soak for 20 minutes maximum. Then rinse off afterward with a quick shower.

Twin Hearts Meditation:

This is a guided meditation created by Master Choa Kok Sui designed to cleanse, heal, and energize your energy system as well as heal your physical body (anything that happens to our energy affects our physical body automatically!).  Not to mention give you spiritual connection!  Do this daily.  You can even do it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening to give yourself an extra boost.  Don’t be fooled by its simplicity.  It is extremely powerful!

There are too many benefits of this meditation to list!  You will find many throughout my blog.  The short version: by simply following along, a downpour of energy flushes through your entire system, pushing out old, stale, congested energies.  You are then flooded with fresh prana.  It’s like getting an energy transfusion with the hit of a button!

There are three CD versions of it some of you may already have.  The link above is free, and is a shortened version.  There is also a slightly longer CD version guided by Master Choa Kok Sui.  Then there are two more with an extra 7 minutes or so which guide you through specific healing for your physical organs in one, and for your mind/emotions for the other.  If you happen to have the latter two CDs, I suggest alternating these two versions during this week.  You can purchase them on the Pranic Healing website,  If you are practicing Arhatic Yoga, pack it in to this week!  (

Just remember not to start Twin Hearts less than about two hours before bedtime.  (For Arhatic, you have probably already figured out when you need to do it J)  These meditations can be fairly energizing and, for some people, cause them to have trouble falling asleep.

This is a great time to get some Pranic Healing (PH) for even deeper cleansing and healing.  You can use PH to cleanse physical organs such as your liver and lungs, you can use it to clean all major chakras, you can use it to cleanse and remove negative mental/emotional energy and blockages of all kinds—stress, depression, anger/resentment, trauma, and more.  (I am available for sessions on a limited basis.)

Other Cleansing Practices:

If you want to treat yourself to even more, here are a few other tried-and-true ways to cleanse and heal.  Pack these into your Reset Week as your schedule allows!


Colon Hydrotherapy

Sauna and Steam Room

Sleep!  Go to bed 10pm or earlier!

Exercise-sweat, sweat, sweat

Best wishes for fantastic health in 2015!



Special Announcement! (…and is a Painless Pregnancy Possible?)

Originally Published May 01, 2012

Wonderful readers,

I wanted to share with you some exciting news.  Many of you already know, but for those who do not:  I’m pregnant!

My husband and I are thrilled to welcome a baby boy into our family sometime around July 15th.

I would like to discuss a little bit about the first question I am asked when I tell people I am pregnant, which is “how are you feeling?”

I have been feeling absolutely great–physically, mentally, and emotionally.  The typical “roller coaster” of pregnancy I so often hear about has not been part of my experience, and I wanted to discuss that a little for two reasons:

1.  To share the perspective that pregnancy is not always a painful and grueling experience and

2.  To tell you what my lifestyle habits are like in case you or someone you know would like to try the same things to create a happy, healthy pregnancy.

As I will discuss further below, pregnancy, as well as other things in life, are not 100% predictable, no matter how much good advice we follow.  Everyone will have a different experience, and for some, this will be related to their lifestyle habits, and for others, it may not be related to that.  Again, I relate my experience only in the case that you may learn something that would be of interest or of use to you.

Here are all the symptoms I would likely have had by now, according to the popular book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting:

Morning Sickness


Frequent Urination







Food aversions and cravings

Mood Swings, Irritability, Irrationality, Weepiness


Edema (swelling of hands and feet)

Varicose Veins


Faintness or Dizziness

Skin breakouts

Trouble Sleeping

Nasal Congestion and Occasional Nosebleeds

“Pink toothbrush” from bleeding gums


Trouble Concentrating

Elevated Blood Pressure

Leg cramps


Out of these, I felt nauseous about five times and got about 5-7 headaches.  I have become a more picky eater, but not had real aversions to certain foods.  The only cravings I have had were for salad and frozen berries my first trimester.  I have had frequent urination lately due to the bigger size of the baby.  I have had trouble sleeping for most of the pregnancy.  (I asked Master Co who was just in town to do a little healing on me after class, and with about 3 minutes of work from him, my sleeping is about 80% better–yay!)

