Why I Don’t Believe Happiness is a Choice


I have read a loooooot of New Age and self-help books.  More than enough for one lifetime.  I generally appreciate and agree with the overall sentiments expressed in many of them, especially when it comes to taking responsibility for one’s life and realizing one’s empowerment to improve it in areas from health to spirituality to finances.

But I have to tell you honestly that when such books (or Facebook memes, or inspirational quotes, et al) tell me that happiness is a choice, I tune out.

I don’t believe that one’s decisions have no bearing on that person’s mood, but saying happiness is a choice basically says that happiness is nothing but a choice, and being happy is as simple as making the right choice.

This is, in my view, invalidating, unfair, and a vast oversimplification of human emotions, not to mention powerful barriers various individuals may have toward experiencing happiness, as well as love, joy, and other positive emotions and states of being.

I didn’t like that advice before I found Pranic Healing, but after I learned MCKS’ Pranic Psychotherapy, I realized in a concrete way why whittling down one’s emotions to a choice was an even grosser oversimplification of the complex factors at play.

Let’s take sadness as an example.  It doesn’t matter what the reason is for a person’s sadness, whether it is sensible to you or me.  If a person feels sad, there is a buildup of this type of energy in their system, and it is therefore nearly impossible not to feel it!

In case that statement sounds vague, let me specify that emotional energies are specific and concrete types of energies.  With experience in energy healing, most any healer will come to recognize them when they are working on someone.  First of all, you start to feel the emotion of the other person you are working on.  The healer starts off feeling calm and peaceful and then has moments of being hit with a wave of a certain emotion.  This is the energy coming off the other person as it is being expelled during the healing process.  (In Pranic Healing, we have specific methods for disposing of it so it does not just get absorbed in our systems.)

Next, the healer can simply scan the energies present.  Sadness, when scanned (felt with the hands) has a distinct feeling–it is very heavy.  For a person who can see energy, they will observe that the energy of sadness, while variable based on other emotions present, will generally look like an irregular, clumpy, or asymmetrical cloud of grayish energy.  Positive emotions look and feel completely different.

Once negative emotions have clouded the energy system and gotten stuck in the chakras (energy centers) and meridians, simply choosing a different state of being, while possible, is unrealistic and certainly unfair to expect of someone.  The best hope for most of us is a distraction to get our mind off of our negative emotions and switch to different ones.  However, this is not a long-term solution, as it doesn’t get rid of the negativity (aka negative energy), and only distracts us from it until it just gets stirred up again, as it is bound to do.

The better option by far would be to extract the negative emotional energies from the person’s system.  As I hope you are concluding by now, it is not possible to feel sad without sadness energy in your system.  It is not possible to feel anger without anger energy in your system.  You won’t feel depressed without depression energy in your system.  Or anxiety.  Or anything else.

Most people think that when bad things happen, they feel a negative emotion in response to it.  A much more accurate way to put it for those of us who habitually feel certain things like anger, anxiety, fear, depression, and other emotions, is that certain situations trigger what is already there.  What is already there might have been created or generated decades ago–or last week.  In any case, old emotions have to be released if we are to feel peaceful and go through life without quite a bit of turmoil.

Your options are “letting go,” either subconsciously or consciously (lots of us do this with small things naturally anyway, but it’s pretty hard with big stuff), therapy, Pranic Healing, or another healing technique.

In Pranic Healing, we can pluck the things that we don’t want out with the flick of a hand (or a crystal)!  We can even implant positive energies in their place.  I know this because I have seen it work countless times, on countless people–not to mention myself.

Will the person feel that negativity again?  In other words, is the healing permanent?  Will doing Pranic Healing mean I won’t feel stress anymore?

Habitual, long-term negative emotions are highly likely to be caused by a huge buildup of them over time, or resulting from a traumatic experience that continues to get triggered.  By getting Pranic Healing on those emotions, the person will be substantially or completely healed of them.  They won’t get triggered at the drop of a hat anymore.  And this is huge.  Frankly, most people never even get that relief.

When years of old stuff is cleared away, it is simply far easier to be calm, even when stressful situations arise.  We still feel stress and negative emotions, but as I have said in other posts–it is extremely common for us that we aren’t feeling the stress of that day– rather, the stress of the day stirred up the stress of a couple of decades that has been sitting in our system for years.  So small things FEEL massively stressful!

Once years of negative emotional energies are extracted, our thoughts are free to go in a new, positive direction, and it is extremely easy for them to do so!  This is when it could be fair to say happiness is a choice… But by then it is so easy to feel happy, choosing it would be redundant!

