Hit Your Body’s Reset Button

Hey, so speaking of  New Year’s Resolutions… like blogging at least twice a week?  Oops already… this one’s a little late!  However, I can honestly say I have been working on my blog—just trying to learn the ropes at WordPress!  As you can see from my site, much work is yet to be done… but I’ll get the hang of it soon 🙂

SO… better late than never, my New Year’s Post:

Ah, the new year… that time of re-evaluation.  What are my daily habits like?  How am I doing on my short- and long-term goals?  What are my new goals?

Many of these habits and goals have to do with our health.  Did you meet your health goals for last year?

I won’t lecture you on the importance of good health and healthy lifestyle habits.  If you are reading this at all, you already know health is important!  Hopefully, from this blog, you are getting some tips and practices to help you have more energy, feel happier, get spiritually connected, and more.

In this post, I will give you a list of practices I suggest you cram into a week for a New Year’s “reset.”

I won’t call it a cleanse because it’s a much milder program than the kinds of restriction a cleanse entails.  However, it will help you physically and energetically “cleanse” as well as give you more energy.

A concept that I try to embed in many of my posts is that physically and energetically, we have natural waste that needs to be removed, and making sure our lifestyle supports this removal is paramount to having good health, having enough energy, to mental clarity, and long-term disease prevention.

When you eat and drink, you later go to the bathroom.  When you inhale, you also exhale. Energetically, you take in fresh prana from the environment, and once that prana is used, dirty or used-up prana exits the energy system naturally.

Perfect setup right?  Only problem is that most of us don’t expel our natural waste products, including dirty energy, as quickly as it is created, for various reasons.  Hence buildup.  We know about buildup because we hear about it in the lower-tract regions.  Well, our chakras can get “constipated” too!

If we don’t heal and cleanse constantly and quickly enough, blockages occur–energetic as well as physical.  Both types are primary culprits in causing fatigue.  (Anyone wish they had more energy?)  Serious blockages that worsen over years cause serious health conditions.

Catching up on the body’s usually-slowed waste removal is an incredibly powerful healing secret, physically as well as energetically.  Just by expelling dirty, used-up prana, the body instantaneously and rapidly draws in lots of fresh prana.  You feel awake, alert, energized–and cheerful!

By unclogging our systems, you detoxify your system (to varying degrees, depending on the technique) which automatically gives you more energy.  Instead of your body using its resources to try to flush out old stuff, you have that energy for other things.  Your digestion will improve and you will absorb nutrition from your food better.

Putting it another way: Your physical body and energy body is a series of tubes—plumbing!  There’s always some junk here and there in all of us.  But we often have some major jams that need an extra boost to get cleared out.

So let’s get started!

Here’s your to-do list!  Some of these practices are energetic, some of these are physical.  The best part of all is that what you do energetically also affects the physical body.  What you do physically also affects the energy body.  So you are healing both all the time with the things on this list.  Why not just stick to one type of the other?  Because the healing will be much more rapid and powerful when you do both.

These things work!  They are easy, and they get results.  But as I always say, experiment for yourself.  Maybe something here sounds weird.  Well you won’t know unless you try, right?  And if it doesn’t seem to do the trick, no problem!  You can toss it out and nothing lost.

A note on foods.  Don’t read so much into the food list.  It is not a list of the “only healthy foods you should ever eat.”  It is a list of foods that will assist your body in cleansing.  Some foods help cleanse, some foods do more building of the body.  Since the theme is flushing out old stuff, the do’s and don’t’s are toward that end.  True, sugar and coffee aren’t “health foods,” but they are not on the “don’t” list because they don’t have a large effect on your body’s cleansing processes.  Of course, since our end goal is health, use your common sense on eating as healthfully as possible.

There are other cleanses out there!  You might feel you need more.  You might want to get sugar out of your system because you have been having too many cravings, etc.  This is not the only or best cleanse out there.  It’s just one way to eat to help your body get caught up on digestion and elimination, and inclusive of energy healing practices that will assist healing you on a deeper level.

So this is just an experiment for you.  Try it if you like!

You can do this for 1 day or 7–or more!




-Cheese/Milk/Yogurt (small amounts of dairy as ingredients are fine)

-Dessert (a bite of something here and there is ok, just avoid sitting down to a sundae or bowl of ice cream)


Why?  Energetically, these things are heavy.  Pork is incredibly clogging to the energy body, at the heaviest end of the spectrum.  (If you are a person who eats pork frequently, I can almost guarantee you will feel at least some difference by removing it for a few days and you will understand what I’m talking about.)  Removing heavier foods lets your energy flow more easily which gives you more energy—because your energy flow is not being hampered.


-Vegetables (load up please!)




