Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Pranic Healing


With my second child turning 2 in March, I have been reflecting on the roller coaster of the last 6 years.  Parenting is not for the faint of heart, as each and every parent knows.

Pranic Healing was there for me every step of the way, and I simply cannot imagine how I would have survived without it.

I want to share some tips that you can share with someone you know who is pregnant, postpartum, or just needs energy to keep up with little ones!

First, take Pranic Healing Level I, II, and III if at ALL possible.  Level I alone is extremely powerful.  I used techniques from the classes practically daily for small and big things both physical and emotional.  If you are planning to have a family, start practicing Meditation on Twin Hearts and learn Pranic Healing now.  Or have a family member learn it who you know would be willing to heal you!

But worry not–if you don’t take the class, there are still things you can do!



First, safety measures for pregnant women and Pranic Healing.  To those who have not taken the classes, these won’t make a ton of sense, so skip them if that’s the case for you.  However, I know many people reading are Pranic Healers, so it is worth going over them.

Healing Safety Guidelines

  • Do not energize any of the lower chakras:  meng mein, basic, navel, sex (you can cleanse them)
  • Do not cleanse or energize with color pranas (light whitish green, light whitish orange, light whitish red) ANYWHERE in the body.  Except light whitish violet and electric violet you can use.  You can cleanse with LWV and EV, and energize upper chakras with LWV and EV.
  • Do not practice Meditation on Twin Hearts while pregnant.  I say this because this post is being read by the general public, however there are exceptions, and I practiced Twin Hearts frequently during my pregnancy.  If you are new to Twin Hearts and pregnant, I would say not to start now.  It is powerful and the energy can overwhelm the fetus if your system is not accustomed to it.  If you are not sure, ask an experienced Pranic Healer or Certified Instructor.
  • Do not use healing crystals on a pregnant woman.
  • If you are a pregnant Pranic Healer, do not do healing on other people.  You can do self-healing.  There are some exceptions, like if you are working on very mild stuff, especially on immediate family.  But don’t do long protocols on people with severe health conditions.  You can use your healing crystal if you have been using a healing crystal regularly for years before your pregnancy.  Your body is used to it.  If you are new to healing with crystals, or barely used your crystal before, do NOT start during pregnancy.  They are powerful and activating to the lower chakras which can overwhelm the fetus.  In fact, it is advised not to start wearing crystals as jewelry on your body except for the ones you were already wearing before your pregnancy.

Again, these guidelines are for Pranic Healing graduates.  If you don’t know what the heck I am talking about and are pregnant and want to have access to Pranic Healing and Twin Hearts Meditation, please do not hesitate to contact me and ask!

Pranic Healing Applications for Pregnancy

Having said all that, Pranic Healing is a godsend in pregnancy.  I remember one time my husband and I were driving along a windy road when I was pregnant with my daughter, and I felt so nauseous I asked him to pull over in case I was going to throw up.  He pulled over and started doing Pranic Healing on me and in 5 minutes, I was 100% better and even continued the rest of the drive perfectly fine.

I have healed migraines that occurred during pregnancy and completely knocked the pain out.

Pranic Healing is excellent for helping with emotions that come along with hormonal changes both during and after pregnancy, as well as the regular fears and stresses we have as we look to creating a family and diving into the unknown.

Many women come up with new health problems during pregnancy they did not have previously such as high blood pressure, diabetes, swelling, and more.  Many medications cannot be taken during pregnancy, but we can still do Pranic Healing and bring so much relief.

Pranic Healing can be done during childbirth to hasten delivery, or be done for issues that can come up during childbirth.  It is excellent for after surgery, in cases where a cesarean section is needed.  It can massively speed recovery in such instances.  If you’re pregnant, have your favorite Pranic Healer on speed dial!

I was super lucky not to have health problems during either of my pregnancies aside from occasional mild nausea and headaches.  However, postpartum, I got my butt kicked.



My son nursed every 90 minutes on the DOT, around the clock.  I am not exaggerating a  bit.  I got a 90-minute “break” and then I nursed for 30 minutes.  This went on for at least 3 MONTHS, 24 hours a day.  I remember just reaching 2 hours without nursing was a big and wonderful milestone.  When I went 3 hours without nursing, I was ecstatic.

I came down with mastitis, a common breast infection when both my babies were young.  The first time, I went to the Naturopath and she gave me something that worked after a few days.  The second time, I did Pranic Healing and it cleared up in about a day.  And mastitis is super painful and included an epic fever, so this was AWESOME.

Then night time nursing calmed down, but his sleep didn’t.  He was waking up 6-8 times a night until we finally let the hammer fall with some sleep training at 10 months of age.  After 10 months of that kind of exhaustion, I was a version of the walking dead.  I was doing a little Twin Hearts meditation and a little self-healing, but it wasn’t getting me over the hump.

I then got a healing from a trusted Pranic Healer, and I really got my energy back at that time.  She said there was actually a gaping hole in my basic chakra from overworking my system so much.  She repaired it, and I felt like I’d been given a new body!  One of the most memorable healing sessions I have ever had…

The second time around, the nursing was less intense but the sleep situation was similar.  When Felice started sleeping through the night at 11 months, I was still physically exhausted and couldn’t seem to recover.  I racked my brain… I was doing meditation and healing… and it helped a bit.  How could I massively super-charge my system?  Ah, I remembered!