One exception to this: anger toward someone who has hurt you.  Healing this is very difficult until the person forgives the “wrongdoer”.  The energy system holds on tight to this anger and hurt and a healer will have a very hard time extracting it unless the person has either consciously or subconsciously let go of the situation and any anger toward the other.  Even if the healer was able to extract the energies of anger and resentment, the person would re-create them soon enough until they have let the person and situation go.  In this case, you need to do Master Co’s Forgiveness Meditation video.  For difficult or traumatic hurts, you may need to do the exercise for 30-60 days.

After a healing, you may notice in a few days you are feeling that negative emotion again.  Has it “come back”?  No.  There was simply more stuff buried deeper in your system that has come to the surface.  In Pranic Healing, we strongly suggest  follow up sessions until the negative thoughts and emotions are healed.

So while we can say happiness is partly a choice, and refusing to take responsibility for one’s life certainly is, I strongly dislike statements that make it sound like happiness is nothing more than a choice.  I strongly feel we all need much more help in life than hearing we just need to change our mind about our emotions.


Information on sessions here

Is Pranic Healing like Reiki? No.

I love talking to new people about Pranic Healing!  At first, I had to think hard to come up with an explanation and context as to what energy healing was since of course almost none of us grew up with the concept.  Lately, I have figured out ways to make it make sense even to those brand-new to the idea (I think!).

For those that ARE familiar with energy healing, the title of this post is virtually always the first question I hear when I say I practice energy healing, as Reiki is currently a popular energy healing modality–at least here in the Pacific Northwest.

Since I like to help people understand what Pranic Healing is quickly and easily, and Reiki is also an energy healing modality, I usually give a quick yes and then point out a difference or two between them.

Here is what Master Co has to say about the differences between Pranic Healing and Reiki (click the link for best resolution):





However, I recently decided I am going to change my answer.  Upon further contemplation, I would say that Pranic Healing is more like acupuncture than Reiki.  I probably did not draw this comparison before because acupuncture uses needles, and in Pranic Healing we definitely don’t!  But if you look beyond that piece, I feel acupuncture and Pranic Healing share more similarities based on the following:


1.  Pranic Healing uses a depth of information closer to what is available in acupuncture, such as detailed energetic anatomy.  Pranic Healing and acupuncture both teach about  chakras, acupuncture points, meridians, and (in Pranic Healing) the overlapping energy bodies.  Pranic Healing teaches detailed information about which chakras control which organs, physiological systems, and parts of the body.

2.  Acupuncture uses cleansing as well as energizing, while Reiki uses only energizing.  Cleansing is quite possibly the cornerstone of the Pranic Healing system.  80% of any healing session consists of disintegrating and removing energetic blockages caused by diseased and congested energy.  Energetic congestion blocks the channels and chakras/acupuncture points.  Without removing it, proper flow of prana, or energy, is impossible.  (Improper flow of energy results in energetic depletion which means fatigue, illness, chronic stress, and other problems.)  When an acupuncturist twirls the needle counterclockwise, it causes the acupuncture point, or chakra, to expel and release diseased energy.

3.  In Pranic Healing and acupuncture, the client receives a healing session specifically tailored to their ailment, symptoms, pain, or psychological issue.  Pranic Healing addresses the exact energetic manifestation of the person’s ailment.  Energetically (as well as physically of course), asthma looks different from migraines which look different from a phobia.  We use a different healing procedure for each ailment, as Master Choa created tailored protocols for hundreds of health conditions which are used for each session.

For a person who has never heard of energy healing or tried it, I agree Pranic Healing and Reiki could easily be in the same category.  You are using energy, or prana, to heal.  However, in the world of energy healing, the differences Master Co discusses are huge!

I hope this gives you an even broader picture of Pranic Healing!  The best ways to understand it are 1.  Receive a healing session.  You can do this in a private session with me or at one of our Free Healing Clinics.  2.  Take a class.  You can take  Free Introduction with me or someone else, or sign up for Level I, happening April 2-3 with Chandan!

No One Should Have to Parent Without Pranic Healing



When I think of Pranic Healing (PH) and being a mother, the first word that comes to mind is “indispensable.”

