Don’t Think You Have Chakras? Try This Exercise!

(waiting in the car to pick up my son from preschool, pointing to chakras…)

I get that this chakra thing sounds weird.  How are we supposed to buy into something we can’t see or touch?

Well, don’t assume that your favorite energy healer believed it all at a glance either!  No matter how “out-there” a person seems, they wouldn’t be talking about energy or using it for healing if they didn’t have personal experience that proved it to them.

The hard part of demonstrating the existence of energy isn’t teaching people how to feel energy because that’s easy.  About 90% of people feel something on the first try.  The hard part is just getting the average person to open their mind enough to believe it’s possible– and then to try it!  Isn’t that interesting?  Feeling prana is easy, but believing it might exist is very hard for many people.

Here’s an interesting exercise to try if you would like to feel the presence of two of your chakras.  These are the easiest to feel and, in fact, you are feeling them frequently but just didn’t realize it!

Step 1: Close your eyes.  Think of something emotionally stressful.  Think of the most difficult and stressful thing you can.  Maybe something that pushes your buttons and just drives you nuts.  A situation that makes you really mad.  Think of this for 5-10 seconds.  Now point your finger toward your body and touch the part that feels tight and painful.

Step 2:  Close your eyes.  Think of someone you love.  If you are a parent, imagine holding your child as a baby and singing to him or her, or reading them a book when they were little.  You can think of a beloved pet or a best friend, or a spouse. Think of the moment you fell in love with someone.  Think of this person for 5-10 seconds.  What do you feel in your body?  Now point your finger toward yourself and touch the part of your body where you feel something.


In the first scenario, you are most likely touching your solar plexus chakra.  Some people feel emotional upsets in their stomach as well, but more than likely, you felt it strongly here.  The solar plexus chakra is located between your left and right ribs.  This chakra is the center of “lower emotions” including stress, anger, anxiety, etc.  Its positive side also includes emotions like courage, standing up for yourself, etc.  But when these negative emotions come up in us, this chakra is affected.

If you have taken Pranic Healing or practiced scanning (feeling energy), you can scan this chakra for further validation.  When we experience these negative emotions, this chakra gets what we call “activated.”  When a chakra gets activated, its influence on us increases, and the chakra actually increases in size and energy output–temporarily.  You can scan this chakra sideways (as you learn in Pranic Healing Level II for those who have taken it), take note of its size, then do Step 1 and scan again after.  It will be much bigger the second time you scan it!

The second chakra you are activating, in Step 2, is the heart chakra.  This chakra just doesn’t get the credit it deserves!  When you pointed to yourself, you most likely touched the heart chakra.  You can feel your chest expand when you get that warm-and-fuzzy feeling when you think of someone you love!  We feel it all the time!

Now, when you touched your chest, did you put your hand to the side where your physical heart is?  Did you feel the expansive feeling on one side of your chest?  No—your physical heart really has no connection to what is going on in this exercise or what goes on when you feel and express love.  Your heart CHAKRA, however, is absolutely central to those things!  (see first pic at top of blog)

When you think of someone you love, when you watch happy and loving things on television, when you hug your dog and let him lick your face, your heart chakra gets activated!  Again, this means that its influence is temporarily stronger than normal, it expands in size, and its energetic output increases.  The functions of the heart chakra will be more influential over you at that time.

Have you ever said no to something your child asked you for on one day, then said yes to the same thing on the other?  The second time you went all soft and couldn’t resist him or her?  Most likely, your heart chakra was more activated and took over.  This is not a good or bad thing in this example, it’s just what happens.  (If your kids are smart, they will pay attention and know when to ask for things!)  Of course, most of us tend to have certain chakras which are consistently, on a long-term basis, very active with others less active or smaller in size by comparison.  What would this look like?

Let’s take an extreme example of someone with a very under-activated heart chakra.  It is consistently small in size with other chakras such as the solar plexus chakra active by comparison.  This person will certainly put themselves first most or all of the time.  It will be difficult for them to give and share with others.  In an extreme case, they may even step on others left and right to get what they want, hurting them in the process.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, those with a very active heart chakra and consistently under-activated solar plexus chakra will instead give and share constantly, maybe never say no, and then neglect themselves.  In short: doormat.  Not healthy either!  Love for self and love of for others are equally important and these two chakras should be roughly the same size.

In a perfect world, all our chakras (there are 11) are about the same size.  In this scenario, we have balanced the different aspects of ourselves and use our different qualities when it is appropriate for the situation and what is needed.

When someone is extremely kind, generous, and giving, what do we say?  They have a “heart of gold.”  The heart chakra literally has gold prana in it!  The colored pranas of the heart chakra are pink and gold, and when a person has a highly developed, highly activated heart chakra (this would happen further along the spiritual path of course), their heart chakra actually contains more gold than the average!

All this information on chakras comes from Pranic Healing, created by Master Choa Kok Sui.  If you are interested in learning more about the psychological functions of all 11 chakras, please see Pranic Psychotherapy by Master Choa Kok Sui.  And you will probably want to read Miracles through Pranic Healing by MCKS and/or Your Hands Can Heal You by Master Stephen Co in order start with the basics and understand Pranic Psychotherapy better.

Can you heal someone whose chakras are unbalanced, who exhibits extreme tendencies in one direction or another?  Yes!  This is where the brilliance of Master Choa’s understandings of the chakras comes in—it is the secret of the mind-body connection as well as unlocking massive shortcuts in psychological healing by giving us access to the real heart of mental/emotional imbalances: our energy.  With Pranic Healing, we can heal negative tendencies, addictions, emotions, thoughts, trauma, and much more.

Check out a local Pranic Healing Free Clinic near you to experience Pranic Healing for free (most are posted on www. such as ours,

For local classes, check out  Next Level I class in Seattle?  March 21-22!  Registration page will be up shortly on the Pranic Healing events page.  See you there!

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