I had mood swings for about two weeks around the beginning of my second trimester.  But I had stopped exercising and meditating for that period.  With my first meditation after that time, and with my continuance of a meditation schedule, I have not had another one since.

I don’t say any of these things to brag.  There’s no pregnancy contest going on which I am striving to win.  Women live all kinds of different lifestyles and still have easy or difficult pregnancies, sometimes for no logical reason.  Pregnancy is also not an area of expertise for me in my health practice or education.  I cannot, with any certainty, pinpoint exactly why I have experienced what I have (or haven’t) or which lifestyle choices resulted in my being free of which symptoms, other than some more obvious ones.

I will give you my little two cents, though!  Some comes from my own gut feeling, and others are some things I do know for sure, such as the benefits of exercise and meditation which apply whether you are pregnant or not.  Again, I tell you my experience only so you can keep an open mind if you become pregnant in the future, that pregnancy isn’t always all misery and pain, and so that you can, if so inspired, try some of these things for yourself in case they work for you.  Of course, most of the things I have done to stay healthy during my pregnancy are things I recommend everyone do anyway, and which I was doing before I became pregnant!

Whether pregnant or not, I stand by my three tenets of health which I called in a previous blog, The Triumvirate of Health.  These are 1.  Healthy diet  2.  Exercise 3.  Meditation

The Power of Thoughts and Expectation

In the case of pregnancy, I would add another specific thing to this list which I feel made a difference, and that is positive thinking.  If we internalize every horror story we hear, whether about pregnancy, childbirth, or getting a tooth pulled, we are far more likely to experience the worst possible scenario, rather than the best possible scenario.

I will credit my dad with teaching me this one.  We should never assume we will have a difficult or painful experience with something just because someone else did.

I remember as a child knowing I had to go to the doctor for a strep test or, in one case, to get a tooth pulled.  I was very scared and crying and didn’t want to go.  My dad gave me a really important talk on the fact that just because something sounds scary or you have heard your friends talk about how horrific it was doesn’t mean a single thing about what YOU are going to experience when you go through the same procedure.  Not only is everyone different, but people also like to exaggerate or simply dramatize for the sake of storytelling what they went through.  (I’m not saying everyone does this.  But not every account is 100% accurate, and it is better if we keep that in mind.)

My dad also said if we keep a strong expectation that something will be difficult or painful, it is far likelier that it will be.  However, if we instead create the expectation that maybe it will be or maybe it won’t, but another’s experience has absolutely no bearing on mine, then we have a much higher chance of having an easy experience.  As it turned out, the tooth pull and the strep test were no big deal.

During my pregnancy, I happily listened to others’ experiences whether first-hand accounts or through my reading of books and the web.  With any story I didn’t want for myself, I simply told myself, “that was their experience.”  I thought and felt this in a 100% non-judgmental way.  I was only saying neutrally that just because something happened to one person, it does nothing to increase any likelihood that it will happen to me.  When I heard a story I did like and did want to repeat, I internalized it and told myself, “it will probably be like that for me.”

Our mental attitudes are very powerful.  They are not 100% all-powerful all the time, however, and I am not saying that a person who had more difficulty only had to tell themselves it wouldn’t happen, and it would have been that easy.  I only mention that these attitudes have an impact and increase your chances of a particular outcome.  If a person, instead, powerfully feared and dreaded a particular experience, getting more and more fearful with each negative story, they instead add a few more energies going against them in creating the experience they would want.