Every time I use it for my 3-year-old son Aryan–or myself–I automatically think, “I can’t believe most people don’t know these techniques and can’t have the same help for themselves and their loved ones!”  I shudder to think how I would have survived the last three years as a parent without these tools to heal physically as well as mentally/emotionally.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think how lucky I am to have effective tools that solve problems with little more than the snap of a finger.  I wish I could magically heal all the other babies and toddlers out there who are going through stuff that might take only a few minutes to solve permanently!  Until then, I have this blog and my Free Introductions to Pranic Healing to get the word out…

The best way I could think to share how I use PH in my life and what a miraculous blessing it is is to simply tell you the stories!  I hope they inspire you to learn more.  If there is one message I hope to impress it’s that you have the power to heal.  You are not solely at the mercy of people with 8 years of medical education (though we all need occasional trips to the naturopath for checkups and some extra help).  And emotional stuff does not require years of therapy to release!

(Pranic Healing was created by Master Choa Kok Sui.  Click here to learn what Pranic Healing is!)

There are countless more stories than are here.  I have surely forgotten most of them, as this is all an entirely routine part of my life.  But as a small sample, here you go….

Also, you have a chance to take the class coming up!  You will come away with techniques and tools to keep and use for life.  Gayle Nelson teaches the class July 23-24.  For details, click here, and click here to register!  Note: You save $25 when you register by July 8th, Friday!

Physical Healing:

Aryan got a fever once when he was two.  I didn’t take his temperature because once I felt he was burning up, and his skin (even on his tummy) was red, I was so startled, I ran off to do PH!  I put on some Thomas the Train to keep him out of my way, and immediately went to our small healing room and did the PH protocol for fever.  It took 40 minutes.  I went back to the living room, and his skin was normal color again, felt the right temperature, and he never got sick.

Aryan has only been to the doctor because he was sick once.  I thought it was a diaper rash that wouldn’t go away.  It was all over his bottom and looked really nasty.  I keep putting diaper cream on it which normally worked in less than a day, but it wasn’t doing anything.  The doctor said it was something called Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease which is a virus they can’t give you any treatment for.  I went home and found a Pranic Healing protocol and applied it 1-2 times a day.  It cleared up in no time and he never acted sick–no crabbiness, decreased energy, or other symptoms which can ensue from this virus.

Aryan used to get runny noses and coughs.  He never acted run-down or “sick” but just got those symptoms a few times a year.  One of his earliest runny noses lasted almost 3 weeks.  I kept applying physical PH healing but it didn’t seem to do much.  Finally, I scanned for mental/emotional congestion, and there was a lot in the lungs.  As soon as I cleared that out, the runny nose healed quickly.  For his next runny nose, I started with the mental/emotional healing and it cleared up fast.  Now, he rarely gets them at all and when he does, they are short-lived (a day or two) and easy to heal!


I got a healing session for myself several months ago, and in the course of conversation mentioned what a handful Aryan is, how active, non-stop motion, plus talking and requests, all day long.  Also, his nap seemed to be going away, much to my disappointment.  This healer mentioned cleaning all the lower chakras and doing a technique mentioned in Master Choa Kok Sui’s book Pranic Psychotherapy which I won’t take the time to describe here.  It was like someone had slipped him a pill.  After just a couple of days, not only was he napping again–with little protest–but playing quietly, alone, at many points throughout the day!  I had never seen him behave like this his entire life, I was simply astounded.  One of the first miracles was me cooking dinner, without my husband helping to restrain or entertain Aryan because he was away on a business trip. He just sat on the kitchen floor and played with some pots and spoons for a full 45 minutes.  This, from a kid who couldn’t stay with one activity for much more than 25 seconds.  To this day, when he starts getting hard to handle, I remember to do healing and it still works!  Six months later, he was still napping almost every day–though that just ended a few weeks ago.


I work out at the YMCA which has great childcare.  Aryan loved it–until he turned 3 and had to move to the big kid area which was a HUGE gymnasium.  For some reason, the gymnasium freaked him out and he screamed and cried to not go in there.  At home, if I even mentioned going to the gym, he completely panicked, screamed, cried, and wouldn’t go.  It was so heartbreaking, I stopped going to the gym for several months, hoping he would mature a little and be comfortable again.  At one point, we drove as far as the gym, but he went so crazy when I tried to get him out of the car, I couldn’t go through with it.  I would have had to carry him in full-on tantrum mode to the front desk where I wouldn’t have even been able to get my gym card out of my wallet.  Finally, I thought to try PH on his fear.  Less than 10 minutes of healing, and I suggested going to the gym.  “Ok,” he said.  I was amazed….  Partway there in the car, he started fussing a little.  I did more healing in the car after arriving, suggested we go in, and he was fine!  I think I did one more 5-10 minute session on him later, and that was it.  He has enjoyed the gym ever since!

