Crash Course in Crystals

When I work on someone new to Pranic Healing, I have a menal checklist of things I explain to them before I start:  That bucket on the floor has water and salt; this helps draw in the dirty energy I am removing, contain it, and break it down (so it doesn’t end up filling up the room or being absorbed by me).  I have this spray bottle with alcohol that disintegrates dirty energy as well, and I’ll be spraying my hand throughout the session, also to reduce contamination.  I play the “OM” CD because this cleanses the energy of the room too (see a pattern here? ;)).

Then, as the “grand finale” to this rundown, I open up a leather sunglasses case and show them–I’ll be waving this pencil-shaped crystal at you.  This is an optional way to heal which is taught in Pranic Crystal Healing (Level 4).  Suddenly their interest is piqued, and just as they were ready to lay down and close their eyes, they are looking at this oddly shaped thing with curiosity.

On Facebook, I shared my beautiful red velvet box with 9 extractor crystals that I got for Christmas, and people oohed and aahed over it.  Makes for a beautiful photo!  So I thought, Why not write about all the types of crystals we use in Pranic Healing?


First off, properties of crystals.  The two main properties of crystals are to

1. Absorb prana

2. Store prana

Natural crystals have been sitting in the earth for millions of years, absorbing earth energy all this time.  However small a crystal looks physically, the aura of a crystal is many many times that size.

By simply holding a crystal, the person’s aura expands several feet in size.  When we heal with crystals, our aura is bigger, and we are also holding something with a massive amount of energy.  This already makes the session much more powerful than it would be without a crystal.

Healing with one of Master Choa’s crystals, and using the techniques taught in his classes, allows you to heal much faster, more deeply, and in less time than just using your hands.  The pointed end on the laser crystal allows you to powerfully disintegrate even very old, very stubborn blocks of congestion that would otherwise take quite a long time to remove.

As you know if you have attended a Pranic Healing Introduction, a Pranic Healing clinic, or had a private session, Pranic Healing is very focused on cleansing:  We remove blockages so energy can flow better on its own AND so that when we energize, that energy can travel throughout the body rather than getting immediately stuck and going nowhere.

As with all aspects of Pranic Healing, the use of crystals was tested rigorously by Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of Pranic Healing.  The way these crystals are designed and cut is all done for specific reasons–namely, because this way has been shown to work the most effectively.

If you are curious to know more, please read Pranic Crystal Healing by Master Choa Kok Sui, combined with Miracles Through Pranic Healing by Master Choa Kok Sui.  Crystals are powerful, so I personally recommend taking Pranic Healing Level I and Pranic Crystal Healing to learn safety before healing with crystals. Go to and click on Events to look for classes in your area.

Laser Crystal



This is the basic crystal you will work with in Pranic Crystal Healing, and the one you will use 90% of the time when you heal with crystals.

The back is rounded and “open” to absorb prana from the environment which can be projected to the recipient.  The front is pointed and sharp to allow the healer, with the right technique, to break up dirty/congested energy that is blocking the flow of energy in the chakras and aura.  It is also a powerful energizer.  It has 18 facets, one of the specifics Master Choa chose after his research and experimentation.  Mine is shorter in length than most, but it definitely gets the job done!

This crystal is used pointed toward the recipient’s body.




The disintegrator crystal is extremely powerful.  It is usually not taught about in the Pranic Crystal Healing class, but is sometimes discussed in Arhatic Yoga.  We use these occasionally and with the utmost care.  You are never to point this crystal toward the body or it could cause damage and pain.  It is used to disintegrate long-standing, very stubborn energies in the aura.  It is used briefly, just for a few minutes, to help break things up.  We then set it aside and conduct the session with the laser crystal.  You would never energize with this crystal.  Please do not consider using this crystal unless you have been taught how in either MCKS Pranic Crystal Healing and/or MCKS Arhatic Yoga.



These are less common and sometimes discussed in Pranic Crystal Healing.  They are quite safe as well as effective!  They are placed on the chakras or part of the body that needs cleansing, flat part down.  The crystal is programmed with specific instructions for this purpose, and these little helpers make the session move along quickly and efficiently.  By leaving some work to the crystals, I have more time to do a deeper, more thorough healing session.

Aside from some small variations, these are pretty much what you will see in a session with a Pranic Healer.  However, using crystals is not a required part of Pranic Healing at all, and the first three healing courses don’t involve crystals, yet are full of effective and powerful techniques.  These are in my personal toolbox however, and you will surely see them if you do a session with me!  I do not charge extra for any of these additions 🙂

Set up an appointment with me for your personalized, targeted, private session!

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