Morning Sickness

If there was one topic I had to stay focused on, it was morning sickness.  Morning sickness is experienced by something like 80% of women.  Books even say your baby will be healthier if you have morning sickness.  Every previously or currently pregnant woman will talk about it, as it’s a pretty difficult part of pregnancy.  I didn’t like the sound of that, so I worked to program myself that morning sickness is not necessary, and it’s not necessary in order to have a healthy baby.  I guess I don’t know yet if my baby is healthy, but I at least got to experience a pregnancy without morning sickness.

I have wondered quite intensely what the purpose of morning sickness is, as it happens in so many healthy women.  I have come up with a guess of my own, but let me be the first to say I certainly have no idea if it’s true, and I could be dead wrong.  I present it only as food for thought.

I was reading a book which was a true account of a man meeting a spiritual teacher of sorts who lived as a recluse in the woods (The Ringing Cedars of Russia).  He was given a detoxification protocol to follow for three days, and included in that was consuming certain herbs that caused him to vomit.

It suddenly crossed my mind that perhaps a pregnant woman’s body intentionally goes through a detox or cleansing period to flush out toxins, waste, or negative energies before caring for and nurturing a fetus.  This would make sense and serve a very useful purpose, as well as explain why babies can end up healthier when coming from mothers who went through it.  I thought maybe I didn’t have it because I did a couple of detoxes last year.  Again, I don’t know, but it’s a decent guess, right?

Another possible factor is vegetarianism.  I read about a doctor online who puts his pregnant patients on a vegetarian diet if they are vomiting, and it works for almost all of them.  As you may have read in my other posts, meat contains a lot of dirty energy.  By removing this food from our diets, we are taking in less gunk that our bodies have to work to get rid of, so it kind of fits with my theory 🙂  Again, just a theory!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Diet, Exercise, Meditation

If you are practicing these things consistently, you have given yourself a HUGE head start in preventing health problems and discomforts of all kinds, as well as healing from any you may presently have.

It is incredibly important to implement all three.  They seem to have a compounding effect so that to get the full benefits of each, they all have to be practiced regularly.  Many of us are good at one or two, and this is good, but you won’t even get half the benefit that way.  It is much better to implement them all moderately than one or two constantly.

During my pregnancy, I have eaten mostly the same as I did before.  I do green smoothies for breakfast 4-5 times a week and have my regular meatless fare for lunch and dinner.  I have been less interested in Indian food and spicy food, but it doesn’t cause me any upset to eat it.  I have just had a preference for blander food.  I have been eating more sweets, but it’s more out of the cultural programming of, “you can treat yourself when you’re pregnant!” than out of any real cravings.  I figure I’m still getting tons of healthy food in me the rest of the time–a little more in the “treats” category shouldn’t be a big deal.

I’m exercising about three days a week–less vigorously than before.  I’m just doing 20-30 minutes on the stair stepper.  I did keep running for a while, as this is my preferred workout, but it’s no longer practical.  I still lift weights and it has really helped me to keep toned and not gain excess weight.  I did gain about 5 pounds of fat in the first trimester, but other than that, it seems like most of the weight is connected to the baby and his direct needs than body fat.

My meditation routine feels more essential than ever to me.  I am absolutely convinced that it is the reason I have avoided mood swings.  Mood swings seem to be pretty much universal for pregnant women, but aside from a little bit of emotionality when I stopped meditating, I have not had any change in my mood or mental state.

Master Choa’s Twin Hearts Meditation also has additional unique properties that go even further than powerfully calming our minds and emotions.  The meditation is like getting a 20-minute energy healing session, as it flushes out dirty, congested energy from the aura and chakras.  It also powerfully energizes the entire energy system and physical body.  I feel this is the reason I have not experienced fatigue but maintain the same energy levels I did pre-pregnancy.

If there was one gift I could give to all pregnant women (and probably all people, period), it would be this meditation.  (You can do a mini-version of it for free at or purchase the full CD at the same website.)  I feel and acutely understand what regular practice of this meditation does for me because when I stop, I have about a two-week countdown before I start to feel like I’m back on the usual roller coaster of life again.  The intense discrepancy between the two is really not pleasant, as it’s almost shocking to feel my sense of calm wear off.  I really don’t know how I ever lived without it.