Resistance to Potty Training:

If I had known he would still be in diapers through his 3rd birthday, I would never have switched him out of cloth, which I did when he was close to a year old.  Every disposable diaper I threw away made me feel terrible.  (They take ages to decompose and sit in landfills for a loooooong time.)  Everyone said to wait till he was “ready.”  Well, he refused to even try on underwear–screamed at the suggestion of it.  He mostly refused to even sit on the potty, though would occasionally–just not go in it.  Most of the time, though, when I suggested it, he screamed, “NO POTTY!!!!!!!”  I felt annoyed because it’s not like he wasn’t old enough, smart enough, or mature enough.  He certainly had no shame, discomfort, or embarrassment associated with the bathroom or doing his business.  It was just plain old toddler resistance or contrarianism.  Mom wants it, so I’m gonna say no.  To me, this is not a “not ready for potty training” sign.  It’s just a way to assert his own will and willpower which is fun for a 2- and 3-year-old.

At last, I thought of PH.  I scanned for energies of “resistance”–meaning, resistance to potty training, as well as resistance to wearing underwear.  No joke, after 10 minutes of healing, I said, “Want to try on your new underwear?”  And he stepped right into it and loved wearing it.  After SIX MONTHS of him refusing to even try it on to see if it fit!  He willingly tried the potty and went in it.  Right after, I tried the infamous 3-day potty training process (if you have small kids, you’ve probably heard of it), and it worked perfectly.  He only had one accident on the sofa and one on the floor.  He went to “preschool camp” the next week which entailed 3 hours a day without me around for 3 days.  No accident, just asked an adult to take him to the toilet.  Weeks later, still not one accident. Done and done!


Instead of letting one meltdown turn into 3 an hour later, which will turn into 9 by evening, I do healing after a tantrum.  He’s often calmer than he was before the tantrum.  Just like in adults, negative emotions, stress, fatigue, anger, frustration, and everything else add up and accumulate.  Without PH, how are you going to start fresh with a clean slate the next day?

I can’t say if this is the cause or not, but when he started preschool last January, he never once cried when I left.  I had to get his attention to even get a hug goodbye.  Meanwhile, older kids were still having trouble.  Of course, there is NOTHING wrong with that and it is 100% natural.  It could absolutely just be Aryan’s personality.  However, I believe the regular healing helps in more ways that I can guess or quantify.

I hope these stories were interesting to read and help expand on what PH can do and what it looks like to have it in your life on a regular basis!  As you can see, as a parent, it has made an absolutely massive difference in my life.  I fervently hope and wish more parents would learn it because, for crying out loud, parenting is hard enough.  And this is such a simple way to make it so much easier.

If you have any questions about PH classes, don’t hesitate to contact me!  Meghan@pranichealing.com.

Register for Pranic Healing Level I here.


Yes, You Can Heal Someone Who is Miles Away!

Nowadays, all of my Pranic Healing sessions are distance healing sessions. This means I call the person I am going to work on, ask how they are doing and what they need healing for, hang up the phone, perform the session, and call them to talk after I am done. It’s wonderfully convenient since, thanks to Seattle traffic, a client who lives not too far away could be in the car an hour during rush hour to see me (I work weekday evenings). With distance healing, no travel is necessary, and they can relax in the comfort of their own home with me just a phone call away!

Now how the Bleep is that supposed to work?!

I remember learning about distance healing first from Master Stephen Co’s Book on Pranic Healing, Your Hands Can Heal You. It discussed distance healing and I thought, “hmm… weird” but didn’t pay much attention to it. Then I took Level I and we practiced the technique in class, working on someone who needed healing and was not there in the class. I thought, “wow, really?” but was still skeptical. Naturally, it was a stretch for me to think I could actually relieve a health condition from miles away. Actually, at that time, it was a stretch for me to think I could do it for someone in the room with me!

After enough successful sessions—given as well as received—I am more than convinced by now. For my certification, I had to produce 24 successful healing cases. There had to be at least 80% relief of the condition for it to count. Several of my cases were conducted completely at a distance. When I get a Pranic Healing session for myself, 99% of the time it is distance—and 100% of the time I experience relief from what I needed help with.

Ok, but our minds want to understand!

Have you ever been thinking of someone, and just then the phone rang and it was them? Or you got an e-mail right after they had jumped into your thoughts? Even if you hadn’t thought of them in months or years?

Have you ever been just about to say something when the person next to you brought up the exact thing that was on the tip of your tongue?

