Crammed Schedule Solution: Pranic Healing!



As we well know, modern life is getting ever more packed with work, family, social responsibilities, and more.  One hundred years ago, single-tasking was probably all there was.  We didn’t have a phone ringing just as we were changing lanes on a busy highway or work message alerts going off at home while squeezing shoes on our kids.

My advice (and most others’) around this stress-inducing dilemma of higher demands and more expectations to meet in the same 24-hour day has always been centered around doing less in order to stay mentally sane and keep the physical body healthy.  Working too much and being busy morning till night can take a toll on multiple levels and even amount to a serious health condition down the line.  We say we should therefore re-organize our schedules and decline commitments or additional responsibilities to stay healthy.  We may even go for a career change or move to a town with a slower pace of life.

But what if we could accomplish all we are currently committed to–or more–with a genuine smile on our faces and plenty of energy till 10:00 at night?

Some of us can’t change our jobs or schedules–or we love what we are doing and don’t want to!  Some of us want to do more but just don’t have the stamina. This is where the miracles of energy and Pranic Healing come in.

What do I mean by the word “energy”?  We throw this word around a lot and mean different things by it at different times.  Here, I mean it rather literally as the most critical form of fuel we run off of: prana.

While we can live for weeks without food, days without water, and minutes without oxygen, our bodies would die within a fraction of a second without prana.

Being energetically depleted zaps you not only physically, but mentally (making it harder to think and process information) and emotionally (making it harder to stay calm and positive) as well.  We all need plenty of physical, mental, and emotional energy to get through a normal day of work, family, and social life.

When a person says they have no energy to do something, that statement is more accurate than they realize. When you feel exhausted, your energy, the overall level of prana in your system, is low or depleted. Your entire energy field, the egg-shaped blob of energy your physical body resides inside, is actually smaller when you are in this exhausted state. Yet it can change and expand in MINUTES with a few simple techniques!

Something you base your schedule around as a fixed piece of the equation (how much you can do or handle in a day) is instead a variable which can be altered quickly and easily!

So instead of coming home from work and collapsing on the couch, you can enjoy enriching time with your family and friends, a hobby, favorite book, or more before it’s actually time to hit the hay.  You can also get out of bed and off to work with a spring in your step, no caffeine required!

I used to be really resistant when I heard about people doing what I considered “too much” in a day.  It’s true that too many of us pressure ourselves to do more, sometimes for unhealthy reasons or fears.

But I have realized it’s not always unhealthy to be busy, especially when you love what you do!  And it’s not unhealthy when you truly do have the energy for it!  And these tips from Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing make it possible to keep going–when everyone else has dropped!

I have come to know some people in Pranic Healing with unbelievable schedules–Master Co comes to mind first–who work endless hours, maintain unbelievable travel schedules, don’t get sick, look young for their age rather than old… and have energy to spare.

Want to learn their secrets?  Read on…


Technique #1 Cord Cutting

This is the fastest technique, and can be done at your desk at work!  You may need to choose a time when there aren’t a lot of people around, as it looks funny to those who don’t know what you’re doing.  And hey–if you are brand new to energy healing, this will sound and look funny to you too!  My recommendation is always the same:  If you have gotten this far, you at least have an open mind.  Keep an open mind, and try the simple experiments Pranic Healing describes.  Then simply decide for yourself they helped you!

Energy cords are something we all have.  We have “positive cords” to other people we love, to happy memories, and more.  We also have undesirable cords which drain our energy, and these are to negative thoughts, negative memories, or people we aren’t getting along with.  (Don’t worry about cutting positive cords, they are too strong to cut.)

Negative energetic cords can drain a LOT of energy from us, and cutting them takes only seconds!  I have watched people have cords cut during healing who look years younger in seconds.  If you are in a line of work where you are healing and helping people (counseling, medicine, etc) you will also have energetic connections from clients and patients (perhaps a lot!); they will subconsciously attach to you since you are a source of energy for them.  This is draining for you as well.

Cutting your cords is extremely easy:  Your cords connect to your energy body going straight out like lines or pipes from you, perpendicularly to your body.  To cut them, simply visualize collecting all these lines or pipes and grabbing them into a bundle with your fist.  You can collect them with two hands, one coming down from the top of you, and another hand coming up from the bottom of your body till your hands meet at the center.

Then hold them in one fist and then simply make a chopping motion with the other hand to sever them.  Cut them at the section between your body and your fist.  You can also mentally say “cut” three times or so, and if you like to visualize, you can imagine the cords breaking there (but it’s not necessary).  With the first hand holding on to the severed cords, now throw the de-attached cords into the sun if you are near a window (just visualize the sun outside and throw them to it).  You can also throw them into a bucket of salt water.  Salt water has a dissolving/breaking down effect on congested or negative energy.  (Always dispose of salt water used for Pranic Healing into the toilet afterward.)