Energetically, the meditation has a regulating effect.  Because of the immense downpour of spiritual energy generated, chakras that are depleted get energized, chakras that are congested get cleansed and purified, and other irregularities get smoothed out.  As some of you may remember from other blogs, this is extremely powerful for our health because physical and mental health problems manifest first in the energy body before they manifest in the physical body.  Energy moves and changes quickly, while our physical selves take extra time to conform and mold to our energetic blueprint.  When we do Twin Hearts, we are altering and healing our energy bodies, preventing physical ailments before they start.  I know that just by practicing this meditation, I have prevented small and large discomforts I would otherwise have experienced during my pregnancy.

The Gift  of Self-Healing, Pregnant or Not

I have an added advantage of also being  a Pranic Healer and so have been able to perform healing on myself when something came up.

For instance, I did have nausea a handful of times.  Each time, I did Pranic Healing, and it went away within 15-30 minutes.  Without doing any Pranic Healing, it is entirely possible that the problem could have worsened and turned into a more persistent, frequent, and severe one.  The same thing happened with headaches.  I had a few bad headaches, a couple of which I would call migraines, in my second trimester.  I was able to heal the headache in 15-45 minutes.  Due to the healing, I may have removed some congested energy and blockages permanently which may have otherwise caused headaches again and again later on.  I have not had a headache or any nausea in months now.

Knowing just some simple healing techniques has saved me the trouble of various ailments as well as all the downfalls of medications which might otherwise have been taken.  Many over-the-counter medicines are not safe during pregnancy anyway.  Even if you’re not pregnant, why take pills, made of chemicals which toxify our bodies, when we don’t have to?  Minor discomforts can be healed with Pranic Healing in the time it would take for a pill to kick in.  And Pranic Healing can help prevent it from happening again, unlike the pills we are so used to popping that only numb symptoms.  As an occasional guest has been surprised to find, we don’t have medicines of any kind in our house–we just don’t need them.

Soooo…. for those whom I have convinced!! 🙂  The next Level I class is being taught by Arnon July 27-28 in Bellevue.  See and select your state for more info.

Another note: some of you have inquired about Pranic Healing sessions—I have put that portion of my practice on hold for now until after the baby is born.  I am not sure yet when I will resume sessions, but I will let you all know as soon as I do know!

My husband, Ajay, has decided to offer Pranic Healing, however.  He is doing only distance healing sessions for now.

He can be reached at  Ajay is a fantastic healer with about 15 years of experience now.  He first learned Pranic Healing in India from Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui himself, and I highly recommend him as a healer.

The Colds Season: Causes You Didn’t Know About and Solutions You’ve Never Heard

Originally Published January 18, 2012

This won’t be another article about hand-washing.  I think that one’s pretty obvious, not to mention given an abundance of print space elsewhere.  🙂

I hope to give you some extra tips you haven’t already heard that you can easily and swiftly apply yourselves at home.  It is most important to jump on a cold quickly because colds are really easy to heal when you just start to feel it coming on, but are likely to require much more effort once they’ve gotten going.

First off, I strongly suggest thinking through a little bit about how and why you get colds.  This will be different for different people.  Often times, there is a connection between a stressful event happening in your life, lack of sleep for prolonged periods, lack of exercise or meditation, eating unhealthy food or too much sugar/junk food, going without fresh air for a long time, anger or other negative emotions coming up, and coming down with something.  All these things lower our energy significantly.  When this lowered energy persists, our defenses are down and our immune systems are weakened.  There can be some delay between an unhappy event and a physical reaction in the body such as a cold of several days or a week, perhaps more, so we have to pay close attention and connect the dots.