Have you ever known someone was angry with you or talking behind your back, even as they smiled to your face? You had no physical or tangible evidence, but you later found out you were right?

These are all examples of energy exchange—mostly at a distance!

When someone else completes your sentence, your ideas formed energetically and the other person received or read them before you could open your mouth.

Getting that phone call from someone you were just thinking about simply means their thoughts about you traveled to you (as thoughts about any person do), and you felt the other person’s energy or presence, causing you to think of them.

This is how easily thoughts (which are energy) travel, and how easy it is to know, receive, and be aware of them!

Now, when someone is thinking nicely or not about you, those thoughts don’t shoot from their energy field and then hit the door and get stuck. They go straight to you–unobstructed–and if you are sensitive, you feel it!

Healing works the same way. Energy healing is giving and receiving energy, only this time, it’s conscious and intentional—and only for healing and assisting others!

We’re all working with energy all the time! Sending out good and bad stuff, helping and even harming. The amazing, incredible thing about Pranic Healing is that you can now learn how this process works and have control over it. Powerful, positive influence—including healing from health conditions– is suddenly at your fingertips!

When you heal someone from a distance, you work on them exactly as though they were in the room. You just need a tad bit of imagination now that you wouldn’t before. If you have never met them before, it is helpful to have a picture. Talking on the phone first is also a perfect way to establish a connection.

If you have read about Pranic Healing on my other posts, you know that the process is only two simple steps: cleansing and energizing. We clean away or remove dirty, congested energy. Then we energize with fresh energy. We do this to the chakras associated with the ailment the person is experiencing. Each chakra controls and supplies energy to the various organs of the body and is also associated with particular psychological emotions and issues.

We simply imagine the person in front of us and conduct the healing as if they were physically where we picture them being. The dirty energy we remove is now in the room with us as we “sweep” or cleanse it from the person, and we toss it in a bucket of salt water, just as we would if they were there. We energize by picturing the chakra or area we are energizing, and the energy goes there just the same.

If you are sensitive and/or know what an energy healing session feels like, you will feel right away that you are being worked on, even when you’re in that room all by yourself!

When finished, I give them a call and almost always hear, “I feel sooooo relaxed….”

Wanna know more? You’re in luck! Senior Certified Instructor Chandan Parameswara will be in Seattle March 21-23!  See his website here.

Pranic Healing Level I happens March 21-22 (9am-5:30pm both days). Level III, Pranic Psychotherapy, happens Monday March 23rd 9am-9pm. (The only prerequisite for Level III is Level I.)

Take both classes and receive a combo discount of $50!  **Register by March 18th before the price goes up $25 per class!

Questions?  e-mail me at meghan@bodyspirithealth.com!

Video: Feel Energy (Prana) for Yourself!

What I learned making this video… a perfectionist never posts anything!  Took me ages to get this up because there just always seems to be something not quite right…  So if you can overlook those imperfections (and I’m sure you can!), I can probably post more videos 🙂

Don’t Think You Have Chakras? Try This Exercise!

(waiting in the car to pick up my son from preschool, pointing to chakras…)

I get that this chakra thing sounds weird.  How are we supposed to buy into something we can’t see or touch?

Well, don’t assume that your favorite energy healer believed it all at a glance either!  No matter how “out-there” a person seems, they wouldn’t be talking about energy or using it for healing if they didn’t have personal experience that proved it to them.

The hard part of demonstrating the existence of energy isn’t teaching people how to feel energy because that’s easy.  About 90% of people feel something on the first try.  The hard part is just getting the average person to open their mind enough to believe it’s possible– and then to try it!  Isn’t that interesting?  Feeling prana is easy, but believing it might exist is very hard for many people.

Here’s an interesting exercise to try if you would like to feel the presence of two of your chakras.  These are the easiest to feel and, in fact, you are feeling them frequently but just didn’t realize it!

Step 1: Close your eyes.  Think of something emotionally stressful.  Think of the most difficult and stressful thing you can.  Maybe something that pushes your buttons and just drives you nuts.  A situation that makes you really mad.  Think of this for 5-10 seconds.  Now point your finger toward your body and touch the part that feels tight and painful.

Step 2:  Close your eyes.  Think of someone you love.  If you are a parent, imagine holding your child as a baby and singing to him or her, or reading them a book when they were little.  You can think of a beloved pet or a best friend, or a spouse. Think of the moment you fell in love with someone.  Think of this person for 5-10 seconds.  What do you feel in your body?  Now point your finger toward yourself and touch the part of your body where you feel something.


