Is Pranic Healing like Reiki?

ahmed-saffu-357231I love talking to new people about Pranic Healing!  At first, I had to think hard to come up with an explanation and context as to what energy healing was since of course almost none of us grew up with the concept.  Lately, I have figured out ways to make it make sense even to those brand-new to the idea (I think!).

For those that ARE familiar with energy healing, the title of this post is virtually always the first question I hear when I say I practice energy healing, as Reiki is currently a popular energy healing modality–at least here in the Pacific Northwest.

Since I like to help people understand what Pranic Healing is quickly and easily, and Reiki is also an energy healing modality, I usually give a quick yes and then point out a difference or two between them.

Here is what Master Co has to say about the differences between Pranic Healing and Reiki (click the link for best resolution):





However, I recently decided I am going to change my answer.  Upon further contemplation, I would say that Pranic Healing is more like acupuncture than Reiki.  I probably did not draw this comparison before because acupuncture uses needles, and in Pranic Healing we definitely don’t!  But if you look beyond that piece, I feel acupuncture and Pranic Healing share more similarities based on the following:


1.  Pranic Healing uses a depth of information closer to what is available in acupuncture, such as detailed energetic anatomy.  Pranic Healing and acupuncture both teach about  chakras, acupuncture points, meridians, and (in Pranic Healing) the overlapping energy bodies.  Pranic Healing teaches detailed information about which chakras control which organs, physiological systems, and parts of the body.

2.  Acupuncture uses cleansing as well as energizing, while Reiki uses only energizing.  Cleansing is quite possibly the cornerstone of the Pranic Healing system.  80% of any healing session consists of disintegrating and removing energetic blockages caused by diseased and congested energy.  Energetic congestion blocks the channels and chakras/acupuncture points.  Without removing it, proper flow of prana, or energy, is impossible.  (Improper flow of energy results in energetic depletion which means fatigue, illness, chronic stress, and other problems.)  When an acupuncturist twirls the needle counterclockwise, it causes the acupuncture point, or chakra, to expel and release diseased energy.

3.  In Pranic Healing and acupuncture, the client receives a healing session specifically tailored to their ailment, symptoms, pain, or psychological issue.  Pranic Healing addresses the exact energetic manifestation of the person’s ailment.  Energetically (as well as physically of course), asthma looks different from migraines which look different from a phobia.  We use a different healing procedure for each ailment, as Master Choa created tailored protocols for hundreds of health conditions which are used for each session.

For a person who has never heard of energy healing or tried it, I agree Pranic Healing and Reiki could easily be in the same category.  You are using energy, or prana, to heal.  However, in the world of energy healing, the differences Master Co discusses are huge!

I hope this gives you an even broader picture of Pranic Healing!  The best ways to understand it are 1.  Receive a healing session.  You can do this in a private session with me or at one of our Free Healing Clinics.  2.  Take a class.  You can take  Free Introduction with me or someone else, or sign up for Level I, happening April 2-3 with Chandan!

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