What is Dirty Energy?

Originally Published June 07, 2013

One of the main things that sets Pranic Healing apart from other energy healing modalities is its focus on cleansing.  When people think of energy healing, they mostly imagine energizing.  Someone is sick or tired?  Add energy.  But there is a missing piece that is vitally important–cleansing!

What do we clean?  We clean the energy field which naturally and inevitably gets congested with dirty energy.

Dirty energy is simply energy (prana) which has been either used up and is now a waste product or congested energy that has been disrupted due to stress and negative emotions.  While dirty energy is a natural by-product of our body’s regular energetic processes, and the body does already remove it regularly and continually, it still frequently gets built up and needs assistance for it to get flushed out.

Master Pranic Healer Master Co jokingly calls himself a “psychic janitor.”  Pranic Healing is beautifully simple and easy to learn, and much of what we do is simply mopping up the “mess” and buildup that naturally results in our bodies from our busy lives.

Dirty energy looks completely different from clean energy.  Dirty energy is gray, heavy, and clumpy.  When you scan it, it feels heavy, uneven, and makes your hand itch.  Clean energy looks bright, light, and flowing.  When you scan it, it feels smooth and pleasant.

Perhaps the most common cause of dirty energy is stress and negative emotions.  When we are emotionally upset, tense, anxious, angry, or fearful, our tension stops the proper flow of energy in the body.  Our energy clumps together, gets held in, and stops moving as it should.  The resulting blockages stop the natural flow of fresh prana in the body.  Just as clogged arteries prevent blood flow, clocked energy channels and chakras prevent energy flow, and the health issues can result.

Energizing will be of little help if that fresh energy has nowhere to go.  When there are blockages stopping the flow of energy, it isn’t much use to add more energy.  If anything, there is already too much there.  This can be felt when scanning (the technique taught in Pranic Healing of feeling energy) as a bulge in the aura or chakra.

Ultimately, Cleansing = Energizing!

How is that possible?  When blockages are removed, fresh prana immediately and automatically starts flowing through as it should, and it also rushes in from the surrounding environment.  We are constantly swimming in energy.  There is no shortage of energy, just a shortage of our ability to absorb it!  So when we cleanse, we indirectly energize as well.

You can thoroughly cleanse your energy body today with this very simple process:  a salt water bath.  Use regular table salt (not epsom salts, as they do not have the same energetic effect) and add about 2-4 pounds to your bath.  Soak for 20-25 minutes (but not more, as you could end up re-absorbing the dirty energy!).  The water draws out the dirty energy from the body and the salt breaks it down.

I was originally unconvinced my salt baths were doing all that much until one day I took a bath without salt, as I had run out.  I was disappointed to notice I did not feel the same degree of relaxation afterward that I was used to.  I didn’t feel like I had taken a “relaxing” bath at all!  I realized that the way I felt was due to the energetic cleansing process that had happened, not just sitting in hot water as I thought.  (I buy 25-pound bags of salt at Costco and rarely run out now!)

Salt water baths are not only relaxing but important parts of staying healthy.  As I mentioned, when energy blockages are removed and energy can flow properly, the body can receive the prana it needs where it needs it.  Try a salt bath today and leave a comment about your experience!  🙂

5 thoughts on “What is Dirty Energy?

  1. Hi to all, as I am in fact keen of reading this website’s post to be updated
    on a regular basis. It contains pleasant stuff.


  2. MindCreativeThoughts January 16, 2015 — 9:09 pm

    Is there another technique if you don’t have access to a bath?


    1. Yes! You can take a salt shower! Just get wet in the shower, step away from the water, pat salt all over your body, wait a minute or two and rinse off. This is what I do most often 🙂


  3. is it natural that thought become negative while cleansing in pranic healing when anyone just start doing it


    1. Can you expand on your question so I can understand it better? Are you asking if the healer begins thinking or feeling negatively during a healing session?


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