In the first scenario, you are most likely touching your solar plexus chakra.  Some people feel emotional upsets in their stomach as well, but more than likely, you felt it strongly here.  The solar plexus chakra is located between your left and right ribs.  This chakra is the center of “lower emotions” including stress, anger, anxiety, etc.  Its positive side also includes emotions like courage, standing up for yourself, etc.  But when these negative emotions come up in us, this chakra is affected.

If you have taken Pranic Healing or practiced scanning (feeling energy), you can scan this chakra for further validation.  When we experience these negative emotions, this chakra gets what we call “activated.”  When a chakra gets activated, its influence on us increases, and the chakra actually increases in size and energy output–temporarily.  You can scan this chakra sideways (as you learn in Pranic Healing Level II for those who have taken it), take note of its size, then do Step 1 and scan again after.  It will be much bigger the second time you scan it!

The second chakra you are activating, in Step 2, is the heart chakra.  This chakra just doesn’t get the credit it deserves!  When you pointed to yourself, you most likely touched the heart chakra.  You can feel your chest expand when you get that warm-and-fuzzy feeling when you think of someone you love!  We feel it all the time!

Now, when you touched your chest, did you put your hand to the side where your physical heart is?  Did you feel the expansive feeling on one side of your chest?  No—your physical heart really has no connection to what is going on in this exercise or what goes on when you feel and express love.  Your heart CHAKRA, however, is absolutely central to those things!  (see first pic at top of blog)

When you think of someone you love, when you watch happy and loving things on television, when you hug your dog and let him lick your face, your heart chakra gets activated!  Again, this means that its influence is temporarily stronger than normal, it expands in size, and its energetic output increases.  The functions of the heart chakra will be more influential over you at that time.

Have you ever said no to something your child asked you for on one day, then said yes to the same thing on the other?  The second time you went all soft and couldn’t resist him or her?  Most likely, your heart chakra was more activated and took over.  This is not a good or bad thing in this example, it’s just what happens.  (If your kids are smart, they will pay attention and know when to ask for things!)  Of course, most of us tend to have certain chakras which are consistently, on a long-term basis, very active with others less active or smaller in size by comparison.  What would this look like?

Let’s take an extreme example of someone with a very under-activated heart chakra.  It is consistently small in size with other chakras such as the solar plexus chakra active by comparison.  This person will certainly put themselves first most or all of the time.  It will be difficult for them to give and share with others.  In an extreme case, they may even step on others left and right to get what they want, hurting them in the process.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, those with a very active heart chakra and consistently under-activated solar plexus chakra will instead give and share constantly, maybe never say no, and then neglect themselves.  In short: doormat.  Not healthy either!  Love for self and love of for others are equally important and these two chakras should be roughly the same size.

In a perfect world, all our chakras (there are 11) are about the same size.  In this scenario, we have balanced the different aspects of ourselves and use our different qualities when it is appropriate for the situation and what is needed.

When someone is extremely kind, generous, and giving, what do we say?  They have a “heart of gold.”  The heart chakra literally has gold prana in it!  The colored pranas of the heart chakra are pink and gold, and when a person has a highly developed, highly activated heart chakra (this would happen further along the spiritual path of course), their heart chakra actually contains more gold than the average!

All this information on chakras comes from Pranic Healing, created by Master Choa Kok Sui.  If you are interested in learning more about the psychological functions of all 11 chakras, please see Pranic Psychotherapy by Master Choa Kok Sui.  And you will probably want to read Miracles through Pranic Healing by MCKS and/or Your Hands Can Heal You by Master Stephen Co in order start with the basics and understand Pranic Psychotherapy better.

Can you heal someone whose chakras are unbalanced, who exhibits extreme tendencies in one direction or another?  Yes!  This is where the brilliance of Master Choa’s understandings of the chakras comes in—it is the secret of the mind-body connection as well as unlocking massive shortcuts in psychological healing by giving us access to the real heart of mental/emotional imbalances: our energy.  With Pranic Healing, we can heal negative tendencies, addictions, emotions, thoughts, trauma, and much more.

Check out a local Pranic Healing Free Clinic near you to experience Pranic Healing for free (most are posted on www. meetup.com such as ours, www.meetup.com/pranichealingseattle.)

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Hit Your Body’s Reset Button

Hey, so speaking of  New Year’s Resolutions… like blogging at least twice a week?  Oops already… this one’s a little late!  However, I can honestly say I have been working on my blog—just trying to learn the ropes at WordPress!  As you can see from my site, much work is yet to be done… but I’ll get the hang of it soon 🙂

SO… better late than never, my New Year’s Post:

Ah, the new year… that time of re-evaluation.  What are my daily habits like?  How am I doing on my short- and long-term goals?  What are my new goals?