It is important to realize difficult things happen in our lives that we brush off without realizing or admitting the impact they are having on us.  We have to acknowledge that, yes, that experience really upset me.  And there IS an energetic response to that that will affect your health.  Stress and any negative emotion block, congest, and lower our energy or prana in the body.  Without the right amount of energy flowing properly, our bodies cannot function normally.  So these small and large upsets affect our health.  When we realize this, we can start to understand how our lives, habits, emotions, and events affect us.  This gives us the power to be one step ahead of the game and prevent small as well as big health challenges.

I know you are thinking of being exposed to another person who is sick as a primary reason for getting sick.  I don’t feel this quite counts because we really are exposed to germs practically all the time.  It is easy to blame it on the sick kids we were around or the airport we were in, but with a strong immune system and a high level of energy, this additional exposure does not make a big difference.  I am now into my fourth winter at my other part-time job where at least three times a year, some bug goes around and at least half the staff gets it and has to call in sick.  I have yet to catch anything from work.  What causes us to catch them is our own immune systems and energy levels.

Aside from noticing and taking care of stress and negative emotions, we have to manage our day-to-day energy as well.  I know people who don’t stop until there is nothing left.  They have an admirable inner drive to work hard and help others, but we simply can’t help others or be at our best at work when we’re running on an empty tank.  It also opens us right up for colds, flu, and worse.  Don’t max yourself out.  It’s kind of like how we know to “eat till your stomach is no more than 75% full.”  You can keep eating, but it’s not good for you, and it’s gonna hurt.  So go until your energy is 50% depleted, not 95%.  Learn to “quit while you’re ahead” and not feel bad about it!  This is a habit and takes practice.

I personally haven’t been sick for quite some time (knock on wood)–aside from right now!    It can be fairly predictable for me.  My own learning has inspired what I call the Triumvirate of Health (see previous blog) which includes:

1.  Exercise

2.  Healthy Diet

3.  Meditation

When I do all these things consistently, I feel almost invincible.  My mood is up, my physical energy is up, my sleep is high quality, and even unexpected situations are dealt with smoothly.  When one or more of these fall to the wayside, there goes the quality sleep, there goes the good mood, and there goes the usually-endless energy.  So that’s kind of what happened with me.

Another intriguing theory behind colds, fevers, and flu that I feel is worth mentioning is that they are actually just the body detoxing.  You haven’t necessarily “caught” anything.  If you have ever been on a detox such as a juice fast, you know that the symptoms, whether from reading about it or experiencing it, are cold- and flu-like in nature.  I learned this idea from Matt Monarch, co-owner of  He puts out a fantastic, educational newsletter.

It may be that rather than having a viral or bacterial infection, our bodies have decided now is the time to unload some extra toxins (or, energetically, flush out a bunch of dirty energy).  The process of flushing something out means it leaves your tissues–or chakras–and circulates through the bloodstream or energy body before being expelled through the proper channels.  These include the bowels, lungs, skin, etc.  During this circulation process, the crud is moving through us and makes us feel yucky.  This causes us to feel low-energy, fuzzy-headed, etc.  We also eject toxins through mucus which in the form of a runny nose or cough.

While most of us run to the drug store for the nearest dose of relief, this greatly hampers the process your body is trying to undergo.  Remember, the number one source of toxicity is prescription and non-prescription drugs.  If you are stopping this flow of discharging toxins and dirty energy, your body will only hold onto it for later.  You are increasing your chances of getting sick again, and missing a chance to get healthier than you were before.

What can rapidly accelerate this process instead is something Matt Monarch is openly an enormous fan of, and that is colon hydrotherapy or an enema.  Our bowels are, of course, a main place for elimination of waste and toxins.  Virtually all of us have a clogged colon.  This is caused by over-eating, not chewing our food properly, consuming pasteurized dairy, consuming meat, not consuming enough fiber, and not consuming enough raw foods which have live digestive enzymes in them, helping to better digest our food.  By cleaning the colon, you immediately allow your body to rapidly get rid of significantly more waste, and this has been shown anecdotally to clear up fevers and minor illnesses in MINUTES.  Pretty amazing.