  1.  Master Healing Technique–Pranic Healers, we always hesitate to employ this because it involves a step that is taught in Level I as a no-no.  However, if you know someone who has just given birth, or sleep-deprived DO THIS TECHNIQUE.  It is PERFECT for a depleted new mom!  I felt absolutely incredible when I did it.  And it only takes 5-10 minutes depending on how much you need to clean the Basic and Meng Mein.
  2. Mentalphysics Exercises– This, I was expecting to work overnight and was disappointed at first that it didn’t.  However, KEEP AT IT.  I credit this 100% with me getting back to my current, fully-charged battery–and then some!  I feel like I have more energy than I did before my first pregnancy.  To the best of my memory, I think it took about 2 weeks of doing Twin Hearts several times a week and doing Mentalphysics Exercises after each meditation.  I went from barely being able to lift the remote after the kids finally went to sleep, to working in the evenings (doing PH sessions at 8pm) and going out with friends, with energy to spare.


To learn both Mentalphysics and Master Healing Technique, get the book Your Hands Can Heal You.  I recommend being a graduate of Pranic Healing Level I and having some practice with those techniques before performing Master Healing technique, but you CAN learn and practice from reading the book alone.

For Mentalphysics exercises, you don’t even need to learn Pranic Healing!  Just follow the instructions and in a week of doing them daily, you’ll have the whole process memorized and done, start to finish, in less than 10 minutes.  And you will be feeling AMAZING.

Postpartum Depression

I had this after my 1st was born, but not after my 2nd child.  I did Pranic Healing on depression and also used an additional technique which graduates of Master Choa’s Arhatic Yoga class have learned.  This is a purification technique that can be used as a shortcut Pranic Psychotherapy technique.  I can’t teach it here, but refer to it for those that are reading and have learned it.

After depression had dragged on for months, I finally said enough is enough.  I used the two above techniques very diligently and frequently, and in 2 weeks the depression was gone permanently.

“Mom Brain”

Some of you have heard of what has been nicknamed “mom brain.”  Scientists have actually found the physical cause recently.  It’s the condition of being super forgetful and scattered after having a child.  And I say child because this somehow lasts into toddlerhood!  I didn’t have this much with my first, but it was bad after my second baby.

You know how sometimes you go into the kitchen for something and forget what?  Then remember 5 minutes later?  Extend that to days later, and that was where I was at.  I’d open the browser in my phone and already forget what I was about to look up and not remember for hours or days.  Simple to-do items never got done or took weeks because I could not hold onto anything in my brain.  I tried to do some healing but… yeah, forgot.  Then–HELLO–I remembered SuperBrain yoga.

AND I realized–duh!–that’s why women get forgetful postpartum–our sex chakras have just worked overtime and gotten depleted.  30% of the energy in the sex chakra goes to the brain.  Blockages there can cause depletion of the energy in the brain over time.  Naturally, I was depleted in that area, or just congested, so the energy wasn’t going up as much as it could.  Quickest fix of all!

I started doing SuperBrain Yoga daily, as we are supposed to do anyway, and again–magic.  I am 90% normal again, and it just took a few weeks.  Can I even express how grateful I am?  These techniques are all FREE, fast, and easy.  And only one of them (Master Healing Technique) requires that you learn Pranic Healing (from either book or class).  Without those few things, I would still be half-zombie right now.

Getting Help



You may have noticed from reading that I did almost everything above on myself, by myself.  Aside from the healing I mentioned which occurred when my son was almost 10 months old, I put myself in charge of my recovery, emotional and physical.  While I am filled with gratitude at being empowered to do so, I regret not receiving healing from trusted healers.  Besides some postpartum depression, there were many other emotionally trying times, and when my son was little, I almost never got healing from someone else.  After my son was older, I realized I needed another perspective, plus the ability to relax and receive healing and support.  This fast-forwarded my path to healing by leaps and bounds.

If there is every a time to sit back and let someone else shovel your “stuff” out for you, it’s during pregnancy, postpartum, and when you have small children.  I haven’t experienced everything yet, but I believe so far that nothing compares to the tests, challenges, emotions, and energetic drains of these intense times.  You owe it to yourself to be TAKEN CARE of in whatever way feels the most nurturing and supportive to you.  I took many trips to the spa when Aryan was little because it was a way to get out of the house and just relax.

And with that… I wish you, your friends, and your family blessed, blissful, healthy, and happy motherhood and fatherhood.

And I apologize that this post cannot teach you each technique due to space constraints.  However, I wanted to share my experience and incredible healing results and I HOPE this makes you curious to learn more.  Please check out my classes tab for Seattle area classes to see how you can get your hands on these tools for yourself!  And as always, these can be learned in the books as well!

1 thought on “Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Pranic Healing

  1. Hi Meghan,
    Thank you for sharing your experience about pranic healing during pregnancy and post partum. Your article helped me out tremendously about doing the pranic healing and twin hearts meditation during pregnancy. I discovered pranic healing about a week ago by watching a mantra meditation led by Master Stephen Co. I have been watching his videos daily and doing the anchor the light which has the lecture, twin hearts on Mondays and Wednesdays and Emotional healing on Fridays. Tomorrow he will do a full moon meditation.I have not done any full moon meditation yet and he mentioned that thats when energy is the most powerful. I just learned yesterday that if one is pregnant, one should be cautious of doing these meditations. That’s what led me to your article. I have contacted Master Co from his website but have not heard from his team. I would greatly appreciate when this gets clarified. It’s was a relief to know that it’s okay to do cleansing during pregnancy. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for writing this article. It helped clarify my concerns since this is my first time working with energy/pranic healing. Looking forward to response. Atma Namaste. 😊


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