Many of these habits and goals have to do with our health.  Did you meet your health goals for last year?

I won’t lecture you on the importance of good health and healthy lifestyle habits.  If you are reading this at all, you already know health is important!  Hopefully, from this blog, you are getting some tips and practices to help you have more energy, feel happier, get spiritually connected, and more.

In this post, I will give you a list of practices I suggest you cram into a week for a New Year’s “reset.”

I won’t call it a cleanse because it’s a much milder program than the kinds of restriction a cleanse entails.  However, it will help you physically and energetically “cleanse” as well as give you more energy.

A concept that I try to embed in many of my posts is that physically and energetically, we have natural waste that needs to be removed, and making sure our lifestyle supports this removal is paramount to having good health, having enough energy, to mental clarity, and long-term disease prevention.

When you eat and drink, you later go to the bathroom.  When you inhale, you also exhale. Energetically, you take in fresh prana from the environment, and once that prana is used, dirty or used-up prana exits the energy system naturally.

Perfect setup right?  Only problem is that most of us don’t expel our natural waste products, including dirty energy, as quickly as it is created, for various reasons.  Hence buildup.  We know about buildup because we hear about it in the lower-tract regions.  Well, our chakras can get “constipated” too!

If we don’t heal and cleanse constantly and quickly enough, blockages occur–energetic as well as physical.  Both types are primary culprits in causing fatigue.  (Anyone wish they had more energy?)  Serious blockages that worsen over years cause serious health conditions.

Catching up on the body’s usually-slowed waste removal is an incredibly powerful healing secret, physically as well as energetically.  Just by expelling dirty, used-up prana, the body instantaneously and rapidly draws in lots of fresh prana.  You feel awake, alert, energized–and cheerful!

By unclogging our systems, you detoxify your system (to varying degrees, depending on the technique) which automatically gives you more energy.  Instead of your body using its resources to try to flush out old stuff, you have that energy for other things.  Your digestion will improve and you will absorb nutrition from your food better.

Putting it another way: Your physical body and energy body is a series of tubes—plumbing!  There’s always some junk here and there in all of us.  But we often have some major jams that need an extra boost to get cleared out.

So let’s get started!

Here’s your to-do list!  Some of these practices are energetic, some of these are physical.  The best part of all is that what you do energetically also affects the physical body.  What you do physically also affects the energy body.  So you are healing both all the time with the things on this list.  Why not just stick to one type of the other?  Because the healing will be much more rapid and powerful when you do both.

These things work!  They are easy, and they get results.  But as I always say, experiment for yourself.  Maybe something here sounds weird.  Well you won’t know unless you try, right?  And if it doesn’t seem to do the trick, no problem!  You can toss it out and nothing lost.

A note on foods.  Don’t read so much into the food list.  It is not a list of the “only healthy foods you should ever eat.”  It is a list of foods that will assist your body in cleansing.  Some foods help cleanse, some foods do more building of the body.  Since the theme is flushing out old stuff, the do’s and don’t’s are toward that end.  True, sugar and coffee aren’t “health foods,” but they are not on the “don’t” list because they don’t have a large effect on your body’s cleansing processes.  Of course, since our end goal is health, use your common sense on eating as healthfully as possible.

There are other cleanses out there!  You might feel you need more.  You might want to get sugar out of your system because you have been having too many cravings, etc.  This is not the only or best cleanse out there.  It’s just one way to eat to help your body get caught up on digestion and elimination, and inclusive of energy healing practices that will assist healing you on a deeper level.

So this is just an experiment for you.  Try it if you like!

You can do this for 1 day or 7–or more!




-Cheese/Milk/Yogurt (small amounts of dairy as ingredients are fine)

-Dessert (a bite of something here and there is ok, just avoid sitting down to a sundae or bowl of ice cream)


Why?  Energetically, these things are heavy.  Pork is incredibly clogging to the energy body, at the heaviest end of the spectrum.  (If you are a person who eats pork frequently, I can almost guarantee you will feel at least some difference by removing it for a few days and you will understand what I’m talking about.)  Removing heavier foods lets your energy flow more easily which gives you more energy—because your energy flow is not being hampered.


-Vegetables (load up please!)




Of course, any foods that irritate your system specifically are best left out for any cleanse or “reset”.  There are too many possibilities to list!  But by all means, tailor it.  I do suggest keeping out the “No” foods in any case for the reasons I listed.  As I mentioned, it’s a temporary way of eating for an intended purpose, not a “bad guys” list for all time.