Other ways to facilitate rather than hamper your body’s natural detoxification process is to eat very lightly (most of us have decreased appetite when we are sick, and I believe this one reason why).  Fresh juices, salad, light soup, and smoothies are great.  Go easy on bread, dairy, and meat or cut them out until you feel better.  Say no to sweets for the time being.  Of course, drink lots of water.

So I feel those are the two main causes of colds

1.  Lowered defense system from lack of healthy habits, stress, and over-working

2.  Toxic buildup the body is trying to get rid of.

When you know what lowers your body’s defense systems and tends to allow infection in, you can act preemptively against illness before you get it!  Let’s say that a really busy week at work tends to allow a cold to come in.  When you know such a week is coming up, or even when one sneaks up on you, take extra good care of yourself.  Eat super-healthy, get as much sleep as you possibly can, and implement a relaxation routine in the evenings after you get home such as a warm bath and soothing music.  Meditation can be a life-safer in these situations as well.  As always, I recommend Master Choa’s Meditation on Twin Hearts because of it’s powerful cleansing and energizing effects.  Doing this regularly would be an extremely powerful tool to use against getting sick, no matter what time of year.  Yes, some of these things take time and effort, but getting sick eats up your time quite a bit more, and it’s not half as fun as some pampering!

When a stressful interaction happens between you and another person, take the time to process it and acknowledge it.  Do what it takes to feel better whether it’s talking to a friend, having a counseling session, doing some meditation, or writing about it.  Take care of your feelings sooner rather than later, or they can come back to bite you in the form of a nasty cold–or much worse.  More illness, disease, and pain than you can ever imagine is caused by negative emotional buildup over years and years, and simply letting it out is more powerful than any amount of hand-washing one can do–in my humble opinion!

Energetically, there are a few things you can do to greatly assist healing as well. First, take a salt bath.  This has to be regular table salt to have the energy effect you want.  Salt water draws out dirty energy from your body and breaks it down.  Soak in this water for 20-25 minutes, not longer.  You will need 2-4 pounds of salt, so stock up at Costco with one of their 24-pound bags.  Daily is best.

Next, a short visualization exercise has worked for me several times.  I actually read this in a book by Eckhart Tolle.  It’s very simple.  Sit or lay down and imagine a powerful waterfall of white, sparkling light pouring over the top of your head and into your entire body, down to your feet.  Make it as vivid as you can, and try to imagine this for 3-5 minutes.  Picture every cell bathed in white light.  This literally does bring additional prana into your body which you need in times of low energy or sickness.  If it seems like the energy is stuck or dark in some places, imagine the dark spots coming out and being flushed and filled with the fresh, clean prana.

Please, get enough sleep.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  It’s very hard to convince people to do this.  It’s very hard to convince people that they might need more sleep than they think they do.  Our bodies get trained by alarm clocks very quickly, and just because you wake up on Saturdays at 6am feeling alert does not mean you got all the sleep you needed.  It means your body has been trained.  It takes un-training to be able to sleep in again after so many years of alarm clocks.  Take a nap, for heaven’s sake.  When you get home from work, just lay down even if you don’t think you’re tired (heck, even if you’re not sick!).  Chances are, you’ll doze off and feel great when you wake up.  We are a culture of chronically sleep-deprived people, and we cannot expect our immune systems to function properly under such conditions.

Get outside and get some fresh air into your house.  We are taught to be afraid of cold air and cold weather, but we are warm-blooded animals, and our bodies keep our optimal temperature very well in colder conditions.  I feel that part of the reason we get sick in the winter more is not from lower temperatures but because we are indoors so much, in stagnant air that has not moved and has had the opportunity to house bacteria and germs.  In the summer with windows open, our indoor air is exchanged for fresh air on a constant basis.  So open your windows for an hour or two at a time whenever possible, and get outside and get fresh air and fresh air prana into your lungs.  It will do wonders.