Of course, any foods that irritate your system specifically are best left out for any cleanse or “reset”.  There are too many possibilities to list!  But by all means, tailor it.  I do suggest keeping out the “No” foods in any case for the reasons I listed.  As I mentioned, it’s a temporary way of eating for an intended purpose, not a “bad guys” list for all time.


Green Smoothies, 2 glasses a day

Some people can easily substitute 1-2 meals for a few glasses of green smoothies instead.  They are fairly filling—more than you expect.  But if you are not one of those people, I recommend a smoothie for breakfast because on an empty stomach is the perfect time to flush through all the greens so they cleanse and push through (hooray fiber!) anything that was not fully digested or processed previously.  Then for either lunch or dinner, eat a big salad with anything on top that isn’t on the “No” list.  Sometimes I even sauté vegetables and put them on my salad, like brocooli and mushroom, and it makes it filling and delicious!  You can also try your favorite nuts and seeds, and don’t forget your favorite dressing.

(For Green Smoothie recipes, you will find plenty of recipes online.  I personally just fill my blender about 50% with leafy greens (kale, spinach, chard, etc) and 50% fruit (pear, banana, apple, berries, etc).  It doesn’t matter too much which greens and fruit you choose.  Pear and banana will make the texture the most drinkable, however.  If you’re new to drinking green stuff, start with spinach, it’s easiest on the palate.)

For the third meal, there are thousands and thousands of hearty and delicious meals without meat and cheese, and free recipes left and right online.  Try a simple Thai dish with rich and delicious coconut milk (one of my favorites!).  You can sauté vegetables and make a Chinese-inspired stir fry.  Soup options are endless, as are baked vegetable ensembles for the casserole dish and the oven.  Pizza without cheese is delicious—just get a super fresh tomato or pesto sauce and slather it on!  I love artichokes, mushrooms, garlic, and onions on my pizza….


As with the physical body, things can get backed up here.  Stress energy is a main culprit.  Treat yourself to the practices here and let the bliss begin….


Either morning or evening, take a salt bath.  You’ve heard it from me before, and you’ll hear it from me again!  Fill your bath with 2-4 pounds of table salt (not Epsom salt which does not have a cleansing effect).  Table salt contains green prana.  Green prana has the effect of breaking down dirty, congested, clumped energy.  It disintegrates it, while the water helps draw it out of your body.

For even more cleansing, drop 10-15 drops of tea tree oil OR lavender oil into the bath. You can alternate the two oils.  Soak for 20 minutes maximum. Then rinse off afterward with a quick shower.

Twin Hearts Meditation:

This is a guided meditation created by Master Choa Kok Sui designed to cleanse, heal, and energize your energy system as well as heal your physical body (anything that happens to our energy affects our physical body automatically!).  Not to mention give you spiritual connection!  Do this daily.  You can even do it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening to give yourself an extra boost.  Don’t be fooled by its simplicity.  It is extremely powerful!   www.pranichealing.com/meditation-twin-hearts

There are too many benefits of this meditation to list!  You will find many throughout my blog.  The short version: by simply following along, a downpour of energy flushes through your entire system, pushing out old, stale, congested energies.  You are then flooded with fresh prana.  It’s like getting an energy transfusion with the hit of a button!

There are three CD versions of it some of you may already have.  The link above is free, and is a shortened version.  There is also a slightly longer CD version guided by Master Choa Kok Sui.  Then there are two more with an extra 7 minutes or so which guide you through specific healing for your physical organs in one, and for your mind/emotions for the other.  If you happen to have the latter two CDs, I suggest alternating these two versions during this week.  You can purchase them on the Pranic Healing website, www.pranichealing.com.  If you are practicing Arhatic Yoga, pack it in to this week!  (www.pranichealing.com/courses/arhatic-yoga)

Just remember not to start Twin Hearts less than about two hours before bedtime.  (For Arhatic, you have probably already figured out when you need to do it J)  These meditations can be fairly energizing and, for some people, cause them to have trouble falling asleep.

This is a great time to get some Pranic Healing (PH) for even deeper cleansing and healing.  You can use PH to cleanse physical organs such as your liver and lungs, you can use it to clean all major chakras, you can use it to cleanse and remove negative mental/emotional energy and blockages of all kinds—stress, depression, anger/resentment, trauma, and more.  (I am available for sessions on a limited basis.)

Other Cleansing Practices:

If you want to treat yourself to even more, here are a few other tried-and-true ways to cleanse and heal.  Pack these into your Reset Week as your schedule allows!


Colon Hydrotherapy

Sauna and Steam Room

Sleep!  Go to bed 10pm or earlier!

Exercise-sweat, sweat, sweat

Best wishes for fantastic health in 2015!



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