Green Smoothies, 2 glasses a day

Some people can easily substitute 1-2 meals for a few glasses of green smoothies instead.  They are fairly filling—more than you expect.  But if you are not one of those people, I recommend a smoothie for breakfast because on an empty stomach is the perfect time to flush through all the greens so they cleanse and push through (hooray fiber!) anything that was not fully digested or processed previously.  Then for either lunch or dinner, eat a big salad with anything on top that isn’t on the “No” list.  Sometimes I even sauté vegetables and put them on my salad, like brocooli and mushroom, and it makes it filling and delicious!  You can also try your favorite nuts and seeds, and don’t forget your favorite dressing.

(For Green Smoothie recipes, you will find plenty of recipes online.  I personally just fill my blender about 50% with leafy greens (kale, spinach, chard, etc) and 50% fruit (pear, banana, apple, berries, etc).  It doesn’t matter too much which greens and fruit you choose.  Pear and banana will make the texture the most drinkable, however.  If you’re new to drinking green stuff, start with spinach, it’s easiest on the palate.)

For the third meal, there are thousands and thousands of hearty and delicious meals without meat and cheese, and free recipes left and right online.  Try a simple Thai dish with rich and delicious coconut milk (one of my favorites!).  You can sauté vegetables and make a Chinese-inspired stir fry.  Soup options are endless, as are baked vegetable ensembles for the casserole dish and the oven.  Pizza without cheese is delicious—just get a super fresh tomato or pesto sauce and slather it on!  I love artichokes, mushrooms, garlic, and onions on my pizza….


As with the physical body, things can get backed up here.  Stress energy is a main culprit.  Treat yourself to the practices here and let the bliss begin….


Either morning or evening, take a salt bath.  You’ve heard it from me before, and you’ll hear it from me again!  Fill your bath with 2-4 pounds of table salt (not Epsom salt which does not have a cleansing effect).  Table salt contains green prana.  Green prana has the effect of breaking down dirty, congested, clumped energy.  It disintegrates it, while the water helps draw it out of your body.

For even more cleansing, drop 10-15 drops of tea tree oil OR lavender oil into the bath. You can alternate the two oils.  Soak for 20 minutes maximum. Then rinse off afterward with a quick shower.

Twin Hearts Meditation:

This is a guided meditation created by Master Choa Kok Sui designed to cleanse, heal, and energize your energy system as well as heal your physical body (anything that happens to our energy affects our physical body automatically!).  Not to mention give you spiritual connection!  Do this daily.  You can even do it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening to give yourself an extra boost.  Don’t be fooled by its simplicity.  It is extremely powerful!   www.pranichealing.com/meditation-twin-hearts

There are too many benefits of this meditation to list!  You will find many throughout my blog.  The short version: by simply following along, a downpour of energy flushes through your entire system, pushing out old, stale, congested energies.  You are then flooded with fresh prana.  It’s like getting an energy transfusion with the hit of a button!

There are three CD versions of it some of you may already have.  The link above is free, and is a shortened version.  There is also a slightly longer CD version guided by Master Choa Kok Sui.  Then there are two more with an extra 7 minutes or so which guide you through specific healing for your physical organs in one, and for your mind/emotions for the other.  If you happen to have the latter two CDs, I suggest alternating these two versions during this week.  You can purchase them on the Pranic Healing website, www.pranichealing.com.  If you are practicing Arhatic Yoga, pack it in to this week!  (www.pranichealing.com/courses/arhatic-yoga)

Just remember not to start Twin Hearts less than about two hours before bedtime.  (For Arhatic, you have probably already figured out when you need to do it J)  These meditations can be fairly energizing and, for some people, cause them to have trouble falling asleep.

This is a great time to get some Pranic Healing (PH) for even deeper cleansing and healing.  You can use PH to cleanse physical organs such as your liver and lungs, you can use it to clean all major chakras, you can use it to cleanse and remove negative mental/emotional energy and blockages of all kinds—stress, depression, anger/resentment, trauma, and more.  (I am available for sessions on a limited basis.)

Other Cleansing Practices:

If you want to treat yourself to even more, here are a few other tried-and-true ways to cleanse and heal.  Pack these into your Reset Week as your schedule allows!


Colon Hydrotherapy

Sauna and Steam Room

Sleep!  Go to bed 10pm or earlier!

Exercise-sweat, sweat, sweat

Best wishes for fantastic health in 2015!