This is How One Person Makes a Difference (and When Your Donation is Always Matched!)

Originally Published June 19, 2013

I have always been acutely saddened by the suffering present around the world and wondered what I could ever do to help.  The question literally used to keep me up at night.  It seemed like a person had to be famous, powerful, wealthy, extremely clever, or at least utterly tireless (such as a political activist) to accomplish something good.  This left me feeling hopeless, as I wasn’t any of these–at least not yet!

I suddenly saw things very differently when I read a particular book–I can’t remember which one–which said that just one person raising their consciousness affects the consciousness of the whole planet.  One person’s shift in energy affects the energy of everyone else.  It’s like raising the whole “ocean” we are all a part of each time someone evolves to any degree.

We are swimming in an ocean of energy, whether we can see it or not.  If one kid pees in the pool, we all know it!  Similarly, if another blesses the water, we all benefit.   Personal growth is not only good for ourselves but directly helps every person on the entire planet.

I felt even more empowered after I found Pranic Healing and started doing the Meditation on Twin Hearts.  During the first part of the guided meditation, we imagine the earth in front of us and bless it with the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.  If you are sensitive, you can feel energy coming out of your palms as it flows into the earth.

At first, I thought, “dinky little me blessing the entire planet?  Yeah, right, how is that supposed to help?”  I felt small and powerless again.  One day, the obvious occurred to me:  I wasn’t meditating alone, even if it looked like I was the only one in the room.  In Pranic Healing, we begin every meditation and even every class with the prayer or invocation,

To the Supreme God,

Divine Father, Divine Mother

To my Spiritual Teacher, to all Spiritual Teachers,

To the Holy Masters, Saints, Archangels, Holy angels and Spiritual Helpers,

We humbly invoke for your great, great blessings

For your Divine light, love, power, help, healing, guidance, and Divine protection

With thanks and in full faith

The thought struck me, “when we pray and bless the earth, our donation is matched!”  Thousands of times over, too.

We commonly say that humans have free will.  If we want to go it alone, we are free to do so.  But if we want help, there are legions of beings standing by–famous, powerful, wealthy, extremely clever, and utterly tireless.  And they are just a thought, word, or prayer away.

Of course, when we bless the earth, it is with the same positive energy that we have more of when we spiritually evolve.  Blessing the earth helps everyone on the planet evolve, as well as be healed, soothed, and calmed.

This energy is more powerful than most people realize!  Remember in that cult-classic documentary, What the Bleep Do We Know, when a group of meditators claimed to the local police in Washington D.C. that they could lower the crime rate by a certain percentage by simply meditating?  Of course, the police laughed at the idea… until it worked.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are uncontrollably affected by positive energy!

With practice in scanning (feeling energy), or with just a tiny bit of instinct, you can feel that you’re not alone, especially when using the above prayer, another prayer, or doing the Twin Hearts Meditation.  I KNOW there are many with me with me when I do the Twin Hearts Meditation and that with my small and humble request, MUCH difference is being made, one 20-minute meditation at a time….

(Here is the link for the free short version of Twin Hearts online.)

P.S.  When you meditate in a group, the energy you generate increases exponentially.  (This means two meditators do not increase the energy x 2 but at least to the 2nd power, meaning 4x as much energy.)  Jesus said, “whenever two or more are gathered in my name,” and this is one powerful way of interpreting that statement.

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