You Should Not Rely Solely on Others for Healing

I think it’s safe to say I’m obsessed with self-healing.  Hardly a day goes by I don’t do Pranic Healing on myself to some degree, even if it’s just 5 minutes in the kitchen while I wait for my toast.  I can’t help but notice that pain in my shoulder blades or that little twinge of anxiety.  I am acutely aware that I am a work in progress, and making progress is hugely important for me.

Because of Pranic Healing, I am also very aware that I have the power to heal in my own hands.  Whether I need physical, emotional, or mental healing, there is a class for that, a  protocol for that, in Pranic Healing.  It really only takes one healing experience to realize this works.  After that, why live with solvable problems anymore?

Unfortunately, we have all been raised with the notion that healing comes from health professionals who attained degrees which took years of training – and only from them.

I am not downplaying such peoples’ roles in the least, but when those roles are over-emphasized, it teaches the rest of us powerlessness.  Nearly all of us are raised blind to our own power.

Mainstream doctors don’t even acknowledge the critical role nutrition plays in our health, let alone our stress levels, old trauma, and other proven factors in disease (you can read When the Body Says No by Dr. Gabor Mate for such studies).  Most believe we should rely solely on them, and that even many healthy lifestyle changes we can incorporate at home are not likely to make much difference.

When we are given the messages that we can’t do much about our health ourselves, it takes great courage to take Pranic Healing to begin with.  It takes an even bolder move to practice those techniques at home and admit we believe we can heal ourselves and others.

Sometimes I talk to experienced healers who mention different issues going on which could be remedied by Pranic Healing who haven’t done self-healing.  These are people who gladly volunteer to work on others, even strangers, but seem not to heal themselves when they need it.

Perhaps this is because we are taught nothing will work but pills, and that nagging thought subconsciously takes over when health problems come up, and we doubt ourselves.  Perhaps there is a different reason.

But I believe strongly you should not rely solely on health practitioners from any discipline.

Now please note I never said you can fire your doctor, your therapist, your chiropractor, or nutritionist.  What I am saying is that you need to hire yourself.

These are the reasons you should never rely solely on outside practitioners for your health – physical or mental/emotional:

Looking to someone else to diagnose us without also looking inward can cause us to discount our own experience, and what we know deep down to be true.

A doctor is unlikely to connect stress, trauma, and huge life changes with an illness.  You, however, may know in your bones these things have impacted your health.  Ignoring your own instincts can cause you to spend time and money on solutions that will have a limited, temporary effect.  Getting to the root cause is always preferable and gives us a chance at permanent healing.  We need a doctor’s diagnosis – yes.  But not to the exclusion of other information we know to be true and relevant.

It continues to put you in a position of powerlessness

A licensed practitioner is an excellent partner to have on your health journey.  We all need at least 2 I would say.  But once we go somewhere else, we often stop holding ourselves accountable for our health.  Good health is at least 90% what you do at home, day after day.  The includes diet and exercise, as well as the profoundly important practice of processing and releasing negative emotions and thoughts in whatever healthy way works for you.  Once we get an outside professional saying to just take a few milligrams of something, we tend to believe, subconsciously or consciously, that we don’t have to do anything else.  We let ourselves off the hook.

From a practical standpoint: You are always at the mercy of their schedule.

What if you have agonizing back pain right NOW?  But your favorite healer doesn’t have an opening for another week?  By learning Pranic Healing, you can heal yourself when you need healing.

You are at the mercy of pricing

While none of us are getting through life without paying for healthcare, you can save a boatload of money by healing yourself.  Just by combining regular self Pranic Healing sessions at home with sessions from your favorite practitioners massively accelerates healing and saves you money.  If you are going through tighter times, you can still get healing and relief from yourself without suffering due to lack of funds.

Save Time

While you can do therapy over skype, most healing takes place at the other person’s office.  You have to schedule an appointment, which can be difficult as it is, as most practitioners see people Monday-Friday daytime.  Then there is driving time, sitting in the waiting room while they’re often behind schedule, and getting back home.  You will cut your session time in half by simply working on yourself, at a time that suits you.

Healing yourself REALLY gets you in touch with yourself

and that is invaluable for your health.  When you work on your own back pain over and over, trying different things till you get to the bottom of it, you learn a ton about your own body, maybe about your emotions, and definitely about Pranic Healing.  You get really good at it.  You get super confident in healing other people too.  But the level of targeted healing you get when you work on yourself is incredible.  As you move your hand over that painful wrist, you can feel the exact results of what you are doing while you do it.  You can hone in on the precise area of pain and pranic congestion or depletion, and give yourself a nearly perfect session as a result.  You are the healer and the one giving feedback, all in one.  After an hour of someone else working on you, you might not know exactly which chakra was the primary cause of a condition, or which muscle was giving you trouble.  When you’re in the driver’s seat, you’re almost making your own tailored protocols for yourself through the experience.

The most common health problem of all – cold and flu – doctors have nothing

They literally can’t do a thing.  Even when you are coughing up a lung, vomiting nonstop, or so stuffed up you can barely breathe, all they do is send you to the drug store for chemical symptom-relief products.  Pranic Healing EXCELS here.  I have not gotten sick this winter (knock on wood) because I went full-throttle with Pranic Healing the second I felt that twinge in my throat.  (It always starts in the throat.)  I was not having it.  Caring for small kids while sick is simply the worst thing in the world.  I also was not having it where my kids were concerned either.  I did the same thing for them, and we have had the mildest winter to date in terms of viruses.  I could not be more ecstatic.  Why miss days of work, laying in bed praying for mercy in a cold sweat when you can pick up your Advanced Pranic Healing book, do some work for 30-40 minutes, and nip this thing before it even starts?

I have made such incredible progress on myself in a short period of time, there is simply NO WAY I could have had the time, energy, and money required to do this with an outside practitioner.  I also doubt I could have gotten the precision I got by working on myself.

Master Choa said each one of us has the innate ability to heal.  No exceptions.  He was not wrong.

Coming up we have Master Co teaching Pranic Healing Level I in Seattle!  There is simply no better time than right now to learn these skills – skills you keep for the rest of your life.  March 6th is the early bird discount deadline so register today!

Level I March 21-22, 2020

Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul March 23rd.

(You can register for both in one registration.)

See you in class!!


2 thoughts on “You Should Not Rely Solely on Others for Healing

  1. Donna Plantholt March 1, 2020 — 12:56 am

    This is a fantastic article. Thank you Meghan for the wonderful reminders.


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