Here’s to a healthy 2012!

My 9-Day Spiritual Vacation!

Originally Published 7/28/11

Hello health enthusiasts!  I just got back from an amazing experience I wanted to share with you all!

I spent a glorious 9 days at the Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga ashram in Bovina, NY.

Starting three years ago, Master Pranic Healing instructors Master Glenn and Master Marilag have conducted a 9-day Spiritual Vacation for Arhatic Yoga practitioners each summer.  They have created a program for deep healing, deep relaxation, spiritual growth, and for personal goal fulfillment.

To start with, some may be asking what an ashram is.  Ashrams are most common in India.  They are spiritual centers focused on a particular spiritual practice or religion.  The focus is usually meditation and other spiritual practices.  From my understanding, they usually involve overnight accommodations but can probably be visited for shorter periods as well.

I was thrilled to learn two years ago that Pranic Healers had created such a center for spiritual awakening for Pranic Healers and Arhatic Yoga practitioners!  I first took the class Arhatic Yoga preporatory level two years ago and couldn’t wait to come back for a class or for the long retreat.

The second quesiton is, what is Arhatic Yoga?  When I first heard of it, I thought it was a physical practice similar to the yoga classes you take at a yoga studio or the gym.  What I later learned is that the word yoga means “union.”  The union we are striving for is, naturally, with our higher souls and with God.  An arhat is a spiritually advanced or awakened person.  Arhatic Yoga is a system designed by the founder of Pranic Healing, Master Choa Kok Sui, to rapidly advance the practitioner on their spiritual journey.

Imagine a person who knew all the ancient and traditional spiritual, energy, and meditation practices and precisely how they worked.  Imagine if you could also understand all the old pitfalls of some of the ancient systemsand then avoid them or completely solve them if they came up.  Imagine understanding how to take a spiritual practice that normally took several decades to reach a certain spiritual level and alter it perfectly so you could safely reach the same place in just a few years.  This is  what Master Choa has done, and Arhatic Yoga is the result.

I firmly believe that all of us are spirtual.  We all have a soul (or, more accurately, are a soul), we all have energy bodies, and we are all here for a Divine purpose or reason.  I feel that Pranic Healing is for everyone.  Arhatic Yoga, however, is for the more spiritually motivated.  It will change your life very rapidly, and this may not be for everyone.  If and when you are ready, though…. now you know where to go 🙂

The theme of our retreat was Spirituality Balanced with Prosperity.  What I love about Master Choa’s spiritual teachings are that they are balanced.  We are not taught to throw out one aspect of our lives in favor of another.  Going to live in a cave or at the top of the Himalayas alone is not only not required but not even recommended.  We are placed in these down-to-earth lives and situations for a reason.  These day-to-day activities develop our spiritual muscles even better than meditation can, in certain respects.  Going to work, paying the bills, and having a family is not only not mundane, but is sacred.

What did we do for 9 whole days??  We did deep healing on psychological and emotional issues as well as negative programs from the past that keep us from becoming successful and prosperous.  It was very powerful and SO very useful.  We did deep emotional cleansing on anything holding us back or slowing us down such as fear or anger.  We also did a thorough forgiveness meditation to break those unnecessary ties with the past.

We also did hatha yoga in the mornings and ballroom dance lessons at night!  On our last night there, we had a talent show for anyone who wanted to perform their talent.  There was lots of laughing and joking.  And yes, here and there a little crying!  We all made lots of new friends and got to re-connect with old ones.

We did many other special meditations and learned special healing techniques only taught at retreats, the benefits of which I still have not fully comprehended!

All in all, it was special, sacred, and lots of FUN.

Photos coming soon of the beautiful ashram and 70-acre property in the hills of New York state.  See you next year, Bovina!!

Prayer: Does Anyone Really Hear You?

