The Going-to-Bed Protocol

zohre-nemati-488864.jpgOriginally Published December 2014

If you are like me, falling to sleep at night is not necessarily easy.  I seem to have an active mind, and unfortunately, it doesn’t have an on/off switch.  It used to take me anywhere from 15-60 minutes to fall to sleep.  Lately, I don’t even remember laying in bed the night before when I try to remember it the next day!

The vast majority of the time, there’s nothing in particular on my mind.  It just takes me a certain length of time to relax.  Well, sort of.  That’s how I would always describe it.  However, when I started implementing certain Pranic Healing* techniques, I learned more about sleep and relaxation.  Because when I do anything that heals stress or negative energy, it invariably causes me to fall asleep faster and to sleep better.

Based on my current understanding, you don’t have to have something “on your mind” to be affected by stress energy which is in your (and pretty much everyone’s) system.  So daily practices to heal and maintain your energy system very powerful to help us sleep.  Not to mention the benefits in waking life as well!

First of all, what is “stress energy”?

When we experience a negative emotion, it changes the energy, or prana, flowing through our system.  Rather than flowing freely and uninhibited, delivering necessary life force to our energy centers and organs, it is altered to a clumped and even sticky state so it does not flow as freely.  Severely congested energy blocks important meridians and chakras which are critical for delivering prana which keeps us alive.

I use the term “stress energy” to encompass the energies created when we experience any negative emotion: depression, anger, resentment, sadness, frustration, anxiety, fear, trauma, and all the others.

When these negative energies are stuck in our system, it is much harder, if not impossible, (depending on severity) to relax.  Naturally, our ability to relax affects our ability to fall asleep!

The rather tricky thing about these negative energies is that they can be caused by something that happened an hour ago or 25 years ago.  If they are not released and let go, either by changing one’s mind about the situation, therapy, Pranic Healing, or another technique, they are likely to remain in our bodies, keeping us unsettled even if we haven’t thought of the event or situation for a long time.  This is why it can be confusing–we think, well, life is going fine, and I am not upset about anything right now.  Therefore negative emotional energies are not impacting me or causing any hardship.  Yet they are so powerful, they can cause even severe physical ailments after enough years of not being released!

Based on this principle of releasing stress energy to help us fall asleep, and of course also feel more relaxed when we are awake, here are my tips for a great night’s sleep.  Now, if you have sleep difficulties due to a health condition, these tips might still help, but be sure to consult your naturopathic doctor for help as well.

Exercise:  I know, BOR-ING!  Well, the thing is, it works.  Exercise helps us sleep for many reasons, but my favorite on is that when we exercise, it powerfully pushes dirty energy of all varieties out of our systems, from mental/emotional stuff to more physicalized buildup.  Doesn’t your mind feel quiet after a long sweaty workout?

Salt Bath with Lavender:  A couple of hours or less before bed, soak in a bath with 2-3 pounds of salt (table salt!) and 15 drops of lavender oil for a maximum of 20 minutes.  Lavender oil has lots of lavender prana which is especially good at disintegrating negative mental/emotional energies.

Cut Cords Right Before Bed:  You can see my video on this here (  Cords are energetic tubes of varying widths connecting you to what’s going on in your life.  Negative cords carry negative energy back and forth and cause you to stay connected to things and events causing you stress.  By cutting these cords (whether before bed or any other time), you disconnect from these situations and people and notice you stop thinking about the situation or just feel more detached about it.  This is instantly calming.

Imagine that these lines or tubes are connected to your body and extending out perpendicularly.  Grab them all in a bundle like you are holding a bunch of ropes in your fist with one hand.  Pull slightly and with the other hand, make a chopping motion to cut them.  Many people feel immediately lighter when doing this!  If you want to be really thorough, you can do each chakra (see Miracles Through Pranic Healing by Master Choa Kok Sui for an illustration of where the chakras are).  Or you can also do the bundle technique plus cut cords just on your solar plexus area in addition, which is where we frequently connect to stressful issues.

Get some Pranic Healing:  It works wonders!

Meditate:  Doing Master Choa’s Meditation on Twin Hearts is incredibly powerful and effective at flushing out stress energy.  That is one of the primary things it was designed to do, in fact.  If you do this meditation for 7 days in a row and don’t sleep better, I will seriously eat my hat.  (Just don’t do it right before bed because it is also energizing.  Start two hours before bed or more.)  Do a shorter version for free here and even see an animation of what is happening to your energy system while you do it!  (

Say Your Prayers:  Truly, there is a reason to pray right before bed.  When you express gratitude, you are changing your mindset to one of calmness and happiness.  When you ask for healing, you are furthering this process of letting go before going to sleep and releasing unwanted thoughts and emotions.  If you had a clairvoyant look at someone praying, especially praying for healing, you would see brilliant light descending through the top of their head.  Negative cords would be dissolving, negative grayish energies would be disintegrating and be expelleing out of the person’s system.  The aura becomes bigger and brighter.  Not unlike what happens when you receive a Pranic Healing treatment!

Always, always pray for healing when you pray!  In Pranic Healing, we ask for Diving guidance, Divine love, Diving healing, and Divine protection, among other things–but these are the essentials.

Try This Trick:  I tried this a few nights ago and have done it every time I go to sleep since.  I was absolutely amazed at the effectiveness.  Of course, I thought, I don’t have anxiety, and I’m not really stressed about anything.  But if there’s anything Pranic Healers love, it’s experiments.  This is what I did, while I was lying in bed.  I asked God (or the Supreme Being, or the Divine Mother/Father, however you like to say it):

Thank you for healing my crown chakra from all stress, tension, and anxiety.

Thank you for healing my forehead chakra from all stress, tension, and anxiety.

I did it for all the upper chakras (most significant in mental/emotional stress  compared to the lower chakras).

It felt like my body was melting!  I was fast asleep in no time, and it was soooooo relaxing.

If you want to try it, here are the chakras/areas I listed.  You can pair some up to make it a little faster:


Ajna (located between the eyebrows)

Throat and Back of the neck

Back Heart

Front and Back Solar Plexus

If this is a mouthful for you, just say,

To the Divine Supreme God,

Thank you for healing all the energy centers in my head area from all stress, tension, and anxiety.

Thank you for healing my throat and neck areas from all stress, tension, and anxiety.

Thank you for healing my back and chest areas from all stress, tension, and anxiety.

I hope some of these work for you!  There is really nothing more delicious than a fantastic night’s sleep!

I don’t want to be a one-person experiment–let me know how it goes!  I can tell you I notice a massive difference in the way I sleep when I slack on exercising and meditation.  It snaps me back into my habits quick!

Blessings of Rest,


4 thoughts on “The Going-to-Bed Protocol

  1. Atma Namaste
    Video is not there


  2. awesome it worked so well.. thank you fr the grt tips


  3. I love the way you wrote about Healing oneself in a very humorous way.I am a Pranic Healer myself and I am waiting for the night to come so that I can experiment. I am sure it works..💕😘


    1. Keshav Harlalka January 5, 2019 — 6:30 pm

      Thank you Meghan …. You are an healing angel and This is as though master Choa has spoken through you . I have an issue with getting sleep and also snore … I have healed my chakras as per your advice and am just going to bed . Thank you again and atma namaste.

      Keshav Harlalka


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