Is Pranic Healing New Age?

photo courtesy of Michael Walk

Right now, the most likely place you will see an Introduction to Pranic Healing class is your local metaphysical or New Age bookshop. Sometimes you’ll see them at yoga studios, and occasionally a health food store.

To be honest that’s always bothered my just a tiny bit. Now don’t get me wrong – I love New Age bookshops as much as the next person. But, as I have heard Master Choa (founder of Pranic Healing) said while shopping at one once, “here, anything goes.” And as Greg Toews, head of Astara, said in a recent class I took from him, “Most energy healing modalities aren’t validated.”

In New Age bookshops you have a mix of both validated and un-validated natural healing modalities and topics. You have books written by great spiritual teachers, and books saying some frankly wild stuff.

It’s true that in the energy healing world, we need a safe space to study esoteric topics that we don’t have million-dollar scientific studies to back up yet. And I love browsing a bookshop with all my favorite topics in one place: healthy eating, meditation, energy healing, esoteric studies, yoga, and more.

It’s also true that even with subtle energy which can’t yet be measured with instruments, you have tools for validation and so can therefore weed out techniques that don’t work and then teach to millions of people techniques that do work, and which can produce life-changing healing.

Pranic Healing is one of those validated modalities which didn’t come from a dream someone had, but from decades of both research and experimentation. Many, if not the majority, of healing techniques Master Choa experimented with didn’t work and so got thrown out. He found the ones that did, and they are part of the Pranic Healing system.

That’s why Pranic Healing can provide certification to healers not based on hours practiced but on healing results. If the person you work on does not improve, the case cannot be used for your certification.

Then how does Pranic Healing work?

The first secret to Pranic Healing is prana, or life force. Almost every major ancient culture has knowledge of the existence of prana, not to mention a traditional healing practice utilizing it. In Chinese, prana is called chi; in Japanese, ki, and in Sanskrit, prana.

The second secret is that the body utilizes prana to heal itself. Prana is a fuel and catalyst for the body’s natural healing processes to jump start.

Master Choa Kok Sui, founder of Pranic Healing, realized and taught us the ultimate secret to healing: the chakras. The chakras are energy pumps which supply energy to and control the physical anatomy.

By simply knowing which chakras are in charge of which physiological system of the body, part of the body, physical organ, etc. you can access and heal the areas that need healing. A Pranic Healing protocol is a combination of tailor-made steps, involving the chakras, which when completed will correct the corresponding disease.

Master Choa Kok Sui created these protocols meticulously through trial and error in his clinics over many years. He found that of any 10 people with a given health problem, at least 9 out of those 10 had the same energetic condition. An energetic condition refers to the congestion or depletion of chakras, organs, or parts of the body. By understanding these conditions and using trial and error to correct them, he discovered the steps needed to heal virtually any disease.

For example, the chakras that control the gastrointestinal system are the Front Solar Plexus, Back Solar Plexus, and Navel. There are only two techniques in Pranic Healing: cleansing and energizing. By cleansing and energizing these chakras, we can stimulate healing for a gastrointestinal ailment. (This takes several applications, or sessions depending on severity.) The specific protocol for each gastrointestinal condition which will have additional steps tailored to that it, but the focus will be on these 3 in a GI case.

Another example we could use is the brain. If a person has anything from foggy thinking to dementia to seizures, we know we can access that organ of the body by treating the Crown and Forehead chakras, primarily. There are separate protocols for each of these conditions, but these major chakras will be in all of them, as they supply energy to, and control, the brain.

When an area of the body has enough prana, it can heal itself.

We get enough prana to the right area of the body by knowing what chakras supply prana to what areas.

Acupuncturists know this information and use needles to cleanse and energize major chakras, minor chakras, and mini chakras, thereby controlling the flow of energy. But you don’t need needles to do it.

And I’m guessing it’s because we don’t use needles – or anything physical at all! – that we aren’t teaching classes at medical schools. Because in Pranic Healing, we never lay a single finger on anyone. It is a 100% non-touch healing modality.

The aura, including energy from the chakras, extends several feet beyond the physical body. So while it looks like we are not touching, we actually kind of are… energetically. Pranic Healers can therefore change and heal your energetic system without physical contact. So yes, that is understandably why we may seem a tiny bit weird.

In any case, it is only a matter of time. A large hospital chain in India already offers Pranic Healing to patients in the hospital. At least one hospital in California held Pranic Healing classes there. And there are more in the U.S., though it’s just a handful for now. For westerners especially, from needles to touchless is a big leap.

Yet without a leap, our options are unnecessarily limited. I can’t tell you how many people I have met in Pranic Healing classes who finally came because they had tried absolutely everything else, to heal an ailment they suffered from. Sure, they hesitated, felt a little weird, and asked me if Pranic Healing would still work on them if they were a bit disbelieving. Feeling weird and not-so-sure are absolutely fine, by the way! And the vast majority of the time they enjoyed results they never expected.

So for now, you’ll see a Pranic Healing Intro class more often at a New Age bookstore than a hospital, but not for too much longer. Word is getting out.

And we will always love and appreciate these spaces for letting those of us who think outside the box learn about topics the mainstream would laugh off. Such topics caused healing and transformation in countless lives.

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