Most people feel an immediate lift from this exercise alone….  Try it right now!

Technique #2:  Pranic Breathing

I recommend cord-cutting first to stop those drains on energy first.  But even if you don’t cut cords, you can do Pranic Breathing any time too, including at your desk at work.

There are many breathing techniques out there for more energy, clarity, or to help with meditation.  I know you may have your favorites already.  I do urge you to try a new one anyway!

Master Choa Kok Sui (founder of Pranic Healing) developed this one through lots of experimentation.  How could he tell this technique had an energizing effect?  Through scanning!  Scanning is a PH technique of feeling the energy field of the person.  By scanning, he could see not only whether the energy level increased (based on the size of the aura), but how much.  He compared this technique with just about everything else out there.  Trust me, it works!!

It’s also easy as can be:  First exhale out the air in your lungs.

Now inhale for 6 counts

Hold your breath for 3 counts

Exhale for 6 counts

Hold your breath for 3 counts

This is one cycle.  Do 7 cycles.  Your energy field will increase dramatically in just the couple of minutes it takes to do this!  Sometimes even by a few feet.  It also has a cleansing effect on the aura, flushing out congested energy and stress energy.  You will feel much lighter.  Many people (including myself!) notice their eyesight sharpens after this practice!

The slower you count, the more powerful.  But if you are finding you can’t get enough oxygen or can’t hold your breath for those 3 counts, by all means, pick up the tempo.

Technique #3: Meditation on Twin Hearts

This technique probably cannot be done at your desk, so make a plan for yourself so you don’t miss out.  The below link is for a shortened (and free!) version though, so you only need 15 minutes to do it!

You can do it  before work or after, or even on your lunch break.  Choose the time it’s easiest for you, or the time when you are the most tired and need a boost.  For some, it’s harder to get going in the morning.  For others, they don’t like how wiped out they feel after getting home and need a boost then so they can enjoy their evening.  You can also do it morning AND evening.  I personally recommend doing Twin Hearts Meditation 3x per week minimum to really see and enjoy the benefits.

You will still feel an energy boost your first time doing it, though, so don’t think you need to have a big plan for yourself before just diving in.  Doing it regularly will have many wonderful compounding effects, far and beyond just an energy boost (mental/emotional healing, more clarity, inner peace, spiritual connection, and more)–so don’t miss out on those!

Many of you have tried other meditations or even have a favorite right now.  Again–give this special meditation a try.  It has been engineered carefully through experimentation to be extremely powerful and efficient for achieving the benefits I mentioned.

Keep in mind also that many of the healing and spiritual techniques Master Choa teaches us were previously kept secret except to those committed to certain spiritual schools for many years because they were so powerful.  They could be mis-used to hurt others, or could overwhelm the practitioner and be unsafe.

At this point in humanity’s evolution, we are ready for more advanced techniques.  So when you see discrepancies between something you learned before and something in Pranic Healing, consider that this new information has been updated and enhanced because humans are finally ready, and can be responsible, for more!  Pranic Healing hasn’t just been “passed down”… it has been tested, tested, and tested some more.

Here is the Meditation on Twin Hearts link:

After you have enjoyed the benefits of the meditation, you will definitely want the full version (23 minutes).  You can purchase this on the PH website:

Technique #4 Mentalphysics Exercises

Last, I must mention Master Choa’s Mentalphysics Exercises.  They are perhaps the most powerful energy-generating technique of all.  However, to describe them properly would be at least a blog post in and of itself–though they take just a few minutes to complete.

While it is not my intention to simply refer to you to a book or class, I couldn’t leave out the Mentalphysics Exercises in a post about having more energy to get through a busy day. So in this case, I will do it just this once!

These exercises were adapted by Master Choa Kok Sui from an original set of exercises taught by Edward J. Dingle.  While the original set takes almost an hour to complete, this updated version takes about 9 minutes and generates about 10 times MORE energy than the original version!


There are countless testimonials from practitioners of these exercises who not only felt more energized by practicing them but even transformed their health by doing them regularly.  They will rapidly charge you physically, mentally, and even emotionally.  Try them for yourself and see!

You can learn them in the book Your Hands Can Heal You by Dr. Eric Robins and Master Stephen Co (you will also learn Pranic Healing form this book as well!).  You can even pick up a used copy through Amazon for just a couple of bucks!


The best way of all: Take the Pranic Healing Level I class this month in Seattle!  You will learn them in class, and the instructor will walk you through them step by step.  You will then practice them as a group!

Gayle Nelson will be teaching the class March 18-19, 2018 9am-5:30pm both days at the Bellevue Red Lion Hotel.  Of course, you will also learn Pranic Healing, with the advantage of in-person demonstrations and practice too!

Questions? Email me!

Click below for more information and to register!

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