Yes, You Can Heal Someone Who is Miles Away!


Nowadays, all of my Pranic Healing sessions are distance healing sessions. This means I call the person I am going to work on, ask how they are doing and what they need healing for, hang up the phone, perform the session, and call them to talk after I am done. It’s wonderfully convenient since, thanks to Seattle traffic, a client who lives not too far away could be in the car an hour during rush hour to see me (I work weekday evenings). With distance healing, no travel is necessary, and they can relax in the comfort of their own home with me just a phone call away!

Now how the Bleep is that supposed to work?!

I remember learning about distance healing first from Master Stephen Co’s Book on Pranic Healing, Your Hands Can Heal You. It discussed distance healing and I thought, “hmm… weird” but didn’t pay much attention to it. Then I took Level I and we practiced the technique in class, working on someone who needed healing and was not there in the class. I thought, “wow, really?” but was still skeptical. Naturally, it was a stretch for me to think I could actually relieve a health condition from miles away. Actually, at that time, it was a stretch for me to think I could do it for someone in the room with me!

After enough successful sessions—given as well as received—I am more than convinced by now. For my certification, I had to produce 24 successful healing cases. There had to be at least 80% relief of the condition for it to count. Several of my cases were conducted completely at a distance. When I get a Pranic Healing session for myself, 99% of the time it is distance—and 100% of the time I experience relief from what I needed help with.

Ok, but our minds want to understand!

Have you ever been thinking of someone, and just then the phone rang and it was them? Or you got an e-mail right after they had jumped into your thoughts? Even if you hadn’t thought of them in months or years?

Have you ever been just about to say something when the person next to you brought up the exact thing that was on the tip of your tongue?

Have you ever known someone was angry with you or talking behind your back, even as they smiled to your face? You had no physical or tangible evidence, but you later found out you were right?

These are all examples of energy exchange—mostly at a distance!

When someone else completes your sentence, your ideas formed energetically and the other person received or read them before you could open your mouth.

Getting that phone call from someone you were just thinking about simply means their thoughts about you traveled to you (as thoughts about any person do), and you felt the other person’s energy or presence, causing you to think of them.

This is how easily thoughts (which are energy) travel, and how easy it is to know, receive, and be aware of them!

Now, when someone is thinking nicely or not about you, those thoughts don’t shoot from their energy field and then hit the door and get stuck. They go straight to you–unobstructed–and if you are sensitive, you feel it!

Healing works the same way. Energy healing is giving and receiving energy, only this time, it’s conscious and intentional—and only for healing and assisting others!

We’re all working with energy all the time! Sending out good and bad stuff, helping and even harming. The amazing, incredible thing about Pranic Healing is that you can now learn how this process works and have control over it. Powerful, positive influence—including healing from health conditions– is suddenly at your fingertips!

When you heal someone from a distance, you work on them exactly as though they were in the room. You just need a tad bit of imagination now that you wouldn’t before. If you have never met them before, it is helpful to have a picture. Talking on the phone first is also a perfect way to establish a connection.

If you have read about Pranic Healing on my other posts, you know that the process is only two simple steps: cleansing and energizing. We clean away or remove dirty, congested energy. Then we energize with fresh energy. We do this to the chakras associated with the ailment the person is experiencing. Each chakra controls and supplies energy to the various organs of the body and is also associated with particular psychological emotions and issues.

We simply imagine the person in front of us and conduct the healing as if they were physically where we picture them being. The dirty energy we remove is now in the room with us as we “sweep” or cleanse it from the person, and we toss it in a bucket of salt water, just as we would if they were there. We energize by picturing the chakra or area we are energizing, and the energy goes there just the same.

If you are sensitive and/or know what an energy healing session feels like, you will feel right away that you are being worked on, even when you’re in that room all by yourself!

When finished, I give them a call and almost always hear, “I feel sooooo relaxed….”

Wanna know more? You’re in luck! Senior Certified Instructor Chandan Parameswara will be in Seattle March 21-23!  See his website here.

Pranic Healing Level I happens March 21-22 (9am-5:30pm both days). Level III, Pranic Psychotherapy, happens Monday March 23rd 9am-9pm. (The only prerequisite for Level III is Level I.)

Take both classes and receive a combo discount of $50!  **Register by March 18th before the price goes up $25 per class!

Questions?  e-mail me at!

4 thoughts on “Yes, You Can Heal Someone Who is Miles Away!

  1. Loved reading this! I use distance methods as well and find them very effective. Looking forward to staying connected with you.
    ~~~S Wave~~~


  2. Emmanuel D. Soriano December 27, 2015 — 12:12 pm

    Was looking for a definiton or explanation of my Gift; being able to Heal someone by either touching, email, Instant Messaging, phone call, or just thinking about them -Pranic Healing. I didn’t learn or go to any school of healing. I’m thinking it was just passed down…Gift of Healing. I’m Glad i finally found the definition? I just notice that I start healing someone when I start to YAWN deeply and continously. It started maybe in the early to mid 2000. I can even tell that someone is sick around me without them telling me because i start to Yawn deeply. PRANIC HEALING 🙂 Thanks, God Bless. Email me for any questions. Find me on Face Book “Emmanuel De Vera Soriano”


  3. I can do too! Thanks to grand master choa kuk sue… n followed by master stephen co, master gleen and all!


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