How Can You Heal Someone Without Touching Them?

Originally Published August 25, 2013

Fair question!  Pranic Healing is a non-touch energy healing modality.  We don’t physically touch clients.  I sometimes get a quizzical look off the bat when I mention this, before I have even delved into how Pranic Healing works, and it is entirely understandable.

Funny enough, I was in an airport recently and a friendly gentleman struck up a conversation with me while we were in a very long line at a bagel shop near the gate.  We wound up talking about Pranic Healing since it was the reason for my trip (a class in Anaheim), and he asked me on the spot if I could heal his neck!

It had been very stiff for several days, and he was dismayed he could not crack it to loosen it up like he usually could.  I said sure, but I was more than a little nervous–a few minutes later I was waving my hand in the air, seemingly at nothing, in front of a huge line of at least 20 hungry travelers who were all facing our direction!

Well, the good part was that after a few minutes, he said he could move his neck more, and it actually immediately cracked as well, and he was thrilled!

For healing to take place in the physical body, changes have to physically take place, of course.  If a person has congestion in their lungs, that congestion has to be removed for them to breathe easily again.  How can congestion be removed from a person’s lungs without physical contact taking place, either with medicine or actual removal of the fluid?

The short answer is that energy healing causes changes in the physical body because moving energy means moving the physical components that correspond to it.  This can be an organ, a body part, a muscle, and even mucous (congestion) in the lungs.

To understand how we can heal without touching, two facts have to be presented:

  1. We don’t physically touch the client.  However, we energetically “touch” them.  We alter the client’s energy body using our own energy body (mainly the energetic “hand,” or the projected energy coming from our hand).  The two energy fields touch and the client’s energy field is altered over the course of a healing session.  The energy body interpenetrates and extends beyond the physical body, explaining how one person’s energy can impact or heal another’s without physical contact.
  1. The physical body is impacted/manipulated/changed when its energy body has been changed.  This is because the two are completely intertwined.  What you do to the energy body affects the physical body, and what you do to the physical body affects the energy body.  This is a key principle or law of energy healing.

Congested lungs will have energetic congestion present.  Whatever is clogging the lungs has an energetic component as well which will exist or manifest as dirty energy.  When this dirty energy is broken down and removed (as we do in Pranic Healing), the offending material will also break down and be flushed out.

Enough dirty or congested energy in a person’s neck will eventually cause stiffness, pain, and/or difficulty with movement.  It will have an eventual impact on the corresponding physical body in that area–the muscles in the neck.

Oftentimes, just removing the dirty energy is faster and easier than getting massage or other hands-on healing.  Sometimes the hands-on is quicker.  (When you get a massage, it also removes dirty energy, we just don’t realize it!)  But the very quickest way would actually be to do both!  That way, you are healing both essential components of the person, with the energy healing gradually affecting both the physical and energy body and then the physical healing affecting both bodies as well.

THAT is what I call Holistic Healing….!

Still sound wacky?  Leave your comments below and let me know what you think!  🙂

5 thoughts on “How Can You Heal Someone Without Touching Them?

  1. Can u heal a person with out his knowing it


    1. Yes! I feel it’s better to tell them so you can work together, but you can help someone without them knowing. (You are doing this when you pray for someone as well.)


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  3. This is all nonsense. You cannot heal somebody without touching them. It is all fake. Please prove me wrong. I’ve had this done and it’s nothing but a gimmick.


    1. My question would be: What did you expect to have happen? In other words, what would “proof” have been for you personally? Getting an energy healing session done isn’t like getting struck by lightning.
      There are a number of reasons why you would experience “nothing happening” during an energy healing session. One of them is your level of sensitivity to energy. Some people feel everything you do and know exactly what part of the body you are working on (they say this to me when their eyes are closed), while others feel nothing. This is not related to how much is happening to you, only to how much you personally are sensitive enough to feel. Secondly, if you felt “nothing happened” because you did not get relief from your symptoms after one session, I would answer that almost everything takes more than one session to heal except only the most minor ailments or pain.


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