Originally Published April 20, 2011

Not everyone was brought up with a religious tradition, and many of those who were may have doubts about what they were taught.  In our modern scientific culture, we want proof!  We start to look at ancient wisdom and call it silly because it can’t be tested in a lab.  Not that I blame anyone.  An intelligent and discerning mind is a good thing.  Without that, who knows where we would all be.  However, an intelligent and discerning mind is also an open mind.  It is also, hopefully, a wise mind.  And a wise mind knows that science does not yet have all the answers.

Is it possible that ancient wisdom was ahead of modern science?  If there was a God, do you think he might be smart enough to give us some of the answers in advance, before science caught up?  Otherwise, we’d be lost quite a bit longer, wouldn’t we?  We say that spirituality and science are two different things and don’t mix, yet I say spirituality is just a science that hasn’t been quite measured yet.

(Though there are exceptions to this.  Many lesser-known scientific studies have been done to point toward the existence of much metaphysical phenomena.  The realm of physics seems to be leading the pack.)

In keeping with an open mind and proper humility since, of course, none of us knows everything, let’s look at the concept of angels and spiritual helpers.  We have all wished we had such a helper, haven’t we?  Especially in those dark times and difficult moments.  Many skeptics might find the idea silly, and ask for proof.  I would ask him or her to prove to me such “invisible” beings don’t exist.  Dogs can hear sounds humans can’t.  Birds can see colors humans can’t.  There is plenty of stuff out there we can’t see, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there!

The good news is that we are surrounded by such invisible helpers.  They are waiting and eager to be called on and reached out to.  They are here, really, just for us.  Still don’t believe me?  Try some exercises and meditations yourself.  I’ll never ask you to just take my word for it.

I believe many people don’t believe in prayer because they don’t get what they ask for much of the time.  Or it’s just too far-fetched to think someone can magically help you get what you want.  Yet there are certain complexities involved.  We can be helped a great deal by our angels and by God, but within certain parameters.  We can be given great gifts, but only as they do not interfere with our paths and life purpose.  For instance, if one has a great desire and willpower to quit smoking, they can pray for healing and assistance and will most likely be helped.  Healing is a wonderful thing we should pray for regularly.  However, if you pray that your significant other comes back to you, this may or may not happen.  Certain things are for the best in your life, and although you may not see it, you are being helped more than hurt by a certain circumstance you might call negative.

Meditation is a perfect example of a way to experience spirituality.  We can all read books year after year, but they can only take us so far.  Meditation is your place for “proof,” for inner knowing, but rapid expansion and growth.

Pranic Healing was developed, very importantly, with the help of clairvoyants who could see energy.  They were able to observe the impact on a person’s energy when Pranic Healing techniques were applied.  As you can imagine, this has taught us an unbelievable amount of information about how energy works.  Similarly, many clairvoyants can also see the “invisible helpers” who surround us.  If you go to the Pranic Healing website, you will see posters for sale, one of which is a clairvoyant’s picture of a healing angel.  These healing angels can be observed to be literally healing and helping to heal us.

Last weekend, Master Stephen Co was in Seattle to teach Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul, Pranic Healing Level 1, and Pranic Crystal Healing.  It was an action-packed, energy-filled weekend!  In talking on the subject of healing someone without their permission (since Pranic Healing can be done at a distance), we did a simple experiment in class.  Master Co asked us if we had ever prayed for someone without their permission.  Of course, most of us had.  He had a volunteer from the audience come to the stage, and we scanned their energy.  He then asked all of us to pray for that person, to ask God to bless them with love, power, and healing.  While we scanned, we all felt the energy increase significantly and push our hands back.  It was getting stronger in a matter of seconds!  Master Co explained the chakras also responded by spinning faster to take in more energy.  With this simple experiment, it can be seen that prayer does impact us immediately and powerfully.

So pray!  Try it regularly, once a day or 10 times a day.  Pray for healing, to be a better person, for clarity, and, especially, pray for others and for the planet.