There’s Nothing Wrong with “Doing it for the Money.”


The spiritual or New Age community, in general, can have some interesting thoughts about money.

We know we need it, but we are only comfortable with having a certain amount.  Not too much!  Not too little either, because we have to pay the bills of course.

Why not too much?  That “feels” wrong.  We feel guilty because others might be less fortunate.  We don’t want to appear materialistic, or become materialistic.  We look down on money as a toxic or corrupting thing, and we often then look at people with lots of money as most likely corrupted, greedy, and/or dishonest.

We extrapolate that if “good” people in healing professions or charitable professions make less money, then people who make more are probably doing something “bad” that isn’t good for people.  We are happy being broke if it means we are virtuous.

Deep inside, we are also jealous of people with plenty of money too, and we use scorn and pride to hide it, saying we don’t need money, don’t care about it, and have higher ideals.  We act superior.

While there will always be some people who ARE cheating their way to success, or hurting others in order to succeed, extending the definition of money to mean it’s always connected with something bad it is going way too far.  And using this as an excuse not to improve one’s personal financial situation or to work hard in order to make more money makes absolutely no sense.

I realized something so true and so helpful recently which came in one of my “daily reflections” from the Arhatic Yoga group emails.  It pointed out that it is far easier to be “all or nothing” on something—anything—than to inhabit the middle ground.

For instance, it’s far easier to say or feel that money is this corrupting thing, and people with lots of money are probably greedy or dishonest than it is to acknowledge that there is a huge range of types of people both with and without money.

Being in a position of balance on a certain topic requires constant discernment, adjusting, and honest analysis.  It requires mental work.  Most of us don’t want to work that hard mentally!  Acknowledging that there are many, many kind and generous people who worked hard and honestly for their high income, AND that their work also may help many people requires us to get off our high horse.

Master Choa Kok Sui (founder of Pranic Healing) talked about finances a lot.  It probably made some people uncomfortable.  Some of us would much rather meditate for a few hours than take a hard look at our bank account balances.  But he doesn’t let us get away with that.

Master Choa was a multi millionaire businessman on top of being the one and only Grandmaster Pranic Healer and founder of this incredible system of healing. He taught again and again not to neglect one’s finances in favor of spirituality, and that paying your bills is PART of your soul’s development—aka your spiritual development.  “It’s hard to meditate on an empty stomach,” he would say. He would point out, “Do you want to visit spiritual places? Do you want to open up a Pranic Healing Center? All of these things take more than intention, they take money.” (I’m paraphrasing.)

The point is, to do GOOD in the world you need money!  What would the world look like if the most spiritual, the biggest-hearted people had TONS OF MONEY?  It would look beautiful!  Yet so often, the most big-hearted, spiritual people in the world roll their eyes at money and people with money.

Often times it is harder for us spiritually-oriented folk to get the gusto together to work like that. As I learned in Pranic Healing, the ambitious and driven among us tend to have larger lower chakras, particularly the basic chakra. While the spiritually-oriented of us are instead usually “top heavy” with bigger crown chakras and smaller basic chakras.  We are better at thinking, dreaming, idealizing, and meditating.


The basic chakra is the chakra of action.  If your basic chakra is small, it is hard for you to take action, be practical, and earn money.  The good news is there are two simple ways to change that:  Push yourself to take action, be practical, and make money, and your basic chakra will get bigger as you push it to do more.  You can also help it along by directly cleansing and energizing it with Pranic Healing.

Where do negative thoughts and emotions about money get stored?  Basic chakra.  Do those negative energies affect its size, energy level, and effectiveness at materializing financial success and stability in your life?  You bet.

Putting people down verbally or mentally who have lots of money also sends an entire program to your subconscious that nearly guarantees you won’t ever have tons of money. You are telling your whole system that people with money are scoundrels, spoiled, dishonest, etc, so you will obviously make sure either consciously or subconsciously that you don’t turn into that yourself.

And yes, you can remove those obstructing energies and other forms of poverty consciousness with Pranic Healing.  For one shortcut, visit my article, How to Make Your Affirmations Work 10x Faster.

The magic formula is, you guessed it… balance.  We need strong upper chakras to have a sharp mind and be drawn to meditation.  We need strong lower chakras for practicality and ability to take action.  In Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, we learn how to balance our chakras AND our goals—so we can have a successful career as well as a successful spiritual practice.

After learning about Master Choa’s enormously sensible perspective, I could see scoffing at people with money was misplaced. As Master Choa would point out, it is EXCESSIVE DESIRE for money that is the problem, not money itself. Entanglement, enslavement by money is the problem.  It is greed, or hurting people in order to have success that is harmful to self and others. If you are a millionaire and can start a charity and help people, or open a Pranic Healing Center, then tell me: who gets hurt?

Unfortunately, that removes the glamor of being broke and forces us to get off our bums!  Dang!

A little bit more ambition in some of our lives would not be a bad thing! We don’t have to flush all our principles down the toilet to have some savings.


To answer some peoples’ retort about a person working in anything less than a spiritual or charity venture that “they are just doing it for the money,” I say…. And…?  Don’t we all work for money and need money?  Are we supposed to volunteer 40 hours a week and live in a cardboard box?  And if you are “just doing it for the money” and you don’t love your work, what is wrong with that?  You are paying the bills until you can find something you enjoy.  Good for you.



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